Start a new career with this 11-course coding bootcamp

TL;DR: The 2020 Ultimate Web Developer & Design Bootcamp Bundle is on sale for £30.98 as of Oct. 18, saving you 98% on list price.The year 2020: what an absolute doozy. Hopefully, your job is steady despite the circumstances — and cutting it for you in terms of wage and fulfillment.

Last month, Facebook gave money to three members of Congress who refused to condemn QAnon

When it comes to QAnon conspiracy theorists, Facebook is wagging a finger with one hand, and slipping some enablers cash with the other.According to ProPublica's database of congressional contributions, in September,

11 amazing photos that will erase your insect fears

On Thursday, the inaugural Luminar Bug Photography Awards announced its winners. The winning images, which render insects in exquisite detail, bring a whole new meaning to the term “close-up.” Mofeed Abu Shalwa, a professional photographer from Saudi Arabia, won the grand prize,

See every major platform's misinformation policies in this handy chart

If you have a hard time keeping track of how internet platforms are dealing with misinformation, we don't blame you. It seems like every week Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube is rolling out new or "clarifying" policies. That's ultimately a good thing: From coronavirus to the election,

Watch this tiny aquatic robot clean water — Strictly Robots

The robot is inspired by coral polyps and is fully wireless and waterproof. Read more...More about Tech, Robots, Mashable Video, Clean Water, and Strictly Robots

How to stream the final presidential debate

Finally, the end is near: The last U.S. presidential debate will be held Thursday night. This time the candidates' microphones will be muted at certain times, so it should be a quieter, less chaotic 90-minutes compared to the first debate last month. Unlike last week's dueling town hall events,

Researchers are using insects to airdrop lightweight sensors — Future Blink

The system works by attaching tiny sensors to a low-mass release mechanism and having a small flying insect or drone carry it. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Airdrop, Insects, and Future Blink

Cedric The Entertainer becomes a comedy mentor in 'The Opening Act'

Cedric The Entertainer plays the role of fictional legendary comedian Billy G in the upcoming film 'The Opening Act.' He takes Jimmy O. Yang's character William Chew under his wing and shows him the ropes of life as stand up comedian. Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Comedy,

Here's how to unlock American Netflix with ExpressVPN

SAVE 49%: A 15-month subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £5.27 per month as of Oct. 18, saving you 49% on list price.You might not know this, but there are lots of popular shows and films on American Netflix that probably aren't available in your location.

Work from home securely with this powerful VPN

SAVE 73%: A two-year subscription to PureVPN is on sale for £2.25 per month as of Oct. 18, saving you 73% on list price.Working from home is the new normal, and it might feel like you've finally got everything just right, but you might be forgetting something: online security.

The scene at every iPhone release to date, in photos

"Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything."With those words, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world in 2007. And in the nearly 14 years since, he's been proven right. iPhone releases have occurred every year since 2007,

技术新突破:手机和平板可远程控制PC,Chrome Remote Desktop亮相

据外媒报道,谷歌于今天推出了一款运行于Android系统上的Chrome Remote Desktop应用,该应用允许用户使用手机或平板电脑来远程控制PC。

Plummeting to the ground from a hot air balloon looks so peaceful

Skydiving is generally a heart pumping exercise that makes your pores ooze adrenaline. I mean, when you're falling to the ground tensing up is a natural reaction. But you shouldn't. You should jump and plummet to the ground with grace.

Microsoft confirms there will be 7 editions of Windows 10

Microsoft just cleared up some of the confusion around the different varieties of Windows 10 that will be available when it ships later this yearThe company confirmed Wednesday that the operating system will come in seven different editions,

Microsoft Surface 3 with 4G LTE now available in the United States

Earlier this week, we reported that the Microsoft Surface 3 4G LTE version, following its earlier release in Europe, would be making its way to AT&T. Well now that date has arrived, and the 4G LTE version of Redmond's svelte tablet/PC hybrid is now available for purchase on contract.

深度揭秘!聊聊Instagram 到底为什么要改图标

为什么人们会认为它变得平庸?Instagram 希望成为一个怎样的产品?这个更改其实与设计风格关系不大,而与 Instagram 自身定位和未来计划更...优设哥向您推荐: 超过10W个图标资源!


昨天有网友放出了所谓小米笔记本的真机图,结果却无情被网友拆穿,真相竟然是...这款所谓的小米笔记本,看起来是全金属材质,机身很纤薄,但很遗憾的是,它的真面目其实是神舟的X4笔记本。为了证明该网友爆料是 ... ...


2016年11月18日,由伟业我爱我家集团旗下的海外置业平台海外有家举办的,以直播一个世界给你为主题的品牌发布会,在北京盘古七星酒店盛大举办。借由本次发布会,伟业我爱我家集团首次对外正式发布其全球业务发展战 ... ...

春运买票便利升级 火车站也能用支付宝了

一年一度的人口大迁徙春运已经正式启动。今年,不少旅客赶到火车站抢票时惊喜地发现,不仅 12306 网站和 APP 上能用支付宝,现在在车站各售票处的人工窗口以及自动售票机上购买火车票,也可以使用支付宝扫码支付 ... ...

: 設計師的面試法寶-Adobe巧克力

在找工作嗎?想讓面試官對你印象深刻嗎?紐約平面設計師公開了他在找工作時賄賂面試人員的神器。她自已將單包裝的巧克力重新設計,改成Adobe Creative Suite‎的logo,並且加上一些小語,像是「我愛工作」「我很合群」…背面則是將食品成份標示改成另類的自傳與聯絡方式。閱讀全文

Supercell开发论坛曾入侵 用户信息或泄露

据近日海外数据分析公司 SuperData 公布的一份报告数据显示,在 2016 年里,Supercell 旗下两款人气大作《部落冲突(Clash of Clans)》和《皇室战争(Clash Royale)》年收入均超过 10 亿美元。而在被腾讯收购 ... ...

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