Microsoft news recap: OneDrive adds family and group sharing, Xbox Series X|S to support almost all

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! OneDrive now supports family and group sharing Making it easier to share files, OneDrive has introduced family and group sharing.

Xbox head Phil Spencer talks Xbox Series S, Cloud gaming on TVs and more in new interview

It’s now been two weeks since Microsoft released its new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles worldwide, and Xbox head Phil Spencer has just given a long interview to The Verge to discuss this recent console launch as well as what’s coming next for Xbox.

Here’s how we run our podcast with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Windows 10

We here at OnSMFT recently re-launched our Podcast series. Here's a look at the tech behind the scenes, and how it is powered by Microsoft 365.

Microsoft announces Games with Gold for December

Microsoft just released the new Games with Gold lineup for December and all Xbox games are available to play on Xbox One, as well as the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Use clues to solve the mystery and catch the Raven in The Raven Remastered or take out waves of enemies […]

Windows 10 Settings app starts showing new Web Browsing section to non-Insiders

Microsoft has been experimenting with a new Web browsing section in the Settings header earlier this year, and it seems that non-Insiders are now starting to see it.

Microsoft Lists app is now generally available in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Microsoft Lists, the new Microsoft 365 project management and collaboration tool. The Lists app is now available to commercial, education, and government subscribers, the company announced yesterday.

Microsoft expands presence in Ireland with 200 new jobs and an Engineering Hub

Microsoft has a storied history with the country of Ireland, the company’s most notable entanglement with the area came as a 2014 legal battle over user privacy.

Minecraft Dungeons’ second season pass will unlock the game’s next 4 DLC expansions

Minecraft Dungeons’ upcoming downloadable content (DLC), Howling Peaks, has officially been given the December 9th launch date and will release alongside a completely new season pass. While the original season pass for the dungeon crawler includes all of the DLC released up until now,

Spotlight feature improvements, pinned posts, and more. Here’s what’s new in Teams for October 2020

The month of October is closing out and it's time to look back as to what's new in Teams in October 2020. The list includes a spotlight feature, pinned posts, and a lot more. Here's what you need to know.

Microsoft Teams on the web is getting Fluent icons and subtle color changes

Microsoft is currently working on an important update for the web version of Microsoft Teams (via Petri). Indeed, the company is updating the default and dark themes in Microsoft Teams with new background colors and Fluent icons.

Microsoft to celebrate next-gen Xbox launch with global livestream on November 10

On November 10, Microsoft will launch its next-gen Xbox Series X|S in all Xbox markets, and the company is planning to celebrate with a global livestream. The festivities will kick off at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET, and there will be various gaming sessions with the Xbox team, creators,

This Is Your Brain on Coffee

You know you feel instantly better after you've downed your morning cup, but what is it about coffee that affects the mind in such a pleasant way?AsapSCIENCE explains how caffeine stimulates adrenaline production and prevents your brain from reabsorbing dopamine,

又是iPhone 6的功劳 苹果在印度最好的一季

威锋网讯,随着苹果在全球的扩张,印度也成为了苹果下一个有待发掘的新大陆,这个有着 12 亿人口的国家,其智能手机市场也在高速地发展中。  

Windows 10 Technical Preview: How to install in Oracle VirtualBox

Some of us love to be on the bleeding edge of new technology, especially when Microsoft rolls out a preview version of a new operating system. While some may be daring enough to install the preview version of Windows as their primary operating system,

HTC Butterfly 3 日本登场,S810 处理器、2K 屏幕、Duo Camera 搭载

正在举行的 au 夏季新产品发布会中,一台意外不到的手机登场了,它就是之前流出在跑分网站出现的 HTC Butterfly 3,日本方面则沿用 J butterfly 的名字。如同之前的信息,它搭载 5.

腾讯游戏郑磊:运营之美 —— 腾讯游戏亿级用户规模的运营实践

2015 年 7 月 28 日,由腾讯游戏和 InfoQ、51Callcenter、腾讯大讲堂共同举办的以“运营之美,用心创造”为主题第三届游戏运营技术论坛(GOT)在上海瑞金洲际酒店顺利举办。

Why Winning the Dancing Baby Lawsuit Is a Big Deal For the Internet

In 2007, a home video of a baby dancing to Prince’s 1984 masterpiece Let’s Go Crazy was uploaded onto YouTube. Eight years and a few dozen lawyers later,

2016云南建博会将于8月举办 “绿色低碳”成主色调

昆明2016年1月11日电 /美通社/ -- “2016第七届云南国际绿色建筑与市政设施博览会”(简称:建博会)将于2016年8月30日-9月1日在昆明国际会展中心6号馆举办。本次博览会由云南省住房和城乡建设厅批准,云南省建筑业协会、云南省市政工程协会、云南省建筑防水协会、云南省城镇供水协会、云南省城市燃气协会、云南省太阳能产业联盟、云南省塑料行业协会、昆明市装饰材料行业协会等众多单位联合主办,云南低碳经济网全程宣传报道,云南佳卓会展有限公司承办。


SwiftKey 最近被微软以 2.5 亿美元的价格收购了。然而曾身为联合创始人的 Chris Hill-Scott 只得到了一辆自行车…… SwiftKey 是英国一家创业公司,主要产品是可预测人工智能输入法应用。此刻,两个联合创始人可能正喝着香槟,享受一夜之间各拿到近 2800 万美元的幸福。而第三位联合创始人,Chris Hill-Scott 可能也在喝酒,只不过借酒消愁愁更愁罢了。Chris 没有 2800 万美元,只得到了一辆自行车。2008 年,29 岁的 Hill-Scott 和两个朋友,Jon Reynolds、Ben Medlock 一起创办了 SwiftKey。


Nicholas Price致力于理解大脑的基本功能,目标则是研发一种仿生眼。在澳大利亚墨尔本市莫纳什大学生物医学发现研究所,这位神经学家在试验中利用的是狨猴和猕猴。1月底,他非常震惊地发现,一项呼吁禁止进口非人灵长类动物用于医学研究的提案摆在了澳大利亚国会面前。澳大利亚研究用灵长类动物的3个主要繁殖地包括了上百只猕猴、狨猴和狒狒。

有了它,NASA 能向 462°C 高温的金星发起挑战了

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