'The Bone Clocks' Is the Must-Read Book of Fall 2014

If you are looking for your next great read, you will find it in the The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Fans of Mitchell's Cloud Atlas and those who are reading him for the first time will find Bone Clocks is a literary maze from which you won't want to escape,

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'The Bone Clocks' Is the Must-Read Book of Fall 2014

If you are looking for your next great read, you will find it in the The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Fans of Mitchell's Cloud Atlas and those who are reading him for the first time will find Bone Clocks is a literary maze from which you won't want to escape,

'The Bone Clocks' takes home top fantasy prize

We know how to pick 'em.This past weekend, David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks —MashableReads' September 2014 selection — won Best Novel at the 2015 World Fantasy Awards in Saratoga Springs, NY.The Bone Clocks is a tour de force that transcends time and place via interconnecting stories,

Join 'Bone Clocks' and 'Cloud Atlas' Author David Mitchell for a Hangout

In September, the MashableReads social book club chose The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell as its official selection. Over the course of the month, we discussed this amazing novel on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Goodreads,

Here Are The Winners Of The 2015 World Fantasy Awards

The World Fantasy Convention was held this weekend in Saratoga Springs, New York, where the winners of the 2015 World Fantasy Awards have been announced!Read more...

All The Most Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books in October

You’d better clear your schedule—because October is just packed with amazing science fiction and fantasy books. Including George R.R. Martin’s tales of Westeros long before Game of Thrones. Plus Ann Leckie, Gene Wolfe, Doctor Who and Brandon Sanderson.

Playdate is one very adorable handheld gaming system

The publishers of indie favourite Firewatch have unveiled quite the surprise: a handheld gaming system.Playdate is an adorable, pocket-sized unit from app developer Panic, who said they worked on the project over the last four years "just for fun.

Women actually have a point when complaining about cold offices, study says

Women are more productive when they're warm, a study concludes, confirming the complaints of chilly female employees everywhere. While women's gripes about frigid workspaces have long been dismissed as a sign of oversensitivity, a study published in PLOS ONE argues differently.

Mark Zuckerberg reportedly made a fake, racist social media profile in Cameron Winklevoss' name

If you believe Ben Mezrich's reporting, young Mark Zuckerberg was a huge asshole. Like, the make a fake and racist social media profile for someone you don't like kind of asshole. The author of The Accidental Billionaires, the 2009 basis for Aaron Sorkin's The Social Network,

A dating app for literal monsters exposes the bias in our swipes

Sure, online dating is a hellscape. But in this new online dating game, that's a good thing.Developer Ben Berman and designer Miguel Perez created a game that seeks to expose the inherent bias that fuels dating app matching algorithms. The pair are winners of Mozilla’s Creative Media Awards,

'Consumer Reports' calls out Tesla's Navigate on Autopilot update

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has proclaimed unfaltering adoration for his electric car company's Autopilot feature on highways. But after a recent update meant to make it easier to use the semi-autonomous system, not everyone is so keen on the advanced-driving assistance tool.

Guy Fieri finally got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Mayor of Flavortown's long track record of being an overall good Guy was immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Guy Fieri was honored with a star on Wednesday, making him the third celebrity chef, after Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay, to receive a star. 

How does Warby Parker work, exactly? A step-by-step guide.

If you're a glasses-wearer, you've probably heard of affordable designer eyewear company Warby Parker. If you haven't tried out their glasses yet and are still picking from the small selection at your optometrist's office,

Atlanta Hawks Discipline Another Official for Racist Comments

The Atlanta Hawks are disciplining general manager Danny Ferry, who was one of the recipients of co-owner Bruce Levenson's racially charged email, for making offensive comments about a free agent they were pursuing this year.The team did not provide any details of the discipline.See also:

Ray Rice's Wife: 'THIS IS OUR LIFE!'

Janay Rice has released a statement the day after video leaked that allegedly showed her now-husband Ray Rice knocking her unconscious in a casino elevatorThe video, obtained by TMZ, prompted the Baltimore Ravens football team to cut Rice. The NFL then suspended him indefinitely.See also:

Beats' Serena Williams Ad Will Inspire the Crap Out of You

Fresh off her sixth U.S. Open win, Serena Williams is starring in an ad for Beats by Dre that should inspire you get your lazy butt off the couch and get some exercise.The ad, set to 2 Chainz's "Black Unicorn," shows Williams working out — jumping rope, running in place,

German Incubator HitFox Moves Nimbly To Acquire Datamonk And Invest €1M In Apploop

HitFox Group, the Berlin-headquartered "startup factory", seems to be on a roll right now. Last week it announced a €15 million profit for the year 2013 (yes, profit!) and today it's pulling back the curtain on two new portfolio companies. Read More

comScore:2014年4月美国搜索市场报告 雅虎搜索份额将跌破10%




繼續發力!Sony PlayStation 4 全球銷量突破 1,850 萬部

早前我們才報導過 Microsoft 的 Xbox One 銷量在 2014 年完結前終於突破 1,000 萬部,不過另一邊廂的 PlayStation 4 亦不甘後人,因為 Sony 今日宣佈這款主機的全球總銷量已超越 1,850 萬部,再進一步與 Xbox One 拉開距離。

微软演示Xbox One运行Win 10通用应用

今年一月微软曾宣布新一代游戏主机Xbox One将能够运行Windows 10通用应用程序。近日微软Windows通用应用技术主管Kevin Gallo首次演示了Windows 10通用应用在Xbox One上的运行效果。





CES 2016:三星黑科技之模块化电视

威锋网 1 月 7 日消息,在日本知名动漫《火影忍者》里面,主人公漩涡鸣人的第一个招牌技能相信各位火影迷都已经非常了解了,就是多重影分身之术。而现在,三星在 CES 2016 上的一项展示,就会运用这种技术。  从图当中我们可以清楚的看出,一整块屏幕在一瞬间就被“大卸八块”了。并且有规律的分开和重新组合,这样循环下去。这或许意味着,我们在观看 21:9 的视频时,可以通过这样的方式使其呈现出 16:9 的高清内容。在这一背景下,如果三星愿意的话,他们完全可以通过这种模块化的方式用若干块小屏幕组成一个 170 英寸的 UHD 超高清 TV。  


软银去年推出的机器人Pepper新浪科技讯 北京时间3月11日上午消息,美国皮尤研究中心的调查显示,约有三分之二的美国人预计,未来半个世纪,机器人或电脑将会取代很多目前由人类从事的工作但不包括他们自己的工作。 ... ...


ArtBrew智能啤酒机不仅简化了手工啤酒的酿造过程,还支持多种啤酒类型,所以你有可能难以抉择下次做什么啤酒好呢……  和其他自动酿酒系统一样,ArtBrew需要你完成一些步骤,才能做出一杯高质啤酒。给啤酒机倒入水后,用户需要加入自己喜欢的材料(ArtBrew材料包或者用户自己的啤酒花、酵母等),然后选择想做的啤酒,点击“开始”按钮。在能喝之前,捣碎、杀菌、发酵的时间为一到三周,取决于啤酒类型。啤酒机会监测和维持每种啤酒所需的温度和压力,确保每次都能做出好喝的啤酒。  用户可以通过配套的Android或iOS App查看啤酒的酿造情况,包括温度、酿制阶段和时间等。

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