Can artificial intelligence give elephants a winning edge?

With great technology, collaboration and a commitment to stop the Ivory trade that leads to most elephant deaths, there’s a real chance to save these singular creatures.

Rock-star programmer: Rivers Cuomo finds meaning in coding

“Hi, I’m Rivers from the band, Weezer,” Rivers Cuomo says with a slight smile and a wave. He turns away from the camera for a bit, before launching into his best infomercial pitch. “Imagine you’re on tour, and you’re sitting in your dressing room or your tour bus. You’re backstage.

Daily Crunch: Amazon Web Services stumble

An Amazon Web Services outage has a wide effect, Salesforce might be buying Slack and Pinterest tests new support for virtual events. This is your Daily Crunch for November 25, 2020. And for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving: Enjoy! There will be no newsletter tomorrow,

Gift Guide: 5 solid tech gifts to help decrease stress and increase sleep

Even in a normal year, the holidays can be an anxiety-inducing hellscape. In 2020, though — honestly, it’s hard to say what manner of climactic finale this historically rough year might have on tap. In honor of the one of the most epically rotten years on record,

Enterprise investor Jason Green on SPAC hopefuls versus startups bound for traditional IPOs

Jason Green has a pretty solid reputation as venture capitalists go. The enterprise-focused firm the cofounded 17 years ago, Emergence Capital, has backed Saleforce, Box, and Zoom, among many other companies, and even while every firm is now investing in software-as-a-service startups,

Flexible expressions could lift 3D-generated faces out of the uncanny valley

3D-rendered faces are a big part of any major movie or game now, but the task of capturing and animated them in a natural way can be a tough one. Disney Research is working on ways to smooth out this process, among them a machine learning tool that makes it much easier to generate and […]

Gift Guide: 7 Smart Home gift ideas that go beyond the usual Google/Amazon smart speakers

It's never been easier to build a smart home. Beyond the same Google/Amazon/Apple/etc. voice-powered assistant speakers you've probably seen on every gift guide for years, there's a world of wonderful smart home products that can delight, surprise, and maybe make your life a little easier. 

Remote-controlled delivery carts are now working for the local Los Angeles grocer

Robots are no longer the high-tech tools reserved for university labs, e-commerce giants and buzzy Silicon Valley startups. The local grocer now has access too. Tortoise, the one-year-old Silicon Valley startup known for its remote repositioning electric scooters,

If you didn’t make $1B this week, you are not doing VC right

The only thing more rare than a unicorn is an exited unicorn. At TechCrunch, we cover a lot of startup financings, but we rarely get the opportunity to cover exits. This week was an exception though, as it was exitpalooza as Affirm, Roblox, Airbnb, and Wish all filed to go public.

Why is GoCardless COO Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas pivoting to become a full-time VC?

Index Ventures, a London- and San Francisco-headquartered venture capital firm that primarily invests in Europe and the U.S.,recently announced its latest partner. Carlos Gonzalez-Cadenas, currently COO of London-based fintech GoCardless and previously the chief product officer of Skyscanner,

Onit acquires legal startup McCarthyFinch to inject AI into legal workflows

Onit, a workflow software company based in Houston with a legal component, announced this week that it has acquired 2018 TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield alum McCarthyFinch.  Onit intends to use the startup’s AI skills to beef up its legal workflow software offerings.



IFSEC & FIREX TV 现场发布安防消防领域最具影响力人物名单

伦敦2014年6月20日电 /美通社/ -- IFSEC Global.

文章: 浅析Java 8的聚合操作

在Java 8众多的新特性中,聚合操作(Aggregate Operations)是针对集合类的一个比较大的变化。通过聚合操作,开发者可以更容易地使用Lambda表达式,并且更方便地实现对集合的查找、遍历、过滤以及常见计算等 By 赵永



【報價】$2,498 起買金屬機 Samsung Galaxy A3、A5

想揀返部 Samsung 金屬機?除了旗艦機 Note 4,今日它們亦發表全新 Samsung Galaxy A3 及 A5,特色是機身用了金屬邊框,但定位只是中低價市場。(以下有更多資料。)The post 【報價】$2,


7月17日,2014国际体验设计大会(IXDC)在北京召开,本次大会主题“用户体验战略”。来自国内国外的众多体 ...

Golden retriever puppy is easily and adorably distracted

Everything is paw-some in the eyes of this baby golden retriever.Bentley the puppy is easily distracted and it's absolutely adorable.See also: Polite pup wipes his paws before entering his houseThe bouncy ball of fluff just can't seem to get over how wonderful the world is,


最近几天,微博上关于骁龙820连麒麟950都不不过的传言越来越多,甚至还有消息称,骁龙820再次陷入了过热的麻烦当中。对于这些消息,高通坐不住了。今天下午,@Qualcomm中国通过官方微博表示,高通对骁龙820充满信心 ... ...

连卡佛举办时尚丹宁派对 开启春夏新季

上海2016年3月7日电 /美通社/ -- 作为大中华区首屈一指的精品百货,连卡佛于大上海时代广场举办了2016春夏时尚丹宁派对,开启2016春夏新季。连卡佛大中华区品牌大使、实力派偶像郑恺亲临现场,与上海本地时尚名流一同欣赏春夏时尚新品,探索丹宁新风尚。 连卡佛大中华区品牌大使、实力派偶像郑恺参与“定制丹宁”服务 历久弥新的丹宁,在本季中强势复苏。丹宁设计不再局限于牛仔裤,在其他设计中同样出彩。

微信自媒体内容集结出版第一人胡辛束 新书销量超过7万册

胡辛束与《我想要两颗西柚》 北京2016年6月6日电 /美通社/ -- 微信自媒体人、90后作者胡辛束将微信公众号发表的文章集结成《我想要两颗西柚》出版。从2015年12月12日开启预售以来,截止到2016年6月,发行量已经超过7万册。 即使在人人都开始做微信公众号的当下,“胡辛束”也是相当特别的一个。从文字到插画都由胡辛束一人包办,而图文内容传递的或犀利或文艺的小情绪,总是能戳中读者心中一块特别的地方。胡辛束也是微信自媒体人中将公众号内容做成出版物的第一人。

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