Extra Crunch roundup: A fistful of IPOs, Affirm’s Peloton problem, Zoom Apps and more

DoorDash, Affirm, Roblox, Airbnb, C3.ai and Wish all filed to go public in recent days, which means some venture capitalists are having the best week of their lives. Tech companies that go public capture our imagination because they are literal happy endings.

Rock-star programmer: Rivers Cuomo finds meaning in coding

“Hi, I’m Rivers from the band, Weezer,” Rivers Cuomo says with a slight smile and a wave. He turns away from the camera for a bit, before launching into his best infomercial pitch. “Imagine you’re on tour, and you’re sitting in your dressing room or your tour bus. You’re backstage.

Daily Crunch: Amazon Web Services stumble

An Amazon Web Services outage has a wide effect, Salesforce might be buying Slack and Pinterest tests new support for virtual events. This is your Daily Crunch for November 25, 2020. And for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving: Enjoy! There will be no newsletter tomorrow,

Gift Guide: 5 solid tech gifts to help decrease stress and increase sleep

Even in a normal year, the holidays can be an anxiety-inducing hellscape. In 2020, though — honestly, it’s hard to say what manner of climactic finale this historically rough year might have on tap. In honor of the one of the most epically rotten years on record,

Enterprise investor Jason Green on SPAC hopefuls versus startups bound for traditional IPOs

Jason Green has a pretty solid reputation as venture capitalists go. The enterprise-focused firm the cofounded 17 years ago, Emergence Capital, has backed Saleforce, Box, and Zoom, among many other companies, and even while every firm is now investing in software-as-a-service startups,

Flexible expressions could lift 3D-generated faces out of the uncanny valley

3D-rendered faces are a big part of any major movie or game now, but the task of capturing and animated them in a natural way can be a tough one. Disney Research is working on ways to smooth out this process, among them a machine learning tool that makes it much easier to generate and […]

Gift Guide: 7 Smart Home gift ideas that go beyond the usual Google/Amazon smart speakers

It's never been easier to build a smart home. Beyond the same Google/Amazon/Apple/etc. voice-powered assistant speakers you've probably seen on every gift guide for years, there's a world of wonderful smart home products that can delight, surprise, and maybe make your life a little easier. 

Remote-controlled delivery carts are now working for the local Los Angeles grocer

Robots are no longer the high-tech tools reserved for university labs, e-commerce giants and buzzy Silicon Valley startups. The local grocer now has access too. Tortoise, the one-year-old Silicon Valley startup known for its remote repositioning electric scooters,

Restaurant search engine FoodBoss adds support for direct delivery from restaurants

FoodBoss aims to be something like Kayak for online food ordering — the place where you can search across different service and apps to find the lowest prices and fastest delivery times. One limitation, however,

Walmart is buying JoyRun assets to add ‘peer-to-peer’ product delivery

The last time we wrote about JoyRun, it was raising $10 million. Today, the Bay Area startup has some very different news to share, as it becomes part of Walmart as Walmart has purchased select assets in a bid to enhance its supply chain.

Kea raises $10M to build AI that helps restaurants answer the phone

Kea is a new startup giving restaurants an opportunity to upgrade one of the more old-fashioned ways that they take orders — over the phone. Today, Kea is announcing that it has raised a $10 million Series A led by Marbruck, with participation from Streamlined Ventures, Xfund, Heartland Ventures,

Echarts中线状图的X轴坐标标签倾斜样式 - phpgcs


[图]依然叫Nexus 5 下一代Nexus将配5.2英寸2K屏幕



汽车电商参战双十一动传统销售商奶酪——信息图 您可能也喜欢的文章: CTR:2014年双十一提前预热效果佳 总体满意度良好 2014年天猫双十一直播购物狂欢节数据信息图汇总 2014年“双十一”断(剁)臂(手)指南——信息图

How Blind Programmers Write Code

theodp writes: Yes, folks, there are blind programmers. There's Ed Summers, for one, who lost his vision at age 30 and now ghostblogs for Willie the Seeing Eye Dog. And if you've ever wondered how the blind can code, Florian Beijers, who has been blind since birth,

Netflix is Getting Its First Big Web Interface Update in Four Years

Netflix has experimented with its interface a lot over the years, but there’s always been a bit of a disconnect between how the service looks in your browser and your various apps. Now, the company is updating its web site with a huge UI change to make it more app-like.Read more...


索尼旗下可用于多房间串流播放的喇叭很多,来到 CES 2016,这条产品线又迎来了 SRS-ZR7 和 SRS-ZR5 两位新成员。它们都能够通过 HDMI 与电视连线,以此来保证更加出色的聆听效果。此外,你也可以靠这两款产品实现无线立体声的效果,只要进到专门的 SongPal 应用里,就能找到对应的选项。...


编者按:以前的网站创意导航都喜欢在大小、形式、色彩以及排版方面上玩花样,现在与时俱进,都会加上酷炫的动效了。比如今天这组网站,就有不少在动效上玩得很溜...优设哥向您推荐: 这创意给满分!有哪些炫酷好玩儿的网页导航设计?

一加科技宣布关闭北京上海两地旗舰店 主攻线上

【媒体报导】8月20日消息,一加科技今早通过官方微博发布公告称,位于北京、上海两地的一加旗舰店(自营店)将于8月22日关闭,将所有精力集中到线上渠道。一加科技宣布关闭北京上海两地旗舰店 主攻线上一加科技 ... ...


9 月 24 日消息,爱国者董事长冯军在其微博发布消息,称爱国者银行已经获批。截至目前,银监会网站尚未公布相关批文,但银监会主席尚福林透露,今年民营银行已经有 14 家完成论证,另外还有 3 家已经批复筹建,这 3 家分别是重庆富民银行、四川希望银行和湖南三湘银行。2014 年年初开始,银监会开始牵头做一些民营银行的试点工作,但是非常注重申请者运作民营银行的资质、抵抗风险的能力以及差异化市场定位、特定战略等等。有业内人士认为,银监会鼓励民营银行主要是为了鼓励金融创新苏宁、腾讯、阿里等一些上市公司纷纷踏入过民营银行的行列,此前这些公司在传出“申办民营银行”消息后都受到过二级市场的热烈吹捧。

想了解医疗保健领域的风险投资?看这几张图就够了 | 投资人说

编者按:著名风投公司 Sapphire Ventures 的投资人 Winter Mead 近日撰文,通过数据图表对医疗保健领域的风险投资进行了分析。他发现,生物药剂和医疗保健信息技术方面的投资在最近几年里快速增长,在医疗器械设备上的投资有所停滞。以下来看正文。Sapphire Ventures 公司致力于发掘新的投资领域。最近,我们在进一步研究医疗保健领域的早期投资。下列数据是一份近期的医疗保健投资及现状的分析数据,这些数据以及动态表现都表明医疗保健领域是具有投资前景的。一般情况下,健康医疗数据包含医疗保健信息技术以及生命科学技术。第一张图表显示了医疗保健领域投资在总投资中的美元占比。

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