Extra Crunch roundup: A fistful of IPOs, Affirm’s Peloton problem, Zoom Apps and more

DoorDash, Affirm, Roblox, Airbnb, C3.ai and Wish all filed to go public in recent days, which means some venture capitalists are having the best week of their lives. Tech companies that go public capture our imagination because they are literal happy endings.

A look inside Google’s first store, opening in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood tomorrow

There have been plenty of pop-ups over the years, but tomorrow Google’s first store opens in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. The brick and mortar model finds the company joining peers like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and even Amazon, all of whom have a retail presence in Manhattan,

Tractable raises $60M at a $1B valuation to make damage appraisals using AI

As the insurance industry adjusts to life in the 21st century (heh), an AI startup that has built computer vision tools to enable remote damage appraisals is announcing a significant round of growth funding. Tractable,

Amazon deflects responsibility on fake reviews but admits 200M were blocked last year

Amazon admits it has a fake review problem, but does its best to spread the blame around in a new post detailing the issue. After numerous reports for years that the online retail giant is overrun with knock-off products and faked or farmed reviews,

Daily Crunch: iOS 15 is latest milestone on Apple Health’s evolutionary path

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

E3 2021 wrap-up

E3 2021 kicked off with news about E3 2022. Kind of a funny way to start a show, as Mayor Eric Garcetti told the crowd, “we look forward to seeing you in-person, here in the City of Angels, in 2022.” Also a bit funny when the mayor’s video game show announcement has less confetti and […]

Lincoln’s first EV will arrive in 2022 with three more to follow

Lincoln Motor will launch its first all-electric vehicle in 2022 followed by three other EVs as part of the luxury brand’s goal to electrify its entire portfolio by the end of the decade.

Experts from Ford, Toyota and Hyundai outline why automakers are pouring money into robotics

We spoke with Max Bajracharya of Toyota Research Institute, Mario Santillo of Ford and Ernestine Fu of Hyundai Motor Group about their companies’ unique approaches to robotics.

Restaurant search engine FoodBoss adds support for direct delivery from restaurants

FoodBoss aims to be something like Kayak for online food ordering — the place where you can search across different service and apps to find the lowest prices and fastest delivery times. One limitation, however,

Walmart is buying JoyRun assets to add ‘peer-to-peer’ product delivery

The last time we wrote about JoyRun, it was raising $10 million. Today, the Bay Area startup has some very different news to share, as it becomes part of Walmart as Walmart has purchased select assets in a bid to enhance its supply chain.

Kea raises $10M to build AI that helps restaurants answer the phone

Kea is a new startup giving restaurants an opportunity to upgrade one of the more old-fashioned ways that they take orders — over the phone. Today, Kea is announcing that it has raised a $10 million Series A led by Marbruck, with participation from Streamlined Ventures, Xfund, Heartland Ventures,

Chaos Computer Club Says They Can Hack Your Fingerprint

Right now in Hamburg, Germany, the largest European hacker association, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), is holding its 31st annual congress that's a four-day fest of all things hacking. Other than having a pretty rad name ,

创业“兄弟会 ”



很多 Windows Phone 用户都在关注微软为 Windows 10 Mobile 应用大量增加的汉堡菜单,对于这个新特性的改变粉丝们褒贬不一,但是绝大多数用户对这个改变是没什么好感的。

mini 产品线被终止?HTC:并没有

早些时候高管董俊良那番「市场在转向」 5 吋或更大手机的言论,让许多人都以为 HTC 会终止旗下的 mini 产品线。

Nordstrom Tower Boosts Its Roof to Become the Tallest Building in New York

Here’s the latest update for the current tallest-building contender in the Western Hemisphere: Nordstrom Tower, the superskinny supertall under construction in Midtown Manhattan, apparently no longer aspires to have the tallest spire in the US. But it just increased its roof height,

Video appears to show Jacky Sutton at Istanbul airport the day she died

LONDON — New CCTV footage apparently shows the moments before former BBC journalist and development worker Jacky Sutton was found hanged in the toilets at an airport in Istanbul over the weekend.The clip seems to show her passing through the city's Ataturk airport shortly before her death.

《拳皇14》格斗演示首曝 全3D画质史上最强


微软坚持让Skylake不支持旧系统 但推迟一年

今年年初,微软做出了一个令人吃惊但是不受欢迎的决定,即停止新硬件对旧版本 Windows 系统的支持。他们希望每个人都能够使用最新的 Windows 10 系统。此前,微软曾经表示 Skylake 处理器会在明年 7 月 17 日起不再支持 Windows 7 SP1 和 Windows 8.1,而现在,这个日期延长到了 2018 年。  事实上,微软在 1 月份的公告并没有引发多大的混乱和恐慌。从技术上来讲,Windows 7 的支持时间会持续到 2020 年 1 月 14 日,而 Windows 8.1 更是要到 2023 年 1 月 10 日才停止。  

谷歌推出EID解决物联网安全痛点 SENSORO为亚太区唯一合作伙伴

北京2016年4月15日电 /美通社/ -- 美国时间2016年4月14日上午8点,也就是北京时间14日晚11点,谷歌正式于全球推出Eddystone 的安全框架 -- EID(Ephemeral Identifiers,临时标识)。仅仅在谷歌信息发布15分钟后,SENSORO作为谷歌 Eddystone 在亚太地区唯一的合作伙伴,宣布全面支持此协议。 Eddystone 是谷歌于2015年7月推出的协议,是一款开源跨平台的低功耗蓝牙 Beacon 通信标准。如今,Eddystone 的应用可实现信息加密和混淆,以实现每个设备的唯一不可仿冒,这就是刚刚推出的 EID 协议。

免費 Android 軟件 判斷 USB Type-C 充電線是否達標

Google 工程師 Benson Leung 不時公佈他的測試結果,發現市面上有不少不符規格的 USB Type-C 充電線發售,隨時對用戶的裝置構成危險。如何判別手上的 USB Type-C 充電線是否合乎規格呢?現在 Google Play 一款免費軟件 USBCheck 可以幫到你。以下有更多資料The post 免費 Android 軟件 判斷 USB Type-C 充電線是否達標 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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