Taking the Salesforce admin exam? Here's how to prep.

TL;DR: Prepare for your exam with the Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Tests and Course bundle for $19.99, a 66% savings as of Nov. 21. With over 150,000 customers worldwide, Salesforce is the CRM solution to beat.

11 ways to virtually visit Santa this holiday season

Santa Claus isn't canceling Christmas this year, but he definitely wants you to stay safe at ho-ho-home.As 2020 comes to a close, holiday celebrations will undoubtedly look a little different than they have in years pastCoronavirus cases are still rising in the United States,

How to participate in USPS's Operation Santa this year

This holiday season may look different than any other before, but one thing remains certain: Christmas is coming. And just because the pandemic is still raging throughout the U.S. doesn't mean that children don't want Santa to deliver toys. Thankfully, Santa is immune to the coronavirus,

If you've never seen an elephant baby ultrasound before, here's your chance

Asha, a 25-year-old Asian elephant residing at the Oklahoma City Zoo, is expecting a baby in February 2022. The zoo released a video of the calf's ultrasound, even pointing out the growing baby's head, trunk, and legs. If you're wondering why we have to wait over a year to meet Asha's calf,

AOC raised $200,000 for charity on her 'Among Us' Twitch stream Friday

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now a pro (or close to it) at Twitch and the popular game Among Us, having streamed to over 400,000 people back in October with fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Save $250 on Samsung's smart robot vacuum

Save $250: The Samsung R7065 robot vacuum is on sale on Amazon for $349, a 42% discount as of Nov. 28. Did you know that Samsung does a whole lot more than bring the world great TVs and fights with Apple fans over whose phone is better? Well,

Surprisingly, Apple's site has the best (only) Apple TV deal for Cyber Week

Get a free $50 gift card: Buying an Apple TV 32GB ($179) or 64GB ($199) from Apple's official site gets you a $50 Apple gift card — an indirect savings of around 25%.When it comes to Apple TV, Apple is weirdly being less stingy than Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart.

Photos of workers and activists protesting Amazon on Black Friday

On Black Friday — the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. and the kickoff of holiday season shopping as a whole — Amazon workers in 15 countries protested the corporation in an action called #MakeAmazonPay. UNI, a global trade union based in Switzerland,

30 Black Friday deals: Chargers, face masks, cool gadgets, and more

Black Friday deals are already flooding your inbox, and it's not even Black Friday yet. That's the magic of 2020, people. As a matter of fact, here are 30 deals on products Mashable Shop shoppers were loving last month, each at a Black Friday-friendly price. (Price are current as of Nov. 21.

Stocking stuffer idea: An electric toothbrush

TL;DR: Keep your teeth sparkling clean with a AquaSonic ProSpin Whitening Toothbrush for just $39.95 as of Nov. 21. It's possible to brush your teeth effectively with a manual toothbrush. But it takes a whole lot more time and effort. Yes, they're cheap and convenient,

Save 20% on new styles in Puma's Cyber Week sale

SAVE 20%: Puma has launched its Cyber Week sale, with 20% off new styles using the code PUMA20.We've already been treated to plenty of Black Friday deals on everything from console bundles to mattresses, but we haven't seen a lot of movement from leading fashion brands.

Stuxnet-Like Malware From Russia Is Attacking U.S. Power Plants

Security researchers confirmed on Monday that a vicious new cyberattack has compromised the computer systems of over 1,000 organizations in 84 countries. Dubbed "Energetic Bear," the Stuxnet-like malware is largely targeting energy and utility companies. It's almost certainly from Russia.Read more.

Obama requests $6 billion in emergency funding to beat Ebola

The U.S. has made headway in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus, but the fight is not over yet, President Obama said on Tuesday.Obama spoke at the National Institutes for Health in Maryland,

ShareSDKForANE 打包笔记 - Eran

最近做了一个ShareSDK IOS的接入 (ANE) , 现在想想其实很简单 不过由于对Xcode,ANE的不熟悉也折腾了好久, 舔着脸打扰客服好几天… 呵呵目前把我接入的一些步骤列出来 希望能帮到你.准备工作0· Mac机器一台,


关于 GNARBOX的更多信息,点击这里了解。欢迎关注氪 TV 的微信号“krvideo”,以及优酷频道,第一时间收看更多有趣的科技视频。

再見 301+!YouTube 終醒覺除去奇怪瀏覽人次

今日 YouTube 終於公佈會完善播放次數嘅驗証方法,「301+」嘅現象唔會再發生,而且播放次數嘅計算將會更加準確。雖然係遲咗啲,不過第日各位 YouTuber 就唔洗再咁無奈啦。The post 再見 301+!



58同城财报图解:2015年Q4 58运营亏损7170万美元


逆潮流?Google 正式推出 Fiber Phone 家庭固话服务

今天凌晨传出消息,Google 在今年早些时候开始邀请某些 Google Fiber 高速宽带服务的用户测试一项家庭电话服务;而在今天,Google 则正式推出了 Fiber Phone 服务。Google 说固话业务是「人们比较熟悉靠谱的高质量服务」,但由于固话技术一直停滞不前,于是 Google Fiber Phone 服务整合了Google Project Fi 项目中诸多通用的 VOIP 功能。

: VR 結合與森林共舞動畫宣傳, HTC Vive 與迪士尼呈現全新型態預告

隨著迪士尼全新真人電影與森林共舞將在台灣上映,迪士尼與 HTC 合作在三創生活園區的一樓打造宣傳舞台,並以 HTC Vive 呈現電影預告片段,透過 HTC Vive 欣賞一段置身於叢林中的短片,結合空間定位以及音效,感受電影中的印度原始叢林舞台魅力。今日名模林又立也到場為此特展站台。閱讀全文

Why I Bought a Chromebook Instead of a Mac

Chromebooks have surpassed sales of Mac laptops in the United States for the first time ever. And that doesn’t surprise me. Because roughly a year ago I made the same switch. Formerly a lifelong Mac user, I bought my first PC ever in the form of a Chromebook. And I’m never looking back.Read more...

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