What it really means to 'give yourself grace'

In our search for calm and stability during a hellish year, perhaps no mantra stands out as more comforting than "give yourself grace." It's the refrain you might turn to when coping with daily frustrations like arguing with your children, driving aggressively after being cutoff,

Silicon Valley Deserves Silicon Valley

Until now, no one adequately embarrassed Silicon Valley on TV. All prior attempts either embarrassed themselves, or fell just short. But Silicon Valley, Mike Judge's HBO foray into the sociopathic pit of Northern California's tech scene is beyond adequate:

European Startups, Get Your Pitches Together

I’ve pitched at least 250 investors over the years, mentored hundreds of startups and have plenty of fail behind me. So I feel I know a thing or two about pitching, and European startups are so often really rather bad at it. Austria, and specifically Vienna,

Why Are Tech Workers So Bad at Dressing Themselves?

If the guiding principle for building great startups is "solve an important problem," then the difficulty tech workers have locating (and laundering!) garments to wear in public would appear to be the sartorial equivalent of Fermat's last theorem. Read more...

Why This Astronaut Thinks NASA Can Save Humanity From Extinction

Astronaut Daniel T. Barry thinks NASA's mission to Mars is humanity's most important endeavor yet, for reasons including the birth of Captain Kirk. We talked to him about what it's like to explore the Final Frontier.Read more...

Alienware Steam Machine Review: PC Gaming With Console Comforts

Steam is a massive online gaming platform that reaches 100 million players worldwide. Now, Valve, the company behind Steam, along with a litany of hardware makers (in this case Dell/Alienware) wants to go head-to-head with Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.Read more...

The New DMCA Rules Don't Go Far Enough

Decrypting copyrighted materials is, according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, an illegal act. Yesterday, the Library of Congress issued a set of exemptions to the DMCA’s decryption ban, which many outlets, including Gizmodo , hailed as “victories” and “big wins.” They’re not.

How to Understand the Weird World of wikiHow, the Internet's SEO Shrink

How do you make a tuna fish sandwich? After you've finished eating it, how do you wash the dishes? How do you tie the shoes you'll be wearing that day, and what are the five steps for correctly buttoning a shirt? How do you avoid being creepy if you run into your crush? (Step 1: Don't linger.

My Day on a Gas-Powered Drift Trike: Like Being a Kid Again, But Better

No grown-up vehicle can match the thrill you felt as a kid on your Big Wheel. Cars and motorcycles are fun, but at day's end they're serious machines. Recapturing that unbridled euphoria requires a dedicated device. And the SFD Industries Drift Trike is the three-wheeled,

Quality Assured: What It’s Really Like To Test Games For A Living

There’s an old commercial for Westwood College that’s become something of a running joke in the video game world. Two young men sit at a couch, hammering away at PlayStation controllers. A woman walks in. “Hey guys, finish testing that game yet?” she asks.

Even More Wacky Submarine Terms You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

Recently, Navy Chief Marty Noe took us on a dive into the ‘colorful’ world of submariner terminology, and as a result we were flooded with emails and comments with readers wanting more or wanting to contribute. So let’s take an even deeper dive into the world of submariner lingo,

Cyber Monday gaming deals: Nintendo Switch bundles, console accessories, subscriptions, and more

BEST CYBER MONDAY GAMING DEALS:Star Wars: Squadrons — $15.99 (save $23 at GameStop)Assassin's Creed Valhalla — $49.99 (save $10 at GameStop)Ghost of Tsushima — $39.99 (save $19.99 at GameStop)Xbox Game Pass 3-Month Membership — $19.99 (save $25 at Target) WD_Black 2TB P10 Game Drive — $64.

These LED holiday lights sync to your music — Future Blink

BeatSync lights have a built-in mic to analyze audio frequencies so they can pulse to the beat of your music. They're perfect for hosting your own holiday light show at home.  Read more...More about Tech, Holidays, Mashable Video, Led, and Led Light

Dell's best Black Friday laptop deal is back for Cyber Monday

Save $230: The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop is on sale for $549.99 for Cyber Monday 2020 as of Nov. 30. Dell is calling all multitaskers with their latest deal. The new Inspiron 15 5000 laptop is built to make going from project to project simple and seamless. 

Get the 6-quart Instant Pot Max for 60% off

SAVE $119.96: Grab the 9-in-1 Instant Pot Max at an outrageously good 60% off — only $79.99 — for Cyber Monday.Tons of Instant Pots were on sale for Black Friday, but Cyber Monday might have the best Instant Pot deal of the week: nearly $120 off the six-quart Instant Pot Max.

These are the absolute best Cyber Monday deals to shop this year

Cyber Week is almost over, but we still have Cyber Monday deals to shop — and there are plenty of good ones worth your attention. While some of the best deals did sell out on Black Friday, Cyber Monday still has so much to offer.We saw deals just kind of roll over all weekend,

Nintendo just dropped a new 'Fortnite' Switch bundle for Cyber Monday

If you missed out on the wildly popular Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Switch bundle on Black Friday (which was very easy to do), you're in luck: Nintendo has surprised us with a second holiday system bundle for Cyber Monday.Announced on Twitter late Sunday night,

This 82-inch Samsung 4K UHD smart TV is $400 off for Cyber Monday

Save $398: The Samsung Flat 82-Inch 4K 8 Series UHD Smart TV is on sale on Amazon for $1,099.99 for Cyber Monday as of Nov. 30. This weekend has probably been a blur for everyone. We've all already entered our credit card information a few more times than we'd like to admit, but it's not over yet.

Gifts to stay warm in the wintry outdoors, from a former park ranger

The author Alfred Wainwright, who wrote famed guidebooks of the outdoors, knew how to stay comfortable outside. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing,” is a quote popularly attributed to Wainwright.It's often true.

All the best tech deals to shop this Black Friday

Our top picks for best Black Friday tech deals:BEST 4K TV DEAL: Samsung 50-inch Class 4K UHD QLED TV  — save $152BEST LAPTOP DEAL: Apple MacBook Air (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256 SSD) — save $150BEST TABLET DEAL:

Stellar Black Friday laptop sales have begun — here are the best so far

BEST LAPTOP DEALS FOR BLACK FRIDAY 2020:HP Spectre x360 13t Touch Convertible Laptop — $999.99 (save $150)Microsoft Surface Pro 7 — $599.99 (save $360)MSI GF65 Gaming Laptop — $799 (save $180)Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3 — $179.99 (save $100)HP Omen Laptop 15t-dh100 — $993.19 (save $106.



The Undercover Agents You Didn't Even Know Were on Your Flight

In the past decade, the number of U.S. air marshals has increased exponentially, from 33 to an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 agents.But while there's a one in 20 chance that your flight has an air marshal aboard, you're unlikely to realize it: Marshals wear regular clothing to "blend in with passengers,

[python] python单元测试经验总结 - 隐之狐



卡塔尔多哈--(美国商业资讯)--全球最具实力、中东北非地区首屈一指的银行QNB Group宣布了截至2014年6月30日的6个月财务业绩。   2014年前6个月,集团净利润达到了51亿卡塔尔里亚尔(约合14亿美元),较去年上升7.0%。  

惠普推出Slate6平板手机 主打私人定制概念


Metropolitan Police looking for £90m command and control system suppliers

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) says it has chosen a group of suppliers to deliver a new command and control system in a £90m contract.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/07/metropolitan-police-looking-for-90m-command-and-control-system-suppliers/

趕潮流!時裝品牌 Guess 將推出智能手錶

智能手錶的選擇越來越多,不過大部份都是電子產品公司設計和生產,未必夠潮夠時尚。繼早前 Google 宣佈手錶品牌 Fossil 會推出 Android Wear 後,再有時裝品牌 Guess 加入智能手錶市場。以下有更多資料The post 趕潮流!

[图]LG将推出L Fino和L Bello两款入门机型

针对火爆的入门消费市场近日有消息称LG将会在即将召开的IFA大会上推出了两款最新设备--L Fino和L Bello,两者都为“巧妙定价”的入门3G设备,秉承了旗舰机型LG G3的某些特性,比如Knock Code和Touch and Shoot(仅需要点击下屏幕就能完成拍摄)功能。

Detritus From Cancer Cells May Infect Healthy Cells

bmahersciwriter writes Tiny bubbles of cell membrane — called exosomes — are shed by most cells. Long thought to be mere trash, researchers had recently noticed that they often contain short, regulatory RNA molecules,

Civil Case Uses Fitbit Data To Disprove Insurance Fraud

Lucas123 writes In what could herald in an era of data from wearables being used in civil and criminal litigation cases, a Canadian attorney is using data collected by a Fitbit activity tracking wrist band to prove his client is not scamming an insurance company.

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