Affirm, Airbnb,, Roblox, Wish file for tech IPO finale of 2020

For some of the most awaited Silicon Valley tech companies of the decade, this week looked good enough to file for IPOs

Dott, Lime and Tier selected for London e-scooter trial

Transport for London and London Councils have announced Dott, Lime and Tier Mobility as the winners of its prized e-scooter pilot, confirming last month’s suspicions based on job postings by the companies.  Last year, the government legalized e-scooter rental trials by local authorities,

Canoo is being investigated by the SEC

Canoo, the Los Angeles-based electric vehicle startup that debuted on the Nasdaq public exchange earlier this year, is being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, just months after its merger with special purpose acquisition company Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp.

Bosta raises $6.7M to expand e-commerce delivery business across Africa and MENA

Per a recent report by Bain & Co.,e-commerce is expected to grow to $28.5 billion in MENA by 2022 from a 2019 value of $8.3 billion. Egypt, one of the most active e-commerce countries in the region, is anticipated to grow 33% annually to reach $3 billion by 2022. But for any e-commerce business […]

Should startups build or buy telehealth infrastructure?

Turnkey solutions might be tempting to healthcare startups looking to take advantage of the current market tailwinds, but startups still have to decide what to outsource and what to build.

Daily Crunch: AT&T’s $43B WarnerMedia spinoff will create a new content colossus

Hello friends and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package.

Want to double your rate of return? Seek counsel from experienced executives

Years of data from hundreds of successful startups show the impact of relevant executive expertise is even greater than anticipated — it doubles the rate of return on a venture investment.

Hardware hacker brings online multiplayer to the original Game Boy

Move over, Xbox and PlayStation. A new foe has appeared in the world of online multiplayer gaming! It’s the… uh, Game Boy. As in that unbreakable, gray, 4.19Mhz tank from 1989. While the Game Boy has had a handful of locally multiplayer games since the beginning,

Hulu UX teardown: 5 user experience fails and how to fix them

Hulu is the first major streaming platform to offer a social watching experience. And with most major league sports now being allowed to resume behind closed doors, Hulu’s combined proposition with ESPN will likely help entertain the service’s 30+ million users over the winter months.

This Week in Apps: Apple slashes commissions, Twitter launches Fleets, warnings about Parler

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the TechCrunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry is as hot as ever, with a record 204 billion downloads and $120 billion in consumer spending in 2019.

Watch SpaceX launch a satellite that will monitor the world’s oceans

SpaceX is set to launch a Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Saturday morning, with a target liftoff time of 9:17 AM PST (12:17 PM EST). This is the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Mission, which carries a satellite of the same name developed by the European Space Agency, NASA,

CNNIC:网络文学产业链形成 创造巨大商业价值




Xbox Live Rewards members recieve exclusive items when they pre-order games from the Microsoft Store

Microsoft is offering Xbox Live members with more exciting rewards, and bonus items if they pre-order some of the popular gaming titles through the Microsoft Store ahead of their official launch.

JavaScript选项卡/页签/Tab的实现 - snandy


用Swift实现一款天气预报APP(一) - Mr 布鲁斯

Swift作为现在苹果极力推广的语言,发展的非常快。这个语言就和她的名字一样,比OC减少了很多的文件和代码量。头文件,bye bye啦,再不用查个代码上下的头文件源文件切换了。


1月12日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯:   1.【周鸿祎狂掀骂战 那些嘴“贱”的互联网大佬们】近日,马云一句“京东将来会成为悲剧”再次震惊了科技圈,不过这也让马云摊上事了。

Duke community gathers for first Muslim call to prayer despite chapel controversy

Several hundred people gathered at the steps of Duke University's chapel on Friday for its first Muslim call to prayer, despite the administration's swift reversal of its decision to allow the prayer to be amplified from its bell tower.The schools' Muslim Students Association set up a P.A.

每个行业都会出现一个 Uber 吗?

编辑按 :布莱恩·亚瑟 (Brian Ascher)于 1998 年以考夫曼顾问(Kauffman Fellow )的身份加入 Venrock,目前是 Venrock 帕洛阿尔托办公室的合伙人。 尽管人们最近在攻击 Uber,我却一直喜欢用它。 从我第一次(2010 年 9 月… Read More


加州洛杉矶的一名联邦法官作出裁决,华纳/Chappell Music不拥有生日快乐歌的有效版权。Clayton F. Summy Co.在1935年获得了生日快乐歌的版权,它的继承者Birch Tree Group在1988年被华纳斥资1500万美元收购。

使用控制台对Redis执行增删改查命令 - 莫笑少年痴狂

使用控制台对Redis执行增删改查命令 在 "上一篇" 里,我们已经安装了redis。

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