How the pandemic drove the IPO wave we see today

This is The TechCrunch Exchange, a newsletter that goes out on Saturdays, based on the column of the same name. You can sign up for the email here. I had a neat look into the world of mental health startup fundraising planned for this week, but after being slow-motion carpet-bombed by S-1s,

What to make of Stripe’s possible $100B valuation

This is The TechCrunch Exchange, a newsletter that goes out on Saturdays, based on the column of the same name. You can sign up for the email here. Welcome to a special Thanksgiving edition of The Exchange. Today we will be brief. But not silent, as there is much to talk about. Up top,

How Ryan Reynolds and Mint Mobile worked without becoming the joke

In the past decade, celebrity interest and investment in tech companies has significantly increased. But not all celebrity investments are created equally. Some investors, like Ashton Kutcher, have prioritized the VC pursuits. Some have invested casually without getting overly involved.

Original Content podcast: Just don’t watch Netflix’s ‘Holidate’ with your parents

You might think that a new Netflix film called “Holidate” offers holiday-themed romance that’s perfect for a family watch party. You’d be wrong. The film stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as a pair of strangers who agree (in classic romantic comedy style) to keep each other company on holidays.

Black Friday on track for $8.9B+ in online sales as shoppers stay away from brick-and-mortar stores

Black Friday — the day that launched 1,000 other shopping holidays — may have lost its place as the “start” of the Christmas shopping season by now (it gets bigger and earlier with each passing year).

Tony Hsieh, iconic Las Vegas tech entrepreneur, dies aged 46

Tony Hsieh, the former head of Zappos who catapulted the shoe company into the big leagues with a sale to Amazon and then used the proceeds of his success in a huge project kickstarting regeneration of a run-down part of Las Vegas, Nevada, with tech and wider business investments, has died aged 46.

Facebook’s Libra could launch in January

According to a report from the Financial Times, Facebook-backed cryptocurrency Libra could launch in January. More interestingly, the Libra Association, the consortium created by Facebook, could scale back its ambitions once again. When it was first unveiled,

India sets rules for commissions, surge pricing for Uber and Ola

Ride-hailing firms such as Ola and Uber can only draw a fee of up to 20% on ride fares in India, New Delhi said in guidelines on Friday, a new setback for the SoftBank-backed firms already struggling to improve their finances in the key overseas market. The guidelines,

Human Capital: Uber’s Black employee base shrinks

Welcome back to Human Capital, where I break down the latest in diversity, equity and inclusion, and labor in tech. TL;DR: This week, Apple announced its third head of diversity and inclusion in four years,

Affirm, Airbnb,, Roblox, Wish file for tech IPO finale of 2020

For some of the most awaited Silicon Valley tech companies of the decade, this week looked good enough to file for IPOs

Hulu UX teardown: 5 user experience fails and how to fix them

Hulu is the first major streaming platform to offer a social watching experience. And with most major league sports now being allowed to resume behind closed doors, Hulu’s combined proposition with ESPN will likely help entertain the service’s 30+ million users over the winter months.

gulp:入门简介 - 程序猿小卡



携三大核心产品,引领健康棉生活成都2014年5月16日电 /美通社/ -- 一直以医学级高品质纯棉护理用品著称的PurCotton全棉时代品牌携三大核心产品纯棉柔巾、奈丝公主纯棉表层卫生巾、奈丝宝宝棉尿裤亮相第21届生活用纸国际科技展览会,充分展示其在全棉水刺无纺布领域的技术创新与突破,并以医学级的安全品质承诺为人们带来自然健康的舒适生活。



CSS Sprites+CSS3 Icon Font - jingwhale

CSS Sprites+CSS3 Icon Font,两者结合使用,可以达到很好的效果。CSS Sprites在国内很多人叫CSS精灵,是一种网页图片应用处理方式。



TUV 南德摘得2014《中国光伏品牌排行榜》服务类品牌价值桂冠

秉砥砺之志,求臻至之道 上海2015年5月18日电 /美通社/ -- 150年前蓬勃兴起的第二次工业革命,使人类文明走向全新的电气时代。

Decomposing the Old-Fashioned Way is the Latest Funeral Trend

Welcome to this week’s Reading List, a collection of the most interesting science and technology stories on the Internet. This week, we’ll stroll through the cemeteries of the future, take a pivotal road trip with Dwight D. Eisenhower, and dive into the dying oceans of 2100. Read more...

手工DIY一台Xbox One得多少钱?

随着PC硬件的发展,现在游戏玩家们可以以一台主机的价位,来搭建一套在1080P分辨率下流畅游戏的PC主机。 不 […]

一步一步搭建客服系统 (6) chrome桌面共享 - 疯吻IT


AMD称Win 10暂无贡献 不过其自身也没出力

Windows 10 于 7 月 29 日正式发布,现在两个多月的时间过去了,微软认为该新一代操作系统目前的装机率完全符合预期,甚至表示比 Windows 7 初期更好。

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