Unlock the web with CyberGhost VPN's shocking Black Friday deal

SAVE 82%: A three-year subscription to CyberGhost VPN is on sale for £1.99 per month as of Nov. 22, and includes an extra three months for free.This is always the best time of the year to invest in a VPN,

11 ways to virtually visit Santa this holiday season

Santa Claus isn't canceling Christmas this year, but he definitely wants you to stay safe at ho-ho-home.As 2020 comes to a close, holiday celebrations will undoubtedly look a little different than they have in years pastCoronavirus cases are still rising in the United States,

How to participate in USPS's Operation Santa this year

This holiday season may look different than any other before, but one thing remains certain: Christmas is coming. And just because the pandemic is still raging throughout the U.S. doesn't mean that children don't want Santa to deliver toys. Thankfully, Santa is immune to the coronavirus,

If you've never seen an elephant baby ultrasound before, here's your chance

Asha, a 25-year-old Asian elephant residing at the Oklahoma City Zoo, is expecting a baby in February 2022. The zoo released a video of the calf's ultrasound, even pointing out the growing baby's head, trunk, and legs. If you're wondering why we have to wait over a year to meet Asha's calf,

AOC raised $200,000 for charity on her 'Among Us' Twitch stream Friday

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now a pro (or close to it) at Twitch and the popular game Among Us, having streamed to over 400,000 people back in October with fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Save $250 on Samsung's smart robot vacuum

Save $250: The Samsung R7065 robot vacuum is on sale on Amazon for $349, a 42% discount as of Nov. 28. Did you know that Samsung does a whole lot more than bring the world great TVs and fights with Apple fans over whose phone is better? Well,

Surprisingly, Apple's site has the best (only) Apple TV deal for Cyber Week

Get a free $50 gift card: Buying an Apple TV 32GB ($179) or 64GB ($199) from Apple's official site gets you a $50 Apple gift card — an indirect savings of around 25%.When it comes to Apple TV, Apple is weirdly being less stingy than Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart.

Photos of workers and activists protesting Amazon on Black Friday

On Black Friday — the biggest shopping day of the year in the U.S. and the kickoff of holiday season shopping as a whole — Amazon workers in 15 countries protested the corporation in an action called #MakeAmazonPay. UNI, a global trade union based in Switzerland,

The Amazon Warehouse might be the best spot to find deals this Black Friday

SAVE 30%: Until midnight on Nov. 30, you can save 30% on open-box and used products in the Amazon Warehouse.Black Friday is just around the corner, and everyone is going to be hunting down the best deals from all the leading retailers.

SpaceX's Saturday launch of Sentinel-6 is a first step toward leveling up climate studies

Saturday's SpaceX launch may be a small step for a company that is making increasingly regular trips into orbit, but the latest mission's payload represents a giant step for climate studies here on Earth.The launch itself was a success by all measures.

What happens to Trump's official Twitter account after Biden becomes POTUS?

It's almost been four years since since our first "digital" president handed over the presidential Twitter keys to Donald Trump.Barack Obama's transition from the Oval Office in 2017 was the first time many official Twitter accounts (and other social media pages on Instagram, Facebook, Medium,


去年夏天,软件设计师奥布里·约翰逊(Aubrey Johnson)在Medium上发表了一篇关于苹果公司的移动 […]

Microsoft pulls the plug on Nokia Android smartphones

Redmond is ending Nokia’s Android experiment rather abruptly, just shortly after the launch of the Nokia X2 handset.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/17/microsoft-pulls-the-plug-on-nokia-android-smartphones/

Lizard Squad Hits Malaysia Airlines Website

An anonymous reader writes: Lizard Squad, the hacking collaborative that went after the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and the North Korean internet last year, has now targeted Malaysia Airlines with an attack.

狗狗调皮了怎么办?用Connected Collar智能项圈来训练它


Kristen Bell crowned a 'Frozen' fan with a brain tumor as an honorary princess

Meet the new honorary Princess of Arendelle: Avery Huffman.In a manner truly befitting a princess, Kristen Bell got into full Frozen character as Anna to leave a voicemail message for a young fan with an inoperable brain tumor, leaving special instructions from Queen Elsa herselfSee also:

三星首次削减研发投入:总部裁员2480人 关闭3家研发中心

【媒体报导】3月17日消息,据韩国媒体报道,为了改善经营状况,三星电子18年来首次削减研发投资,年初至今三星电子已经在总部裁员2480人。此外,三星还关闭了美国的电子材料研发中心和信息应用研发中心,研发中心数 ... ...

DefinedCrowd is teaching machines to better understand the complexities of language

What DefinedCrowd offers isn’t particularly easily to distill into a quick elevator pitch. Taking the stage today as part of the Disrupt New York Battlefield, the Washington state-based company deals in complex concepts of machine learning,


漫威的历史要比大家想象得更加悠久。很多人是通过一些漫威电影,例如上世纪90年代的《X战警》,以及后来的《钢铁侠》《复仇者联盟》等等来了解漫威的,但其实漫威这家公司早在1939年就已经建立了,并且一开始我们是以“时代漫画”(Timely Comics)为名的。“漫威漫画”只是当时一部漫画集的名字,其中包括了霹雳火等一系列不同的英雄人物。后来我们逐渐把创作重点放在了超级英雄上,“漫威”才成为了整个公司的名字。1939 Marvel Comics 最初,时代漫画并不是专门关于超级英雄的,其包括了科幻、言情、悬疑等各类题材,直到开始出版漫威漫画时,才第一次有了超级英雄的人物出现。

OPPO R11山寨机火速上市 受骗的人真不少

作为去年卖的最火的国产旗舰机,OPPO R9系列的山寨难度并不高,因此市面上也出现了一大批模仿者。而今年R11发布时候,由于外形变动不大,因此山寨起来就更加容易了。这不,目前市面上已经出现了一大批山寨OPPO R11 ... ...

iOS 11 如何与家人共享iCloud存储空间?

在 iOS 11 系统中,用户可以跟自己的家人共享 iCloud 存储空间,这意味着如果你购买了 2TB 的超大 iCloud 存储空间,你的家人也可以一同使用,这让你的购买变得更加划算。  如果你的 iCloud 账户已经设置了“家人共享”,共享 iCloud 存储空间其实非常简单。家人共享允许用户共享已经购买的音乐、影片、电视节目、图书和应用,其中还包括用户的位置、日程提醒、照片和 iCloud 存储空间(iOS 11)。  

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