Melania Trump unveils her final White House Christmas decorations and they're fine

Well, they're not blood red Christmas trees this year, folks. It's the very last year of Melania Trump's Christmas decorations in the White House, before the Bidens take the reins to the sleigh, and that means it's the last time we'll be gifted a weird, cheesy trailer with Melania thoughtfully,

We need to discuss JLo sneaking 'Let's Get Loud' into Biden's inauguration

Inauguration Day was obviously huge for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but were you aware that Jennifer Lopez made history at the ceremony, too?How? Well, folks. She got loud. And not just loud in volume, she got loud like it was 1999.

The new White House website includes a hidden message

Come for a long-overdue acknowledgment of the ongoing "climate emergency," stay for the job offer. A visit to the fresh official White House website under the Biden administration includes expected calls to "get involved" and staff bios. But that's just on the surface. One level below,

Everything coming to Hulu in February 2021

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Happy binging! ","image":"

Watch poet Amanda Gorman's powerful reading at Joe Biden's inauguration

Joe Biden's inauguration was a deeply poetic moment for America, thanks in part to a powerful reading by Amanda Gorman, the first-ever U.S. youth poet laureate.To close out Biden's inaugural ceremony, Gorman — a 22-year-old poet and Los Angeles native — read an original piece titled,

Joe Biden's first @POTUS tweet is refreshingly boring

President Joe Biden is officially the tweeter-in-chief. As his inauguration came to an end on Wednesday, Biden dusted off the @POTUS twitter account and fired off his first post as president. And thank the heavens,

Watch Lady Gaga's perfect inauguration performance of the national anthem

On Jan. 20, 2021, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were historically sworn in as the nation's 46th president and vice president. On the same day, at that very event, Lady Gaga stole the freaking show with her performance of the national anthem.

Still working from home? Don't forget to install antivirus software on your laptop.

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UK bans new Huawei 5G network gear from September

The UK's big play against Huawei all comes to a head next September. Mobile providers will not be allowed to install new Huawei gear in the UK's 5G mobile network from the end of Sept. 2021, according to the government. The ban was announced in July,

The Sonos One speaker is $50 off for Cyber Monday

Save $50: The 2nd generation Sonos One is on sale at Amazon for $149 as of Nov. 30. If you're still playing music from your iPhone, you need an upgrade. And what better day than Cyber Monday? If you missed out on Black Friday, we're here to help. 

The 'Mario Kart' ride at Super Nintendo World looks incredible in teaser trailer

Look, there's a slim chance we'll actually be riding anything at the soon-to-open Super Nintendo World, but we can still marvel at it from afar.Set to open Feb 4. at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka,


黑莓CEO程守宗(John Chen)周四证实,公司面向企业市场推出的Q20全键盘智能手机将被更名为“BlackBerry Classic”(黑莓经典)。Q20首次亮相是在今年早些时候举行的世界移动大会上。

Microsoft 最新搞作:在電腦瀏覽器上直接玩 Xbox 遊戲

近日有消息指,Microsoft 的研發團隊正在建立一個建基於雲端的遊戲服務,以後玩家將有機會在電腦瀏覽器上玩到各款 Xbox 360 及 Xbox One 遊戲,而且更能解決遊戲偵數延遲的問題。

Elon Musk Hints 1st Person To Mars May Go Via New Brownsville Spaceport

MarkWhittington writes If SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has his way, the first astronaut to set foot on Mars may begin his or her journey from the new commercial spaceport being built at Boca Chica Beach, just outside Brownsville, Texas.

Richard Stallman反对Emacs支持LLVM调试器

GNU Emacs作者、自由软件基金会主席Richard Stallman(RMS)反对Emacs的Grand Unified Debugger (Gud.el)支持LLVM的LLDB调试器。RMS在许多年前就退出了Emacs的开发,但他仍然密切关注Emacs。

unity3d 制造自己的水体water effect(一) - 战狼96

unity3d 水体water effect的制作, 本次主要对水体的波动进行研究,sin,cos,Gerstner波等。

黑龙江生活报国际生活展 -- 热点抢先看(一)

上海2015年7月21日电 /美通社/ -- 即将在本月底举行的黑龙江生活报国际生活展暨胡润国际移民节哈尔滨站,可以说是移民、教育、置业以及国际生活相关的先锋人物和前沿产品相聚的豪门盛宴。

This Flamethrowing Helicopter Is Helping Fight California's Wildfires

Water-bombing aircraft are pretty standard wildfire-fighting equipment. Helicopters that spew fire onto the forest? Not so much. Read more...


来自知名安全测试套件Burp Suite厂商PortSwigger的安全专家Gareth Heyes近日在微软Edge浏览器的内置XSS过滤器存在绕过漏洞,这就意味着尽管微软在Edge浏览器中进行了大量的安全策略部署,但用户浏览网页的时候依然有可能让攻击者通过这种方式在Edge浏览器中执行恶意JavaScript脚本。

微软也有6.18 - Xbox One/Surface Pro 4大降价

今天是618,微软也非常接地气的参与了促销。在微软官方商城,购买Xbox One时结算时输入优惠代码“ILOVEXBOX”可立减800元,相当于花费2199元即可入手国行Xbox One。购买Surface Book时驶入优惠代码“ILOVEMS”可立享9折优惠,以23788元的顶配版为例,最高可优惠近2400元。

Oculus Backtracks on DRM and Allows the HTC Vive to Play Rift Games Again 

Games exclusivity is common place for consoles. Master Chief is on Xbox and Nathan Drake is on PS4. That’s the way it is. But for VR, many fans and developers want things to be more open, so gamers can able games on any headset they want. Today,

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