Smart bench charges your phone and e-bike while measuring air quality

Benches are something you'll find in the public spaces of every city. But apart from allowing you to rest, they don't really serve any other purpose. This is changing. Croatian startup Include has launched a new version of its Steora smart bench — three new versions,

Volvo Penta has a new system that will make docking boats way, way easier – Future Blink

Volvo Penta launched the first-ever fully assisted docking system, which will give the boat's captain more control of the docking process.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Volvo, Boats, Boating, and Tech

We need to discuss JLo sneaking 'Let's Get Loud' into Biden's inauguration

Inauguration Day was obviously huge for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but were you aware that Jennifer Lopez made history at the ceremony, too?How? Well, folks. She got loud. And not just loud in volume, she got loud like it was 1999.

The new White House website includes a hidden message

Come for a long-overdue acknowledgment of the ongoing "climate emergency," stay for the job offer. A visit to the fresh official White House website under the Biden administration includes expected calls to "get involved" and staff bios. But that's just on the surface. One level below,

Everything coming to Hulu in February 2021

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Happy binging! ","image":"

Watch poet Amanda Gorman's powerful reading at Joe Biden's inauguration

Joe Biden's inauguration was a deeply poetic moment for America, thanks in part to a powerful reading by Amanda Gorman, the first-ever U.S. youth poet laureate.To close out Biden's inaugural ceremony, Gorman — a 22-year-old poet and Los Angeles native — read an original piece titled,

Joe Biden's first @POTUS tweet is refreshingly boring

President Joe Biden is officially the tweeter-in-chief. As his inauguration came to an end on Wednesday, Biden dusted off the @POTUS twitter account and fired off his first post as president. And thank the heavens,

Watch Lady Gaga's perfect inauguration performance of the national anthem

On Jan. 20, 2021, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were historically sworn in as the nation's 46th president and vice president. On the same day, at that very event, Lady Gaga stole the freaking show with her performance of the national anthem.

Um, this adorable Baby Yoda plush is actually in stock and on sale for Cyber Monday

SAVE $3: Celebrate The Mandalorian's second season with this extremely cute Baby Yoda pillow buddy — it's $3 off at Walmart during Cyber Monday, and is the perfect holiday gift for your resident Star Wars fan.We've found it — the deal that makes every other Cyber Monday offer pale in comparison.

Melania Trump unveils her final White House Christmas decorations and they're fine

Well, they're not blood red Christmas trees this year, folks. It's the very last year of Melania Trump's Christmas decorations in the White House, before the Bidens take the reins to the sleigh, and that means it's the last time we'll be gifted a weird, cheesy trailer with Melania thoughtfully,

UK bans new Huawei 5G network gear from September

The UK's big play against Huawei all comes to a head next September. Mobile providers will not be allowed to install new Huawei gear in the UK's 5G mobile network from the end of Sept. 2021, according to the government. The ban was announced in July,




你知道自己家里每个电器的用电量吗? 家庭用电是我们每个人不得不面对、但是又很少去了解的事情。特别是生活在大城市 […]

Java使用正则表达式取网页中的一段内容(以取Js方法为例) - Hi_Amos


The City Pipes and Stairways That Get Left Behind and Lead to Nowhere

Cities, like living things, evolve slowly over time. Buildings and structures get added and renovated and removed, and in this process, bits and pieces that get left behind. Vestiges. Just as humans have tailbones and whales have pelvic bones, cities have doors that open into a limb-breaking drop,

Yelp Buys Cityvox To Build Out Restaurant And Nightlife Reviews In France

Yelp continues with its march across Europe to build up its reach in local listings in the region. Today, the company announced the acquisition of Cityvox,

周庄“声活”开启一种生活方式 喜马拉雅或成最大声音提供商

上海2014年12月31日电 /美通社/ -- 周庄声活是一种新的生活方式,未来,有声的生活方式将不仅仅停留在古镇、咖啡馆这些场地之中,未来将会有大量的书店、小清吧、花店甚至是宠物店都将投入到“声活”的这一种生活方式之中。

Microsoft issues a response to those with bricked Windows 10 Lumia 520-series devices

Yesterday, Microsoft pulled the latest Windows Technical Preview for phones (build 10051) for the Lumia 520, and its siblings including the Lumia 521, 525, and 526. The reason being that once users upgraded to Windows 10 and then tried to revert back to Windows Phone 8.1,

快递小哥哭瞎 这个快递机器人明年要上市

我们去超市购买食品杂货,还要在拥挤的过道人挤人,还要排队付款,还要将这些东西搬到车上带回家,你是不是觉得非常的烦?好吧,这时候你就需要一个可以帮你运货的机器人了,而且,它运一次的成本只要 1.



EF实体框架之CodeFirst三 - 社会主义接班人

前两篇博客学习了数据库映射和表映射,今天学习下数据库初始化、种子数据、EF执行sql以及执行存储过程这几个知识。 一、数据库初始化策略 数据库初始化有4种策略 策略一:数据库不存在时重新创建数据库 策略二:每次启动应用程序时创建数据库 策略三:模型更改时重新创建数据库 策略四:从不创建数据库 其中,

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