This 82-inch Samsung 4K UHD smart TV is $400 off for Cyber Monday

Save $398: The Samsung Flat 82-Inch 4K 8 Series UHD Smart TV is on sale on Amazon for $1,099.99 for Cyber Monday as of Nov. 30. This weekend has probably been a blur for everyone. We've all already entered our credit card information a few more times than we'd like to admit, but it's not over yet.

WhatsApp delays controversial update after user backlash

WhatsApp has caused quite a bit of commotion with a planned update to its privacy policy, which spooked users as it added more detail on how Facebook and third party businesses can use and interact with user data on the platform. Now, amid user backlash,

Verv’s holistic wellness app can help you achieve all your health goals in 2021

TL;DR: Get started on your health and fitness resolutions with the Verv Premium Home Workout Planner. As of Jan. 18, you can score a lifetime subscription for 96% off, bringing the price down to just $39.99.It takes more than just exercise to be healthy. Depending on which experts you ask,

Keep tabs on your home with a home security camera on sale

TL;DR: Keep an eye on your home, pets, and loved ones while you're out with the The Motorola FOCUS86 home monitoring camera, on sale for 13% off. As of Jan. 18, get it for just $86.75.Now that you’re used to being home 24/7, leaving can be a bit unnerving.

Want to stand out online? Try a .tech domain name.

TL;DR: Set yourself or your company apart online with a .tech domain name. Get one for up to 80% off as of Jan. 18, with prices starting at just $4.99 per year.So you’re finally ready to launch your website. Maybe you’re a developer with a catchy new app that will revolutionize the way we live.

This foldable electric scooter from Segway is nearly $100 off

TL;DR: Have fun scooting around town with the eco-friendly Segway ES2 Ninebot KickScooter. As of Jan. 18, you can get it for $549.99 — a 15% savings.If you live in a city or a suburb where only a few miles stand between you and the majority of the places you go, electric scooters are a fun option.

Watch an ultrasonic obliterator vaporising water droplets in hypnotic slow motion

As the description for The Slow Mo Guys' latest video makes clear, this one is essentially Gav "filming a vibrating stick" in slow motion.But it's not just any stick. The gadget in question is actually an ultrasonic obliterator,

Step up your spreadsheet game with this set of interactive Excel courses

TL;DR: The Complete Excel Pro Tips Certification Bundle is on sale for £13.92 as of Jan. 18, saving you 93% on list price.Love them or loathe them, spreadsheets are inescapable in practically every single industry. So,

Melania's f*cking Christmas decorations, ranked

We regret to inform Melania Trump that it is once again time to give a fuck about Christmas.Excuse my foul language. I try not to swear, but I'm simply quoting America's first lady herself,

Smart bench charges your phone and e-bike while measuring air quality

Benches are something you'll find in the public spaces of every city. But apart from allowing you to rest, they don't really serve any other purpose. This is changing. Croatian startup Include has launched a new version of its Steora smart bench — three new versions,

Um, this adorable Baby Yoda plush is actually in stock and on sale for Cyber Monday

SAVE $3: Celebrate The Mandalorian's second season with this extremely cute Baby Yoda pillow buddy — it's $3 off at Walmart during Cyber Monday, and is the perfect holiday gift for your resident Star Wars fan.We've found it — the deal that makes every other Cyber Monday offer pale in comparison.



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You can’t break copyright by looking at something online, Europe’s top court rules

It may seem obvious, but it's a ruling that puts to rest a genuine debate in Europe over the limits of copyright law.



以创新为名,行开放之事——记 Chris Anderson 北京演讲

越来越多的人认为苹果正在走向没落,因为封闭的苹果生态在当下的开放大环境下走入了一条「死胡同」——我只是没想到曾经的连线杂志主编 Chris Anderson 会有同样的想法。在他心目中,只有开放式的创新,才是真的创新。

2014年印度智能手机市场大战:Android是主流 iPhone遇冷

苹果日前宣布iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus将于10月17日在中国大陆发售,用户可通过Apple Store在线商店、Apple Store零售店及Apple授权经销商购买。这意味着中国内地消费者福音真正来了。



Fame: 'Bowie' the koala attracts fans with rare blue and brown eyes

Like the late rock star she's named after, "Bowie" the koala has an unmistakable mystique.Bowie was recently admitted to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, after the koala was picked up by the zoo's rescue unit last month. It was found injured after it had presumably been hit by a car.SEE ALSO:

: COSCUP 2016 開源人年會:無人機、電子鼓和烏克麗麗等超令人舒服的開源硬體全都來

本文照片提供:COSCUP 2016 紀錄組 台灣規模最大的開放原始碼年度研討會 Coscup 開源人年會今年(2016)已經邁向第11個年頭,延續去年的 Maker 議題今年在系列議程中看到更多有趣的開放硬體的應用。上圖畫面可不是 Coscup 的場間表演活動,而是資深開源人 PCMan 用整套的 pytohn+Raspberry Pi 樹莓派打造一整套電子鼓出來。不僅如此,現場還邀請了另一個開源硬體開發者 Penk,跟著他自己打造的烏克麗麗,現場就開了一場開源演場會! 閱讀全文

: 【4.5G吃到飽】遠傳網路門市的超優惠方案,這就是寶可夢用極速吃到飽的概念!

在聊遠傳網路門市的4.5G 吃到飽之前,平常都會和同事去新竹東門圓環附近玩 Pokemon Go 寶可夢,除了可怕的南寮之外,那邊也算滿好抓的,但如果手機門號沒有吃到飽或是每個月的限定傳輸量用完了,在現場就會玩得很痛苦,畢竟長時間玩寶可夢一定要又快又吃到飽才夠用,對於上網需求傳輸量大又精打細算的人來說,要成為寶可夢訓練大師不是這麼簡單啊!閱讀全文

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