Materialize scores $40 million investment for SQL streaming database

Materialize, the SQL streaming database startup built on top of the open source Timely Dataflow project, announced a $32 million Series B investment today led by Kleiner Perkins with participation from Lightspeed Ventures. While it was at it,

Samsung vice chairman Jay Y. Lee sent back to prison in bribery case

Samsung Electronics vice chairman Jay Y. Lee is back in prison following a retrial of his 2017 conviction in a bribery case that helped lead to the downfall of former South Korean president Park Guen-hye. The Seoul High Court sentenced Lee to 30 months on Monday.

Goama lets developers integrate a social gaming platform into their apps

Goama (also known as Go Games) lets developers quickly integrate social games into their apps. Some of Goama’s clients have used it for promotional campaigns, while others rely on the platform, which introduces new games every week, to add a full-fledged gaming function to their app. The startup,

Twitter is bringing Moments to Indian social app Dailyhunt

Five years after its launch, Twitter Moments is growing beyond the American social networking platform. On Monday, Twitter said it had partnered with Dailyhunt to bring Moments to the Indian social app.

Flipkart doubles down on rewards program, partners with 5,000 retail outlets in India

Flipkart on Monday launched SuperCoin Pay that its customers will be able to use across thousands of retail stores across the country as Walmart-owned e-commerce giant bets on its loyalty program to win and sustain its user base in the world’s second largest internet market.

Personio raises $125M on a $1.7B valuation for an HR platform targeting SMEs

With the last year changing how (and where) many of us work, organizations have started to rethink how well they manage their employees, and what tools they use to do that. Today,

Startups at CES showed how tech can help elderly people and their caregivers

The COVID-19 pandemic shined a harsh spotlight on the challenges many elderly people face. Older adults are among the highest-risk groups for developing cases that need hospitalization and nursing homes were especially vulnerable to outbreaks. While dealing with COVID-19,

Signal and Telegram are also growing in China – for now

As fears over WhatsApp’s privacy policies send millions of users in the West to Signal and Telegram, the two encrypted apps are also seeing a slight user uptick in China, where WeChat has long dominated and the government has a tight grip on online communication.

Equity Monday: HungryPanda raises $70M, trade tensions, and cross-border VC

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This is Equity Monday, our weekly kickoff that tracks the latest big news, chats about the coming week,

DoorDash aims to add $11 billion to its valuation during public offering

This morning, DoorDash filed a new S-1 document, this time updating the market about the price it expects to command during its public offering. The food-delivery giant gave a range of $75 to $85 per share, which would revalue the company sharply higher than its final private price,

Nikola shares drop as GM pulls plug on investment deal

GM is backing away from an agreement to take a stake in electric automaker Nikola Corp, marking the collapse of a deal that has been problematic since it was announced just two months ago. Shares of Nikola plummeted more than 20% in pre-market trading Monday morning.

活.科技:LG G3

在向 LG 借来 G Watch 做评测之时,他们顺道借了一部 G3 给笔者。跟这部手机相处的一星期里,真的令笔者对 LG...

“哔哔哔” 这款数据线会发出警报声


直攻专业市场三星 NX1 台湾上市动手玩

继香港推出后,三星的 NX1 高端无反相机已经在台湾登场。


Hej!由於稅率高的緣故,瑞典物價一般較香港高,要善用辛苦搵來的一分一毫,精打細算非常重要。幸好瑞典有一些幫助消費者格價的 App。以我常用的 Prisjakt 為例,功能就像讀者們熟悉的



一代歌坛天后邓丽君 亚洲首场虚拟人纪念演唱会 风靡7,000名观众

数字王国突破性虚拟人像技术 首次以IM360技术拍摄 香港2015年5月13日电 /美通社/ --  邓丽君重现舞台! 《如果能许一个愿:邓丽君20周年虚拟人纪念演唱会》于2015年5月9日在亚洲台北小巨蛋举行。


也许是刚毕业的你最该看的一篇干货。如果你已经习惯了等别人给需求,然后开Photoshop,再等别人说改哪里就改 ...


前几天Oculus开放预订,HTC宣布2月29号开放预订,今天PSVR预售和价格流出,VR圈最近消息火热。AR圈也不甘寂寞,如今,HoloLens开发者版的关键参数流出,微软也正式公布了开发者注册时间。  微软将开发者发放注册时间定在了在本月19号9点(太平洋时间),开发者版HoloLens售价3000美元。注册开放本来定于3月30号至4月1号之间,由于开发者版出炉以及为开发者大会作准备,微软提前开放了注册。    此前,微软的技术专员Bruce Harris公开了HoloLens的一些技术参数,包括:续航能力在一般情况下为5.5小时,但是当高负载运行时,续航时间则为2.

解開七英雄之謎!手機/PS Vita版《復活邪神2》將新增原創迷宮內容

即將於今年冬天在iOS, Android,和PS Vita等平台上登場的《復活邪神2》(Romancing Saga 2),在官方的推特帳號上,又發佈了新的遊戲情報,包括新的原創內容:兩種新職業級別「陰陽師」和「忍者」,以及原創的新迷宮。 閱讀全文

ACM-南京理工大学第八届程序设计竞赛-网络赛(2016.04.17) - saucxs

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