2-year-old CRED valued at $800 million after $80 million funding round

CRED, a two-year-old startup that is helping credit card users in India improve their financial behaviour, has raised $80 million in a new financing round, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch. The new financing round, a Series C for CRED, was led by existing investor DST Global.

Samsung vice chairman Jay Y. Lee sent back to prison in bribery case

Samsung Electronics vice chairman Jay Y. Lee is back in prison following a retrial of his 2017 conviction in a bribery case that helped lead to the downfall of former South Korean president Park Guen-hye. The Seoul High Court sentenced Lee to 30 months on Monday.

Goama lets developers integrate a social gaming platform into their apps

Goama (also known as Go Games) lets developers quickly integrate social games into their apps. Some of Goama’s clients have used it for promotional campaigns, while others rely on the platform, which introduces new games every week, to add a full-fledged gaming function to their app. The startup,

Twitter is bringing Moments to Indian social app Dailyhunt

Five years after its launch, Twitter Moments is growing beyond the American social networking platform. On Monday, Twitter said it had partnered with Dailyhunt to bring Moments to the Indian social app.

Flipkart doubles down on rewards program, partners with 5,000 retail outlets in India

Flipkart on Monday launched SuperCoin Pay that its customers will be able to use across thousands of retail stores across the country as Walmart-owned e-commerce giant bets on its loyalty program to win and sustain its user base in the world’s second largest internet market.

Personio raises $125M on a $1.7B valuation for an HR platform targeting SMEs

With the last year changing how (and where) many of us work, organizations have started to rethink how well they manage their employees, and what tools they use to do that. Today,

Startups at CES showed how tech can help elderly people and their caregivers

The COVID-19 pandemic shined a harsh spotlight on the challenges many elderly people face. Older adults are among the highest-risk groups for developing cases that need hospitalization and nursing homes were especially vulnerable to outbreaks. While dealing with COVID-19,

Signal and Telegram are also growing in China – for now

As fears over WhatsApp’s privacy policies send millions of users in the West to Signal and Telegram, the two encrypted apps are also seeing a slight user uptick in China, where WeChat has long dominated and the government has a tight grip on online communication.

Dozens of tech companies sign ‘Tech for Good Call’ following French initiative

A couple of years ago, French President Emmanuel Macron initiated the Tech for Good Summit by inviting 50 tech CEOs to discuss the challenges in the tech industry and make some announcements. Usually, tech CEOs meet ahead of Viva Technology, a tech event in Paris. This year,

The road to smart city infrastructure starts with research

Distributed ledger technology (DLT), when applied correctly, can do for a city's infrastructure what existing technologies cannot.

Alphabet’s DeepMind achieves historic new milestone in AI-based protein structure prediction

DeepMind, the AI technology company that’s part of Google parent Alphabet, has achieved a significant breakthrough in AI-based protein structure prediction.

统计:全球平均网速达到3.8Mbps 移动数据流量增长70%

Akamai(阿卡迈)今天发布了2014年第四季度互联网现状报告(State of Internet report),报告数据显示全球平均网速再创新高,相比去年同期增长27%,达到了3.8Mbps。

万事达:2014年全球十大旅游城市 亚太地区占50%



股神沃伦巴菲特(Warren Buffett)曾经说过,他之所以不投资科技股是因为无法分析这类股票。不过这并不意味着巴菲特彻底排斥科技股。  巴菲特统领的伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway)从 2011 年开始大 ... ...

今日新聞淺談:你的注音有學好嗎?國小一年級的題目根本 GG



你看过那些不久前还风行一时的投篮技巧视频吗?制作者为了完成一个难度极高的投篮动作,需要做出 47,000 次的投篮尝试,然后将那个让所有人都为之疯狂的投篮动作视频上传至网上。

Specifications Comparison: Microsoft Lumia 730 vs Motorola Moto G (2014)

Back at IFA 2014, the Redmond-based company unveiled a selfie-focused smartphone, the Lumia 730. The handset launched with a very decent price tag but is it good enough, considering the tough competition it has to face from Android devices?




奇虎 360 和昆仑集团 12 亿美元收购浏览器提供商 Opera

Opera 于挪威时间周二晚上确认,已经接受了价值 12 亿美元的收购邀约。本次收购由昆仑和奇虎360共同发起,投资的金额由 GoldenBrick 和 Yonglian 提供。Opera的董事会均一致建议股东通过本次收购协议。Opera 公司 CEO Lars Boilesen 在声明中提到:“奇虎 360 对 Opera的收购具有重要的战略意义和商业逻辑。奇虎 360 将强化 Opera 的功能使其更好的服务于用户,并且通过与奇虎360的合作将迎来更多的技术创新和加速业务拓展。据了解,Opera 除了浏览器业务以外,还专注于数据压缩和广告领域。

This Is the Last Sun Antarctica Will See for Six Months

Manning the NOAA’s research station at the South Pole is a lonely job at the best of times. But when you’re watching the last sunset for half a year, things have to be feeling particularly bleak. Read more...

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