Get the 6-quart Instant Pot Max for 60% off

SAVE $119.96: Grab the 9-in-1 Instant Pot Max at an outrageously good 60% off — only $79.99 — for Cyber Monday.Tons of Instant Pots were on sale for Black Friday, but Cyber Monday might have the best Instant Pot deal of the week: nearly $120 off the six-quart Instant Pot Max.

We need to discuss JLo sneaking 'Let's Get Loud' into Biden's inauguration

Inauguration Day was obviously huge for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but were you aware that Jennifer Lopez made history at the ceremony, too?How? Well, folks. She got loud. And not just loud in volume, she got loud like it was 1999.

The new White House website includes a hidden message

Come for a long-overdue acknowledgment of the ongoing "climate emergency," stay for the job offer. A visit to the fresh official White House website under the Biden administration includes expected calls to "get involved" and staff bios. But that's just on the surface. One level below,

Everything coming to Hulu in February 2021

Read more...{"player":{"description":"Happy binging! ","image":"

Watch poet Amanda Gorman's powerful reading at Joe Biden's inauguration

Joe Biden's inauguration was a deeply poetic moment for America, thanks in part to a powerful reading by Amanda Gorman, the first-ever U.S. youth poet laureate.To close out Biden's inaugural ceremony, Gorman — a 22-year-old poet and Los Angeles native — read an original piece titled,

Joe Biden's first @POTUS tweet is refreshingly boring

President Joe Biden is officially the tweeter-in-chief. As his inauguration came to an end on Wednesday, Biden dusted off the @POTUS twitter account and fired off his first post as president. And thank the heavens,

Watch Lady Gaga's perfect inauguration performance of the national anthem

On Jan. 20, 2021, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were historically sworn in as the nation's 46th president and vice president. On the same day, at that very event, Lady Gaga stole the freaking show with her performance of the national anthem.

Still working from home? Don't forget to install antivirus software on your laptop.

SAVE UP TO 73%: Select Norton antivirus software plans are on sale on Amazon as of Jan. 20:OUR TOP PICK: Norton 360 Deluxe 2021 (3 devices) — save $55BEST BUDGET PICK: Norton AntiVirus Plus 2021 (1 device) — save $35BEST FOR BUSINESS:

These are the absolute best Cyber Monday deals to shop this year

Cyber Week is almost over, but we still have Cyber Monday deals to shop — and there are plenty of good ones worth your attention. While some of the best deals did sell out on Black Friday, Cyber Monday still has so much to offer.We saw deals just kind of roll over all weekend,

Nintendo just dropped a new 'Fortnite' Switch bundle for Cyber Monday

If you missed out on the wildly popular Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Switch bundle on Black Friday (which was very easy to do), you're in luck: Nintendo has surprised us with a second holiday system bundle for Cyber Monday.Announced on Twitter late Sunday night,

This 82-inch Samsung 4K UHD smart TV is $400 off for Cyber Monday

Save $398: The Samsung Flat 82-Inch 4K 8 Series UHD Smart TV is on sale on Amazon for $1,099.99 for Cyber Monday as of Nov. 30. This weekend has probably been a blur for everyone. We've all already entered our credit card information a few more times than we'd like to admit, but it's not over yet.

Marvel at this magic mahjong table again and again and again

A table with a hole that will suck all your mahjong pieces and returns them perfectly stacked, ready to play. Obviously, it's powered by SORCERY...Read more...    



Photos of NATO fighters intercepting fully armed Russian jets

Fully armed NATO and Russian aircraft keep having encounters as the tension between both powers increase. These photos were taken yesterday by RAF Eurofighters over Baltic airspace. They intercepted four SU-27 Flanker fighters and a Tupolev Tu22 Backfire bombers, among others.Read more...


双11阿里巴巴高达571亿元的交易额再次让人刮目相看,双11前夕阿里巴巴的股价大涨,市值甚至首次突破3000亿 […]





iOS 9 And OS X El Capitan Are Now Available To All As Public Betas

As announced at WWDC last month, Apple is making a beta of its newly updated mobile operating system, iOS 9, available to the general public for testing starting today, alongside the beta version of OS X El Capitan, its updated desktop OS.

DigitasLBi Identifies The Most “Contagious” Brands On Social Media

It should be easy to tell whether or not something’s working on social media, right? I mean, if you’ve got a lot of likes and favorites, that’s great. If you don’t, that’s less great. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? Well, not quite — at least according to DigitasLBi.


Re/code 中文站 4 月 22 日报道  美国知名风投 Benchmark 的投资人比尔古尔利(Bill Gurley)本周发表了一篇 5700 个单词的长文,对过度融资的硅谷创业公司,以及疯狂投资的投资人提出警告。这成为了周四美国 ... ...

智能手机商新宠 三星OLED屏Q1出货8670万块

北京时间6月14日消息,去年,三星显示器(Samsung Display)OLED面板出货量增加了一倍多,因为全球智能手机商越来越喜欢OLED显示屏,包括中国企业。韩国市场咨询公司UBI Research估计,今年前三个月,三星OLED屏幕的出货量达到了8670万块。在同一时间段内,全球OLED屏幕出货量总计约为9130万块,三星占了其中的95%。  三星是移动设备OLED屏幕的主要生产商,全球OLED智能手机几乎都用它的显示屏。今年一季度,全球新增17款OLED智能手机。  

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