12 Unique Apple Watch Bands We Want on Our Wrists

Tim Cook calls the Apple Watch the most personal device the company has ever createdWe'd like it to be a bit more personalThe new Watch, which starts at $349, is highly customizable, with a variety of different bands, from leather, to stainless steel to fluoroelastomer.

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PSA: Sorry, Those Apple Watch Band Swapping Sites Aren’t Going To Work

Sorry to disappoint you, recent Apple Watch buyers, but you’re not going to be able to use one of those brand new Apple Watch strap trading sites to get a whole new, extra watchband when your Apple Watch arrives. In case you missed it,

Apple Details Its ‘Made For Apple Watch’ Third-Party Band Program

If you were hoping to build a third-party band for Apple Watch, then you now have some resources about the official way to make that happen. Apple posted details about its ‘Made for Apple Watch’ program on its website this week,

Apple Watch opens floodgates for third-party bands with official guidelines

Apple is famously restrictive when it comes to controlling the look of its products, from color treatments to choice of materialsBut with the Apple Watch, its first wearable, the company is finally acknowledging that people love customization. In that spirit,

Apple Watch Users Explain Why They're Reselling on eBay

The Apple Watch has been out for less than two months , but already people are trying to unload theirs on sites like eBay. And these people aren’t just resellers hoping to cash in on the hype. Nope,

You can pair the $10,000 gold Apple Watch with a $49 plastic band, after all

In the rush to parse all the details around the Apple Watch and its much-hyped bands, it was unclear whether or not all the wristbands — regardless of price — would be interchangeableWe now know that you can, in fact, use any of its bands on any of its Apple Watch cases.

Apple Watch bands tell the world which version you could afford

Leading up to the launch of the Apple Watch, questions swirled around the assortment of bands Apple is releasing along with the device. How much will they cost? What kind of range will be on offer to start? And will they be compatible with each other?

Would You Buy A ‘Smart Band’ For An Apple Watch?

Would you shell out money for a ‘smart’ accessory band for an Apple Watch that added additional capabilities? More battery life, perhaps? The reason I ask is that the Apple Watch has a port that the company has yet to show off.

Which Apple Watch Is Right For You?

The Apple Watch is a novel product in Apple’s lineup for more reasons than one, but the sheer range of options available to prospective buyers may be among the most challenging to wrap your head around. Have no fear,

Microsoft Band – now that we have it, is it what we wanted?

We’ve been graced with the existence of Microsoft’s Band for 78 days, but after all the updates it has received and the updates around the corner, is it what we wanted from the start? Many Windows Phone fans began to drool over smart watch constructions such as Google’s Android Wear,

Apple Doesn't Want You To Build A Charging Band For Your Watch

Even before we had any details about the Apple Watch, accessory-makers were clamouring to sell you a $50 thing to strap to your $500 smartwatch. Apple has now finally released details about how third parties can make bands for the Watch. And it’s made things clear: no fancy connectors,

Reclaiming our Mohawk heritage, one app-supplied word at a time

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.Some nights when I put my four-year-old daughter to bed,

The worst times for traffic during Thanksgiving week, according to Google Maps data

Thanksgiving is a time for family, and inevitably, getting stuck in traffic.Google has released the worst and best times to drive in 25 U.S. metropolitan areas during Thanksgiving week, based on data which was compiled in 2017.SEE ALSO:

Here's what Tom Hiddleston's cryptic teaser on Twitter actually means

A man walks towards the camera in a neon lit hallway. He stops and looks off into the distance. He looks down, clearly sad about something. The word betrayal flashes across the screen.No, that's not a pitch from parody account Perfume Ads For Sale on Twitter.

'Mean Tweets' with country music stars gets very brutal, very fast

Turns out there isn't a single genre of the entertainment industry that's immune to the brutality of the mean tweet.In the Jimmy Kimmel Live hotseat this time are a host of country music stars, from Kacey Musgraves to Ashley McBryde — and, as becomes very clear right at the beginning of the video,

Learn how to crush your fear of public speaking, plus other business skills with these online classe

If you can confidently go on stage and speak in front of a large group of people without feeling like you're going to throw up your guts, then congratulations, you're better than 90% of the population.

A lighting kit for your TV can totally change your viewing experience (and this one is on sale)

Your 4K TV is incredible. Gorgeous resolution, amazing sound. Until now, if someone claimed they could enhance your TV viewing experience, you'd naturally call them a filthy, disgusting liar. Well, not anymore, thanks to the DreamScreen 4K Total Surround Lighting Kit,

This year's John Lewis Christmas ad will reduce you to a sobbing wreck

Well, it's that time of year again! Time for the John Lewis Christmas advert and, true to form, it's a real tearjerker. Especially for fans of the legendary Elton John. As the familiar dulcet sounds of "you can tell everybody, this is your song" play,

U2 Takes Us Behind the Scenes Of Its Surprise Album

U2 force-fed iTunes users with Songs of Innocence, its first album in five years, on Tuesday during Apple's iPhone 6 event. Now, the band is explaining the lead-up to the album's unconventional releaseIn a two-minute video posted to Twitter Thursday,

George Clooney to Appear in a 'Downton Abbey' Sketch for Charity

George Clooney is heading back to his TV roots — sortaBritish network ITV has confirmed that the actor will appear a sketch filmed on the set of Downton Abbey, which will promote the channel's annual charity drive, Text Santa.See also:

Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Fallon Face Off in 'Pool Bowling'

If you thought the Tonight Show gang had exhausted every possible game idea, you were dead wrong.Jimmy Fallon introduced a new game on Wednesday night's Tonight Show, which he's calling "Pool Bowling.

The World’s First 3D-Printed Kayak Is Adorably Colorful

The first ever entirely 3D-printed kayak isn't just an impressive feat of engineering—it's adorably child-like in its rainbow color scheme, too.Read more...    

安卓第十夜 亚当的诞生 - Vamei

作者:Vamei 出处:http://www.cnblogs.com/vamei 欢迎转载,也请保留这段声明。谢谢!上一讲介绍了用WebView来抓取一个网页内容。这一讲我将介绍如何在安卓内部直接进行HTTP通信。





Xbox One《舞力全开》收录神曲“小苹果”

国行Xbox One在上市半年之后终于开始陆续迎来游戏大作。现在,传言将在5月末面向国内发售的Xbox独占音乐舞蹈游戏《舞力全开2015》又有新消息传来,游戏中将加入中文热曲。






这是个很有趣的问题,首先在偷蛋这个问题上,其实意义不大,相信没有人认为鸵鸟蛋会被老鼠一类的小动物偷吃吧,实际上像象鸟,恐鸟,骇鸟这类尺寸的鸟蛋,很可能除了人类以外任何其他动物都撸不动,而现代鸟类孵化和护巢的行为也使我们相信在食肉鸟类幼崽阶段被gank掉的可能性并不是很大 。


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