Same-Sex Couples From Texas Flock to New Mexico for Weddings

Hacienda Doña Andrea de Santa Fe is the perfect place for a dream wedding dream. Located in a picturesque New Mexican village, the popular wedding venue has a colorful, tiled interior outdone only by its dramatic views. The mountain-top venue typically hosts about 50 weddings per year,

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Cover-More Group宣布2014全年强劲业绩,亚洲业务取得良好增长

悉尼--(美国商业资讯)--专业综合旅行保险和医疗救助服务提供商Cover-More Group Limited (ASX:CVO)本周宣布了截止2014年6月30日(2014财年)全年的业绩。   Cover-More Group旅行险销售总额名义增长20.1%,达至3.

大玩動物上身,新版 GTA V 變變變生命力

PS4、Xbox One 的新版 GTA V 不止是單純的高清重製版,還加入了一些新元素,當中最令人驚喜的就是這個模擬動物事件,變成各種動物在 GTA 世界裡周圍玩,感覺像在玩別的遊戲。

葛萊美金獎大師調音的平價優質耳機,中國好聲音 1MORE 活塞耳機動手玩

雖然多數的台灣消費者仍對 1MORE 加一聯創較為陌生,不過談到由他們操刀、高 CP 值的小米活塞耳機與小米頭戴式耳機應該大家就比較有印象了吧?

Find more and do more with the new Bing Image search

We reported yesterday on the early appearance of the Bing Images new layout and features update. In our excitement, we briefly covered some of the superficial elements found in the new Image search. With a full day of use under our belt and some more information from the Bing Image Search team,

Music app for Windows Phone now lets you add more songs to your playback queue, and more

Microsoft has rolled out a new update to the Xbox Music app for Windows Phone 8.1. Last week we were expecting the fourth update to Xbox Music since the Developer Preview of Windows Phone 8.1 was released, but it was delayed until now.

The best iPhone XR pre-order deals all in one place

Sound the iPhone claxon for all to hear because you can now pre-order the iPhone XR.SEE ALSO: The best iPhone deals in the UK for OctoberWhat exactly is the iPhone XR and how does it differ from the XS and XS Max we hear you ask?Well, let's not pretend that is has everything that the XS has,

Put Thanos' face on a pumpkin and you'll get a pretty glorious Photoshop battle

Halloween will soon be upon us, which means that it's almost the time of year where we collectively turn the humble pumpkin into an elaborately carved and decorated work of art.SEE ALSO: This artist's incredible,

What you need to know about the two spacecraft launching to Mercury Friday

Most deep space missions send spacecraft hurtling far from the sun, into the frozen unknown hundreds of millions of miles beyond Earth. But on Friday, the European Space Agency (ESA) will blast two orbiters to heavily cratered Mercury, the planet closest to the sun.

Actually, Banksy meant to shred the whole painting. Now it's likely worth much more.

In a 'Director's half cut' uploaded on YouTube, Banksy revealed the secret shredding mechanism he had installed inside the frame of a copy of  “Girl With Balloon.”It was supposed to shred the whole canvas, but seems to have gotten stuck.

BBC presenter wins posthumous radio award for cancer podcast

Rachael Bland touched many people's lives through her work as a presenter on BBC Radio 5 Live. Bland died in early September from breast cancer after sharing her experience of living with cancer on her podcast, "You, Me and The Big C". Less than two months after her death,

This scientist keeps winning money from people who bet against climate change

James Annan keeps winning. Annan, a climate scientist and director of the Blue Skies Research Organization, has won numerous bets over the last decade against scientists from a variety of academic backgrounds. In short, people keep betting him that the world will cool or warm slightly,

iPhone XS Battery Surprise

Read more...More about Battery Test, Mashable Reels, Iphone Xs, Iphone Xs Battery, and Tech

What It Costs to Be a Tourist Across the U.S.

Hotels, Big Macs and Starbucks coffee — these are a few of the mainstays all tourists can depend onWhen traveling to popular U.S. cities like Los Angeles, Miami and New York, prices for things like fast food and movie tickets tend to vary.

For Those With Less in Scotland, a Tough Vote on Independence

How do you vote when you have little or nothing to lose?Whose message do you choose to hear, when you feel no one has been listening to you?See also: Young People in Scotland Want IndependenceMags Macdonald has lost a good deal over the past decade.

Nicole Kidman's Dad Antony Dies in an Accident in Singapore

SYDNEY — The father of Australian actress Nicole Kidman has died after an accident in Singapore on Friday morning.Dr Antony Kidman was visiting his daughter Antonia, her husband Craig Marran and her six children when he fell after breakfast in his hotel room,



Rabbit Proto:可打印真正电子元件的3D打印机

来自斯坦福大学的学生阿历克斯·贾伊斯(Alex Jais)、马纳尔·迪亚(Manal Dia)和罗翰·马赫什沃里(Rohan Maheshwari)做出了一台可以生成电子电路(就是在电路板上面的扁平金属连线)的3D打印机。

50 Years of BASIC, the Language That Made Computers Personal

harrymcc (1641347) writes "On May 1, 1964 at 4 a.m. in a computer room at Dartmouth University, the first programs written in BASIC ran on the university's brand-new time-sharing system. With these two innovations,

只要改变饮食习惯 人眼也能变成红外线滤镜


Animator窗口视图Project视图PlayerIdleAnimation和PlayerWalkingAnimation - 大学霸






Mapping Freddie Gray's deadly 45 minutes in the back of a police van

When police officers shoved a black Baltimore resident named Freddie Gray into the back of a van on the morning of April 12, one of his legs appeared limp but he was able to speak. On a video, he can be heard screaming in pain.


现在这个时代,谁拥有用户,谁就王道,任何一个公司,只要拥有足够大基数的用户,它就会有强大的衍生能力。企鹅的扣扣 ...

Understanding The $100 Million Search For Intelligent Alien Life

The search for microbial life continues to be a high priority for Congress and NASA, while the search for intelligent life is left fighting for scraps. Milner’s $100 million investment changes all of that for many SETI scientists. Read More

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