CES 2021: AR Headsets are still a thing with Lenovo’s ThinkReality A3

Over the weekend Lenovo unveiled its ThinkReality A3 headset via virtual briefing for the Consumer Electronics Showcase. The A3 is one of the best-looking 3D visualizations Augmented Reality headsets to hit deployment for commercial training and usage in a while,

Microsoft Lists for iOS is now generally available

Microsoft Lists app for iOS, which the company introduced at Ignite 2020 back in September, is finally dropping its preview tag today.

Microsoft Lists introduces Rules to help users keep track of changes in their lists

Microsoft Lists now supports a new “rules” feature that makes it easier to notify people when something changes in their lists.

Microsoft announces new Windows 10 PCs for Education and an affordable Classroom Pen 2

Microsoft has just announced some important product updates ahead of the BettFest virtual education conference starting tomorrow, with new affordable PCs starting at $189 and a $19.99 Classroom Pen 2 with a longer enclosure.

Microsoft Teams to improve Search suggestions with new “Top Hits” section

Microsoft is planning to improve the search function in its Teams collaboration platform by adding a new "Top Hits" section. Indeed, the improved search functionality will help users discover relevant files and other items they might be looking for.

Desperados 3, The Medium, and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass in January

Microsoft has just announced the second wave of new Xbox Game Pass titles for the month of January. There are a couple of previously-announced additions such as Control on PC, the Yakuza Remastered Collection, and the Xbox exclusive The Medium,

Microsoft Edge adds Voice Search button to the New Tab page

Microsoft has finally started rolling out a voice search option to the production version of the Chromium-based Edge browser. The feature was first spotted by some people on the Tech Community forums, and it’s available to select users running Edge version 87.0.664.75 or higher.

Xbox Canada teases players with a one-of-a-kind denim Xbox controller

The Xbox Canada Twitter account caused a bit of a storm on social media the other day when it shared a photo of what looked like a denim cover for an Xbox video game controller. The controller design proved pretty popular with gamers in numerous regions. You can check it out below.

CES 2021: Lenovo’s LAVIE MINI looks to bring a Nintendo Switch-like experience to PCs

While most PC OEMs are exploring new chipsets and adding mobile modems into their designs for 2021, Lenovo and its partner NEC have come up with a wholly new concept that looks to redefine gaming on a personal computer. At CES this year,

Check out Files, a third-party File Explorer app for Windows 10 that’s better than Microsoft’s

Don't like the built-in File Explorer in Windows 10? You might want to check out Files. This is a third-party File Explorer app for Windows 10 that's better than Microsoft's.

The Microsoft Store on Xbox consoles can now display supported languages for games

Some Xbox gamers have noticed that the store listings for some Xbox games on the Microsoft Store now include information about supported languages

Is fandom the future? Orlando Jones and Veronica Mars think so

Accurately predicting where entertainment's heading might be impossible, but trends and patterns are definitely emerging. The biggest one to arise: The power of fandom in driving the popularity of content.

幫你的手機打防毒疫苗:趨勢科技安全達人APP和LINE Whoscall技術交互引入


Look How Many People Came Out for the Climate March

Environmental activists called for people to gather on the streets of their cities on Sunday to march in a coordinated worldwide protest, in hopes that it would mark a turning point for global warmingAhead of the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City, more than 300,000 people,

Your #TBT photos are helping to keep Myspace afloat

You may think of Myspace with fond memories, a thing of the past — an example, perhaps, of the early stages of social media. But the site isn't as dead as you think.In fact, it's still bringing in 50.6 million unique visitors every month, according to the CEO of Viant Inc.,

YouTube tests multi-angle feature for video

Ever watch a YouTube video, and wish you could see things differently?Well, now you can. The popular online video service announced a new feature on Wednesday that lets users upload multiple camera angles for a YouTube video. Viewers can then switch camera angles on the fly as they watch.See also:

纳米"放大镜"可将光线放大一万倍 有望提升弱光拍摄性能


我的Logo设计简史 - batsing

近日,日本东京奥运会会微因涉嫌抄袭而被弃用的新闻引起设计界的一翻热论。在此我想到自己的LOGO设计,虽说并一定不好看甚至自己看回来都觉得略丑,但 几乎没有过抄袭的念头。

舊小熊來電 「被消失」新版 7 招「廢武功」! 教你重奪擋廣告能力

近日舊版的小熊來電正式從 Google Play 上消失,本港 Android 用戶「賴以為生」的工具,被迫變成一個全新介面的「Call Defender」。

399元 魅族头戴式耳机HD50发布 双11首发



她在一个聚会偶遇也是数学家与发明家的巴贝奇(Charles Babbage),之后便开始联系。他俩合作发明了“分析机引擎”(Analytical Engine),成为现代电子计算机的前身。虽然机械式机器而非数位的,计数方式也是十进制不是二进制的,仍被公认为世界上第一个计算机程序。

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