Microsoft VP Brad Anderson is leaving the company to join Qualtrics

Microsoft corporate vice president of Commercial Management Experiences, Brad Anderson, is leaving the company after 18 years. As noted in a post on ZDNet, Anderson will join Qualtrics as President of Products & Services. Anderson posted about his decision to leave Microsoft in a post on LinkedIn.

Windows 10 news recap: Apple testing Podcasts and Apple Music app for Windows 10, Windows 10X build

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Microsoft news recap: OneDrive increases upload file size limit to 250GB, Microsoft encouraged to re

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft, Oracle, and others are working together on Vaccination Credential Initiative A group of technology companies, including Microsoft,

Microsoft ships new Windows 10 build to Dev channel Insiders with no new features

Microsoft has just announced the release of the cumulative update build 21292.1010 for Dev Channel Insiders, which follows the release of the build 21292 two days ago. If the latter brought a couple of bug fixes for news and interests in the taskbar,

Microsoft CVP of Azure marketing Julia White is leaving to SAP

Julia White, a Microsoft veteran and currently CVP of Product Marketing for Azure, Developer Tools, and Servers is leaving the company to join SAP as Chief marketing and solutions officer.

Microsoft, Oracle, and others are working together on Vaccination Credential Initiative

Microsoft has partnered with Oracle, Salesforce, and other health and tech companies to work together on a Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) to enable people to access COVID-19 vaccination records on their smartphones.

Hands-on video: Our look at the future of Windows and the leaked Windows 10X build in action

In this video, we'll look at the leaked version of Windows 10X for single-screen PCs, and how it could be the future of Windows.

Apple is reportedly testing new Music and Podcasts app for Microsoft platforms in private beta

Apple may be ready to ship new Music and Podcasts app for Xbox consoles and/or Windows 10 PCs, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. The new apps would follow the release of the Apple TV app on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles in November, which allow Xbox owners to purchase movies and […]

CES 2021: AMD announces new Ryzen 5000 mobile CPUs

In recent years, AMD made some big moves to increase adoption of its chips in the laptop market, and today the company announced its new Ryzen 5000 mobile CPUs that should give Intel some serious competition.

Microsoft Planner starts rolling out custom background images for plans

Microsoft Planner users can now try out a new Smart Backgrounds feature that brings the ability to personalize Planner boards. The company has announced that the feature is currently rolling out to all users in the Planner web experience,

Bethesda is working on a new Indiana Jones game from Wolfenstein developer MachineGames

On Twitter, Bethesda Softworks announced that one of their game development studios, MachineGames, will work with Lucasfilm Games to develop a new Indiana Jones game. MachineGames is behind the popular Wolfenstein game series on Xbox One, starting with Wolfenstein: The New Order in 2014.

Shoot in Soft Pastel Colors for Our Photo Challenge

Dreamy, ethereal pastel colors are commonly associated with spring and with Easter. The subdued contrasts can make for some beautiful photographs. For our Mashable Photo Challenge, share images that use this soft color palette. New York City photographer William Joos will guest-host this round.

为解决法庭关键专利问题 苹果三星诉讼延时

日前在苹果和三星的专利诉讼中,加州法官要求苹果和三星提供更多证据,以证明与苹果专利相关的措辞。今天早些时候,在经过 50 个小时的交互讯问和出庭作证之后,苹果和三星已经完成了审判中的呈堂证供的部分。

使用 Lightning 接口 iPhone 可设计得更薄

早前苹果公司宣布推出一个新的项目,允许第三方耳机厂商开发使用 Lighting 接口的耳机,这也意味目前 iOS 设备上使用 3.5mm 耳机接口或许很快就会从苹果公司的供应链上消失。  


威锋网讯,如果你想对 iOS 7 的锁屏界面进行个性化自定义,又或者你想隐藏或者显示一些你想要的东西,那么你不妨试试这款近日上架 Cydia 的插件 CustomizeLS,你几乎可以对锁屏界面的所有元素进行改动,让你的锁屏界面个性化起来吧。  

Virgin Media provides the UK’s fastest broadband according to Netflix

BT comes in second, with Sky in third place, according to the stats crunched by the streaming TV and movie service.Read more:


1月中旬的Windows 10发布活动之后,HoloLens就鲜有亮相,在被大家惊叹了一下“黑科技”之后,绝大 […]

传苹果将在伦敦塞尔福里奇百货为Apple Watch开设弹出式商店

据外媒报道,知情人士透露,苹果计划在伦敦高档百货商店塞尔福里奇内为Apple Watch开设一间弹出式商店。这间店面很有可能会放置在商场入口—概念商店奇幻屋(Wonder Room)的边上。




这两年,很多人很多品牌为了火,真是啥都干得出来了。其实俺理解互联网思维下,流量就是生命,要流量就必须要吸引注意 ...

热门话题 | 科比退役“效应”之怀旧心理带来的新机会

2015年11月的最后一天,一位天才运动员Kobe Bryant的一封平静的退役信,再次让他成为了世界的焦点。从此,一阵怀旧热潮在各大社交网站上火了起来...

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