OneDrive raises upload file size limit from 100GB to 250GB

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service is getting a bit more flexible this month. As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still forcing many of us to work from home, the software giant has decided to raise the upload file size limit on OneDrive from 100GB to 250GB.

Windows 10 news recap: Apple testing Podcasts and Apple Music app for Windows 10, Windows 10X build

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Microsoft news recap: OneDrive increases upload file size limit to 250GB, Microsoft encouraged to re

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft, Oracle, and others are working together on Vaccination Credential Initiative A group of technology companies, including Microsoft,

Microsoft ships new Windows 10 build to Dev channel Insiders with no new features

Microsoft has just announced the release of the cumulative update build 21292.1010 for Dev Channel Insiders, which follows the release of the build 21292 two days ago. If the latter brought a couple of bug fixes for news and interests in the taskbar,

Microsoft CVP of Azure marketing Julia White is leaving to SAP

Julia White, a Microsoft veteran and currently CVP of Product Marketing for Azure, Developer Tools, and Servers is leaving the company to join SAP as Chief marketing and solutions officer.

Microsoft, Oracle, and others are working together on Vaccination Credential Initiative

Microsoft has partnered with Oracle, Salesforce, and other health and tech companies to work together on a Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) to enable people to access COVID-19 vaccination records on their smartphones.

Hands-on video: Our look at the future of Windows and the leaked Windows 10X build in action

In this video, we'll look at the leaked version of Windows 10X for single-screen PCs, and how it could be the future of Windows.

Apple is reportedly testing new Music and Podcasts app for Microsoft platforms in private beta

Apple may be ready to ship new Music and Podcasts app for Xbox consoles and/or Windows 10 PCs, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. The new apps would follow the release of the Apple TV app on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles in November, which allow Xbox owners to purchase movies and […]

January Patch Tuesday Updates are now available for Windows 10 version 20H2 and older

Microsoft has just released the first “Patch Tuesday” updates of 2021 for all supported versions of Windows 10. If you’ve already installed the latest version of the OS, the October 2020 Update (20H2), you can now download the build 19042.

Nearly all of Microsoft’s services are now powered by Azure

Seems no better way to sell you cloud services and products than to use them yourself.

Microsoft VP Brad Anderson is leaving the company to join Qualtrics

Microsoft corporate vice president of Commercial Management Experiences, Brad Anderson, is leaving the company after 18 years. As noted in a post on ZDNet, Anderson will join Qualtrics as President of Products & Services. Anderson posted about his decision to leave Microsoft in a post on LinkedIn.

【坐在马桶上看算法】算法7:Dijkstra最短路算法 - 啊哈磊




One in seven parents find unsuitable material on their child’s smartphone or tablet, according to UK

A recent report by BullGuard, has shown that UK parents have serious concerns about the safety of their children when online, according to a survey of 2000 UK parents of 7-14 year olds.Read more: http://www.itproportal.



贝尔金宣布为iPad Air 2和iPad Mini 3推出系列保护壳

贝尔金今天宣布为苹果iPad Air 2和iPad Mini 3推出专用保护壳系列产品,其中包括新的键盘保护壳和迎合了这两种平板电脑设计的保护壳。为iPad Air 2推出的QODE终极专业键盘保护壳价格149.

瞄准奢侈手表市场:Kevin Rose推出Watchville应用

连续创业者兼原Digg创始人Kevin Rose刚刚推出了一款新的iOS app。与此前“面向社交”的平台不同的是,虽然Watchville是一款免费应用,但它瞄向的却是奢侈手表市场,并扮演新闻聚合器与原子钟工具的角色。



华为 P8 家族动手玩,惊喜之余也有遗憾

华为上一款重磅手机 Mate 7 自发售以来销情一路上涨,这就让人对其最新的旗舰 P8 多了份期待。而从今天下午发布会后动手玩的体验来看,确实能感觉到他们的进步。

[图]联想发布ThinkPad P50 / P70笔记本:支持Windows 10或Linux

联想于今日发布了ThinkPad P50和ThinkPad P70笔记本新品,与绝大多数消费级产品不同的是,这两款机型可以选择搭配Windows 10或Linux操作系统。

This Week On Bullish: Building An Empire On YouTube

Hello and welcome to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show. This is our first international report, taped at Disrupt London 2015 in the Copper Box Arena. This week we dug into YouTube, the video platform, and how people use the product for far more than cat videos. In fact,

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