Windows 10 Your Phone app starts showing cellular and Wifi connectivity icons for some Insiders

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is set to gain the ability to display the cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity icons, allowing users to check the status indicators of their Android phones directly on Windows 10 PCs. This morning, Twitter user Florian B posted a picture of the new feature in action,

Microsoft Lists for iOS is now generally available

Microsoft Lists app for iOS, which the company introduced at Ignite 2020 back in September, is finally dropping its preview tag today.

Microsoft Lists introduces Rules to help users keep track of changes in their lists

Microsoft Lists now supports a new “rules” feature that makes it easier to notify people when something changes in their lists.

Microsoft announces new Windows 10 PCs for Education and an affordable Classroom Pen 2

Microsoft has just announced some important product updates ahead of the BettFest virtual education conference starting tomorrow, with new affordable PCs starting at $189 and a $19.99 Classroom Pen 2 with a longer enclosure.

Microsoft Teams to improve Search suggestions with new “Top Hits” section

Microsoft is planning to improve the search function in its Teams collaboration platform by adding a new "Top Hits" section. Indeed, the improved search functionality will help users discover relevant files and other items they might be looking for.

Desperados 3, The Medium, and more are coming to Xbox Game Pass in January

Microsoft has just announced the second wave of new Xbox Game Pass titles for the month of January. There are a couple of previously-announced additions such as Control on PC, the Yakuza Remastered Collection, and the Xbox exclusive The Medium,

Microsoft Edge adds Voice Search button to the New Tab page

Microsoft has finally started rolling out a voice search option to the production version of the Chromium-based Edge browser. The feature was first spotted by some people on the Tech Community forums, and it’s available to select users running Edge version 87.0.664.75 or higher.

Xbox Canada teases players with a one-of-a-kind denim Xbox controller

The Xbox Canada Twitter account caused a bit of a storm on social media the other day when it shared a photo of what looked like a denim cover for an Xbox video game controller. The controller design proved pretty popular with gamers in numerous regions. You can check it out below.

Mass Effect video game trilogy remaster could be coming out in just a few months

Singaporean and Indonesian store listings for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have been spotted, both mentioning a March 12th release date for this remaster of the first three Mass Effect video games.

Future Star Wars video games to fall under renewed Lucasfilm Games brand

In a bit of a surprise announcement earlier this week, the official Star Wars website and social media channels announced the revival of the Lucasfilm Games brand. While this doesn’t seem to be the return of Lucasfilm Games as its own games studio, it does mean that most, if not all,

CES 2021: HP’s new Envy, Folio and EliteBooks look to blend creative and professional goals

As the buying patterns of computer users has evolved over the past couple of years and further accelerated by the pandemic, HP is rejiggering their PC lineup for more flexibility. During CES 2021, HP unveiled its HP ENVY 14, HP Elite Folio,



T4模板_根据DB生成实体类 - IT小兵蛋

为了减少重复劳动,可以通过T4读取数据库表结构,生成实体类,用下面的实例测试了一下1.首先创建一个项目,并添加文本模板:2.添加 文本模板:3.向T4文本模板文件添加代码: using System;namespace Test.T4{ public...

Mobile app of the day: Polamatic by Polaroid

Polamatic gives you something a little different from your typical photo editor, as it harks back to the good old days of the Polaroid instant camera.Read more:

[图]明星大乱斗确定11月21日登陆Wii U平台

继10月3日游戏大作《明星大乱斗》(Super Smash Bros)登陆3DS掌机之后,今天任天堂再次宣布这款游戏将于今年11月21日登陆Wii U平台。

英國科學家讓羊咩變成流動 Wi-Fi 熱點

物聯網(Internet of things)越來越普及,透過和網絡連接,日常物品就可以交換訊息或進行實時監控。英國一所大學的電腦系教授 Gordon Blair 早前在威爾斯,嘗試調查如何讓 IOT 在鄉郊地區運作。

Huawei P8 and its huge brother P8max know all sorts of photo tricks

Huawei launched a new flagship smartphone, the Huawei P8, in London Wednesday, and by the looks of it, it's a very solid competitor amongst high-end Android smartphonesThe Huawei P8 is a 5.2-inch, 1080p device, with an octa-core, 64-bit chipset, 3GB of RAM, dual-SIM LTE and a 2,

除了首个OS X 10.10.4 beta,苹果还发布了OS X 10.10.3更新

苹果今天向开发者发布了首个 OS X 10.10.4 测试版,距离 OS X 10.10.3 正式版发布相隔一周。该版本编译号为 14E7f,开发者可以在 Mac 开发者中心下载。在发布说明中,苹果提到补丁改进了稳定性、兼容性和安全性。

Why Do People Still Get the Plague?

People don’t die of the Black Plague in the 21st century — except when they do. And the disease won’t be going away any time soon.Read more...



代表人类出征火星,只能活 90 天的它撑了 12 年

遥远的它, 在过去的 12 年里默默前进和探测,为人类扫平登陆火星的一切障碍。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

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