Word for iPad now supports mouse and trackpad input

Microsoft has updated its Office for iOS apps yesterday to bring some useful new features to iPad users. With iPadOS now supporting pointing devices, Word for iPad can now be used with a mouse or trackpad, including the one built in Apple’s new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pros.

The Predator is now live in Fortnite and a Terminator character could be coming next

After being confirmed last week, The Predator from the famous Predator movie series is now live in the Fortnite video game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows, and all other supported platforms. Fortunately for those on a budget,

Microsoft Launcher updates on Android with new features for Surface Duo and other smartphones

The Microsoft Launcher app updated to Version 6.2.201202.93346 recently.

Official Age of Empires video game merch arrives in the Xbox Gear Shop

Microsoft’s official Xbox Gear Shop has just added a large number of new items inspired by the popular Age of Empires video game franchise. Items include an Age of Empires-branded wine glass, beer stein, mug, tumbler, phone case, blanket, and tote bag.

NVIDIA Shield TV adds support for Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X video game controller

Shield TV owners received an operating system update today that brings their smart TV devices up to Version 8.2.2 and adds support for the new Xbox wireless controllers that launched alongside Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S video game consoles.

New in-meeting share experience is coming to Microsoft Teams next month

Microsoft is planning a big design refresh for the in-meeting Share experience in the desktop version of Teams. This should make it easier for presenters to find their desired content more quickly and easily.

Fall Guys isn’t coming to Xbox Game Pass despite the Xbox team teasing it on social media

If the Xbox team teased the arrival of Fall Guys on Xbox Game Pass on social media earlier this week, the game's publisher has since denied any plans to bring the game to Microsoft's game subscription service.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ review: Windows Mixed Reality is one of Microsoft’s most underrated products ev

Back in 2017, Microsoft unveiled a newly rebranded initiative known as Windows Mixed Reality (which I shorthand as WMR.) With that, Microsoft’s partners like Dell, HP, and Lenovo,

Windows 10 Your Phone app starts showing cellular and Wifi connectivity icons for some Insiders

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is set to gain the ability to display the cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity icons, allowing users to check the status indicators of their Android phones directly on Windows 10 PCs. This morning, Twitter user Florian B posted a picture of the new feature in action,

Mass Effect video game trilogy remaster could be coming out in just a few months

Singaporean and Indonesian store listings for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have been spotted, both mentioning a March 12th release date for this remaster of the first three Mass Effect video games.

Future Star Wars video games to fall under renewed Lucasfilm Games brand

In a bit of a surprise announcement earlier this week, the official Star Wars website and social media channels announced the revival of the Lucasfilm Games brand. While this doesn’t seem to be the return of Lucasfilm Games as its own games studio, it does mean that most, if not all,


高通曾经澄清 Galaxy S5 与 Xperia Z2 均采用高通骁龙 801 四核处理器,现在,高通进一步作出说明称虽然同为骁龙 801,但两者略有不同。  

12 Quotes to Motivate Your Creativity

Sometimes you need a little motivation to get you goingDIY inspiration isn't just a Pinterest thingWhile you're gathering supplies for your next project, take some time for a little advice from some of the world's favorite authors, filmmakers, artists and musicians. Before you know it,

HTC launches brand new J butterfly flagship smartphone in Japan, better and worse than the HTC One M

HTC has introduced a new smartphone in its premium Android lineup. Called J butterfly, the device features similar specs to the One (M8) flagship but with a few differences.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/01/HTC-j-butterfly-smartphone-launch-japan-One-M8-flagship/

KBtalKing History T 古式透光二色成型鍵帽登場,推廣價790元

之前一篇文章已經詳細介紹過,KBtalKing History T 古式透光二色成型鍵帽將會以相當有親和力價位登場,我想在這邊就不多說廢話了。○、有興趣的朋友可以加入鍵談坊粉絲團:https://www.facebook.com/kbtalking  一、價位:閱讀全文

为 iPhone 6 让路,苹果推迟生产大屏 iPad

周三,苹果发出了新品发布会的邀请函,不少传闻指出,下周五苹果将发布全新的 iPad 以及 iMac 产品。不过,最新消息表明,传闻已久的大屏 iPad 也许无法如约而至了。

Wi-Fi now available across 150 London Underground stations

Virgin Media has today announced the addition of six more stations across the capital, bringing the service that it launched two years ago up to the landmark figure.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/11/03/wi-fi-now-available-across-150-london-underground-stations/



iPhone 6 Plus被偷遭异地洗白 小伙进京打手机保卫战

打工攒钱一年买的iPhone6 Plus被偷,本来就很憋屈,而南京小伙王宁的遭遇,就更让人“心塞”。通过苹果官网查询,王宁发现自己被偷的手机居然已经进入了苹果官方的“售后换机”环节。


本文是David Pakman 的文章。David现供职于VC机构Venrock,曾是eMusic CEO,再造之前曾联合创立了MyPlay及苹果的音乐部门。媒体业的货币是什么?注意力。所以,要想评估一家以媒体为导向的公司,我会看注意力。

The Singapore elections expressed through the beauty of haiku

SINGAPORE — If politics isn't your thing this election season, maybe some humourous haiku will change your mind.Haiku Party was recently set up to collect haiku submissions from people about the upcoming elections. Some are funny,

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