Telegram hits 500 million active users amid WhatsApp backlash

Telegram is experiencing a surge of new users as many WhatsApp users reconsider their loyalty to the Facebook-owned chat platform. On Tuesday, Telegram sent users a message saying the service has surpassed 500 million active users, with 25 million new users joining in the past 72 hours alone. 

Upgrade your WFH life with a tech tool that makes a big difference

Ad content by EpsonRemember the days of going into the office? If the thought of bantering with coworkers and battling an ancient copy machine seems like a distant memory, the good news is that we’ve made it through 2020, and we’ve settled into a rhythm of working from home.

Grab a tiny USB charger for under $45

TL;DR: Charge your devices at home or on the go with this Mopoint GaN charger on sale for $42.99 as of Jan. 21, a savings of 14%.Gone are the days of lugging around bulky devices, so it only makes sense that your chargers be lightweight and compact, too.

10 blue light blocking accessories on sale for less eye strain in 2021

Having trouble getting adequate slumber lately? It may be time to check out blue light blocking accessories.Whether it's a reliable pair of glasses or a screen protector for your most frequently used device, you'll quickly see how much of a difference blue light protection can make.

Save over 65% on a fun 'learn to read' app for kids

TL;DR: Get your kiddo up to speed on reading, critical thinking, and math with the Homer learning app. As of Jan. 20, get a 12-month subscription for just $38.99, a savings of 67%.Homer is a great "learn to read" app for kids ages 2 through 8. Yes,

This training can help prep you for over a dozen IT certifications

TL;DR: Get the lowdown on tons of IT basics with the CompTIA training bundle, on sale for 98% off — just $69.99 — as of Jan. 21. If you’re looking to join the ranks of IT professionals, this CompTIA training bundle can help you take the first step.

Tim Cook gifted Trump the 'first' Mac Pro built in the U.S.

Former President Donald Trump once waged war with Apple over tariffs for products made in China. At one point, he said Apple would not be given tariff waivers on Mac Pro parts unless Apple produced them in the U.S. Now,

Start browsing privately with the help of an unlimited subscription to TunnelBear

TSAVE 67%: A three-year subscription to TunnelBear is on sale for £2.43 per month as of Jan. 21, saving you 67% on list price.If you've ever considered downloading a VPN, you've probably come across TunnelBear. It's one of the few services that offers a genuinely free plan,

'To All the Boys' threequel surprises us with adorable trailer announcement

Graduating high school isn't the end of the world — unless you're starring in a literal teen rom-com and millions of people will literally never recover if you break up.To All the Boys:

Tom Hanks to host 'Celebrating America' Inauguration Day special

Biden’s Inauguration is almost here, and to commemorate the monumental day, Tom Hanks will be hosting a 90-minute primetime Inauguration Day Special titled “Celebrating America.”According to The Presidential Inauguration Committee, the special aims to “showcase the American people’s resilience,

Jordan Klepper shares footage of Trump supporter tripping cameraman at Capitol

The Daily Show's Jordan Klepper was on the ground when the pro-Trump mob violently stormed the U.S. Capitol, and the footage makes for unsurprisingly bleak viewing.During the course of the video above we see Trump supporters ranting to Klepper about a "fraudulent election,

When Does a Neighborhood Become "Good"?

"Is Harlem good now?" That's the question that Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised chef Marcus Samuelsson gets asked the most about his neighborhood. In Sunday's New York Times, Samuelsson wrote an insightful op-ed about watching Harlem change over the past decade.Read more...    


匿名懦夫 写道 "UBS(瑞银)最近深陷丑闻,因为该公司被指为原铁道部副总工程师张曙光的妻女在离岸设立秘密公司。


So how would you die if you got swallowed by a black hole?

According to physicists, there are three, er, two and a half different theories on how a person would die if they got sucked in by a black hole: stretched like a spaghetti noodle, burnt like a toast and maybe even scrambled.


威锋网讯,距离苹果发布 A7,第一款 64 位的移动设备处理器只过去了一个季度,而苹果已经计划用此款芯片生产超过 3600 万台 iPhone 和 iPad。


鉴于2000年代初那场严重的网络泡沫破灭引发的后果,在技术界泡沫是个老生常谈的问题。那么现在究竟有没有泡沫?LinkedIn创始人Reid Hoffman认为,从2013年一笔笔惊人的估值和纷纷涌入的资本来看,你完全可以说这是个泡沫。


社交应用Secret最近非常火,它让用户可以以匿名的方式向手机通讯录中的好友分享图片、文本信息,与早先的匿名分 […]


威锋网消息,约翰·哈珀,苹果核心动画(Core Animation)工具的开发人员,在iOS中设计手势和滚动动画的发明者,已在社交网络巨头 Facebook 担任新职位。  

Facebook is both caring and creepy

Social networks are funny beasts, and this is certainly something that's true of Facebook. The site has something of a patchy history with regard to user privacy, and there are constant complaints...Read more:



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