Cut back on cleaning time in 2021 with a Eufy robot vacuum

These are the best deals on Eufy robot vacuums as of Jan. 13:OUR TOP PICK: Eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30, Robot Vacuum with Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 — save $90BEST CHEAP SMART PICK: Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX — save $104BEST BUDGET PICK: Eufy by Anker,

Trump made a mess of tech policy. Here's what Biden is inheriting.

It's hard to focus on the nitty gritty of tech policy when the world is on fire. That doesn’t make Trump’s effect on tech policy and infrastructure any less alarming.Take, for example, his fight against Big Tech in the name of “anti-conservative bias” (no, it doesn’t exist),

Stephen Colbert gets emotional about feeling 'enormous relief' watching Biden's inauguration

"You did it. You survived the last four years. And your reward? A shiny new, old president."Stephen Colbert may have opened his live inauguration day monologue with a joke,

Upgrade your WFH life with a tech tool that makes a big difference

Ad content by EpsonRemember the days of going into the office? If the thought of bantering with coworkers and battling an ancient copy machine seems like a distant memory, the good news is that we’ve made it through 2020, and we’ve settled into a rhythm of working from home.

Grab a tiny USB charger for under $45

TL;DR: Charge your devices at home or on the go with this Mopoint GaN charger on sale for $42.99 as of Jan. 21, a savings of 14%.Gone are the days of lugging around bulky devices, so it only makes sense that your chargers be lightweight and compact, too.

10 blue light blocking accessories on sale for less eye strain in 2021

Having trouble getting adequate slumber lately? It may be time to check out blue light blocking accessories.Whether it's a reliable pair of glasses or a screen protector for your most frequently used device, you'll quickly see how much of a difference blue light protection can make.

Save over 65% on a fun 'learn to read' app for kids

TL;DR: Get your kiddo up to speed on reading, critical thinking, and math with the Homer learning app. As of Jan. 20, get a 12-month subscription for just $38.99, a savings of 67%.Homer is a great "learn to read" app for kids ages 2 through 8. Yes,

This training can help prep you for over a dozen IT certifications

TL;DR: Get the lowdown on tons of IT basics with the CompTIA training bundle, on sale for 98% off — just $69.99 — as of Jan. 21. If you’re looking to join the ranks of IT professionals, this CompTIA training bundle can help you take the first step.

Apple unveils new projects as part of $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative

Apple announced several new projects as part of its $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) on Wednesday, including the funding of a 50,000-square foot learning center in Atlanta.The company first made the initiative public at its Worldwide Developer Conference back in June.

Telegram hits 500 million active users amid WhatsApp backlash

Telegram is experiencing a surge of new users as many WhatsApp users reconsider their loyalty to the Facebook-owned chat platform. On Tuesday, Telegram sent users a message saying the service has surpassed 500 million active users, with 25 million new users joining in the past 72 hours alone. 

'To All the Boys' threequel surprises us with adorable trailer announcement

Graduating high school isn't the end of the world — unless you're starring in a literal teen rom-com and millions of people will literally never recover if you break up.To All the Boys:

Akamai Reissues All SSL Certificates After Admitting Heartbleed Patch Was Faulty

SpacemanukBEJY.53u (3309653) writes "It took security researcher Willem Pinckaers all of 15 minutes to spot a flaw in code created by Akamai that the company thought shielded most of its users from one of the pernicious aspects of the Heartbleed flaw in OpenSSL. More than a decade ago,

大学生成"黑客"帮凶 自认为在"勤工俭学"



2004年的一天,马云走进了位于上海浦东松林路300号的中国银联总部,去拜见中国银联的高层,他想找后者解决淘宝 […]


苹果联合创始人史蒂夫•乔布斯于 2011 年 10 月去世之后,各种各样的纪念活动随之而来,与纪念活动同时出现的还有五花八门的乔布斯传记书籍和电影,至今热度不减。

HBO GO Arrives on the PS4 Later Today

HBO Go has been slowly trickling out to to all our current generation set-top boxes and game consoles over the past several months. Finally, Sony's PS4 will be outfitted with an app for Games of Thrones/True Detective/Girls creation machine later today.Read more...

Vaporization Startup Pax Labs Introduces Juul, Its Next-Gen E-Cigarette

Pax Labs is best know for its development of the Pax Vaporizer, which changed how a lot of people thought about consuming leafy, botanical materials. Now the company wants to change the way they think about smoking cigarettes with Juul,

'Halt and Catch Fire' Episode 7: Joe goes hard after Mutiny

As Halt and Catch Fire approaches the tail end of its second season, we finally witness Joe’s true intentions when it comes to Cameron and her cherished start-up company, Mutiny. But that journey to his ultimate objective is not without many twists, turns,

iOS9正式推送 苹果能给对手带来多大伤害?

9月17日消息,又到了一年一度苹果手机软件升级的时候,今日凌晨iOS 9正式开放升级,权威人士们也随之给出了他们的年度预测,其中不乏苹果将如何把对手逼至绝境云云。  

Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 10586’s known issues

Many Windows 10 Mobile Insiders are rejoicing due to the release of the latest build. With Windows 10 Mobile Insider build 10586 poised to be the release that goes out to the public when new phones hit the...

Jaguar Land Rover joins $7.9 million program to test self-driving cars

Jaguar Land Rover announced Monday morning that it is putting five highly automated vehicles on U.K. roads this year to test both connectivity and self-driving tech.Imagine, for example, if your car knew about a patch of black ice before it crossed it and warned you so you could avoid.Image:

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