Blue Origin set to launch a New Shepard rocket outfitted with crew upgrades as it readies for astron

Blue Origin is set to launch one of its New Shepard rockets as early as tomorrow, January 14 at 9:45 AM CST (10:45 AM EST) for its first mission of 2021. This is a big one for the Jeff Bezos-founded space company, too – it includes upgrades to the crew capsule atop the rocket that […]

Financial forecasting startup Springbox AI launches its apps and raises $2M

Springbox AI, an AI-powered financial forecasting application designed to replace financial market investment service and aimed at the average financial markets trader, has launched on iOS and Android. It’s been built by a team of founders who previously worked at Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS,

Raspberry Pi Foundation launches $4 microcontroller with custom chip

Meet the Raspberry Pi Pico, a tiny little microcontroller that lets you build hardware projects with some code running on the microcontroller. Even more interesting, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is using its own RP2040 chip, which means that the foundation is now making its own silicon.

Porsche and Axel Springer increase investment into their APX accelerator to €55M

Berlin-based early-stage fund APX today announced that its two investors, European publisher Axel Springer and sports car maker Porsche, have increased their investment in the fund to a total of €55 million. With this, APX, which launched in 2018, is now able to deploy up to €500,

Softr scores $2.2M seed for its no-code website and web app platform powered by Airtable

No-code — software that lets you accomplish tasks that previously required coding skills — is an increasingly hot space, even if the basic premise has been promised and not fully realised for many years. Related to this are companies like Airtable,

Eight Roads Ventures Europe shifts its gears towards diversity, appointing Lucile Cornet to Partner

The world of European VC can post another win for diversity this week as Lucile Cornet is appointed Partner with Eight Roads Ventures Europe, a firm focusing on startups in Europe and Israel. Cornet is its first female Partner.

This startup says its AI can better spot a healthy embryo — and improve IVF success

With every year, AI is beginning to bring more standardized levels of diagnostic accuracy in medicine. This is true of skin cancer detection, for example, and lung cancers. Now,

Accounting automation startup Geroges raises $42.4 million and rebrands to Indy

French startup Georges — or — is raising a new round of funding of $42.4 million (€35 million). The company is also getting a new name and will be called Indy going forward. The startup has been building an accounting automation application for freelancers and small companies.

Wall Street hugs Affirm as it starts life as a public company

We could be looking at a 2021 IPO market that resembles last year's heated results.

Vdoo raises $25M more to develop its AI-based security for IoT and connected devices

It’s estimated that there were some 50 billion connected devices globally in 2020, and while that really says a lot about how far we’ve come in tech, for many it also speaks to a big issue: security vulnerabilities, with the devices themselves, plus all the components and services running on them,

Intuitive Machines taps SpaceX for second lunar lander mission

The first commercial lunar landers are set to start making their trips to the Moon as early as this year, and now another one has a confirmed ride booked: Intuitive Machines is sending its second lander aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9,


编者按:让人眼前一亮的字体来咯。今天的这组字体可以说是万里淘金:身材姣好,颜值中上,风格多样,为人高尚,免费发放,大小一家40组,等你收入囊中 >...

英特尔微软牵头 联合惠普、戴尔和联想发起“PC Does What?”广告宣传攻势

英特尔和微软两家巨头牵头联合惠普、戴尔和联想三家PC市场领军企业共同发起了口号为“PC Does What?

禁止小孩下載、移除 App 或購買遊戲虛擬寶物(iPhone/iPad/iPod Touc適用)

很多家長給小孩手機之後,擔心他們過度沉迷在手機上,給也不是,不給也不是,實在是令人困擾,不過還好這個問題已經有解決方法,透過啟用 iOS 的取用限制功能就可以把一些功能鎖定起來,包括禁止下載或移除 App (因為有 App 可以限制用手機上成人網站)和禁止 App 內購買,譬如遊戲虛擬寶物,雖然不用處處限制,不過適當的限制在教育閱讀全文



Comcast CEO:在乔布斯告诉我之前我不知道Wi-Fi是什么

日前,Comcast CEO Brian Roberts跟媒体分享了自己的一件轶事,并且它还跟苹果联合创始人、前CEO史蒂夫·乔布斯有关。数年前,乔布斯曾向他提出了一个想法--把Wi-Fi放进电缆盒子里。


昨晚high过之后,没点儿情趣都不敢发朋友圈了…… 事儿大家也都知道了,微信的确称得上是国内首屈一指的世界级产 ...



三星Note 7新曝电池容量3600mAh 续航实测竟超小米Max?

前不久,爆料大神@evleaks将三星Note 7的诸多关键配置信息公之于众,包括5.7寸2K屏、64GB存储且支持扩展、有红膜识别、双1200万像素摄像头、支持IP68级防水防尘,有黑色、银色珊瑚和蓝三种颜色可选。三星Note 7新 ... ...


对很多早教领域的创业者而言,巧虎是一个让人又爱又恨的产品,其母公司 Benesse 的业务线涵盖了众多领域,是一家有 36 个子公司、300 亿规模的教育集团,而仅凭巧虎一个 IP,就拿下了近 100 万中国家庭,而且凭借口碑在三四线城市也有较高的市场占有率。尽管如此,Benesse 也并未寻求任何资本运作,依靠巧虎一个产品获得了 80 万用户和 10 亿左右的年营收。

细节见真章: 用户大赞iOS 10单亲家庭Emoji

北京时间9月19日消息,据外媒报道,苹果常常被吐槽创新不足,但俗话说细节之处见真章,苹果对细节的关注帮助它赢得了一大票粉丝的心。近日,苹果在iOS 10中推出的新Emoji表情就获得了单亲家庭用户的一致称赞。  现在,单亲家庭用户终于拥有了属于自己的Emoji表情,新的组合包括妈妈或爸爸与至多两个孩子在一起的Emoji。  许多人在社交媒体上表达了自己的欣喜之情,感激苹果推出了代表他们的表情包。  一位用户在Twitter上说:“看到这些Emoji真的很开心,因为我的妈妈是一位单身母亲,她值得拥有一个Emoji。

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