Samsung updated 'The Frame' TV at CES, so Amazon put the 2020 model on sale

SAVE UP TO $400: Amazon has Samsung's The Frame 4K smart TV on sale for up to 13% off as of Jan. 13, with the smallest 32-inch model starting at just $547.99.New year, new "The Frame."Initially released in 2017,

12 ambient music sources to stream free online

The term "ambient" music was first coined in the late '70s by influential British artist Brian Eno, who described it as music created to "induce calm and space to think." Since then, the genre has remained popular as a calming alternative soundscape that people love to work, study, relax, meditate,

Twitter taught me I have no visual imagination

When we spend so much of our time online, we're bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable's series I learned it on the internet.On a summer Friday a few years ago, I collapsed on my living room floor in a transformative defeat.

Learn a new language in 2021 with these 10 apps on sale

Yes, making sourdough bread and learning to roller skate were popular quarantine activities, but a lot of people also brushed up on their language skills. In fact, around 30 million people reportedly attempted to learn a new language in 2020. Want to join them?

7 of the best online learning platforms to advance your career (or side hustle)

When we spend so much of our time online, we’re bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable’s series I learned it on the internet.In the past few years, technological advancements and high demand for accessible,

20 weekend fitness deals, from kettlebells to resistance bands and more

It's 2021, and you made your New Year's fitness resolutions for a reason, so don't give up on them yet. Whether you want to get in shape, live a healthier lifestyle, or just move around more, these fitness deals can help — and they're all on sale as of Jan. 17.

21 game-changing kitchen tools that can transform your cooking skills in 2021

Like it or not, many of us were forced to learn to cook in 2020. Unless you have endless funds for takeout, it appears making meals at home will likely continue in 2021. Instead of dreading your time in the kitchen, learn to embrace it with these on-sale tools designed to make things easier for you.

Adopt a dog or cat recently? These toys, DNA kits, and more are all on sale.

If there was one positive that came out of 2020, it was the rise in pet adoptions. After all, life is just better with furry friends by our sides. But with every new pet comes loads of stuff to keep them entertained and happy.

The latest Xbox controller is now available for pre-order — here's where to get one

TL;DR: Microsoft's new Pulse Red Xbox controller works with both current-gen and last-gen Xbox consoles, and it's now available to pre-order for $64.99.QUICK LINKS:Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red (Best Buy) — $64.99Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red (GameStop) — $64.

Hydro Flask and Yeti are having 25% off sales on select drinkware

Save up to $13.74: Hydro Flask and Yeti are both having 25% off sales as of Jan. 13: Save on retiring colors at Hydro Flask and on select mugs and tumblers at Yeti.Though the country is working through the pandemic in different ways, we're all looking forward to the same things:

Cut back on cleaning time in 2021 with a Eufy robot vacuum

These are the best deals on Eufy robot vacuums as of Jan. 13:OUR TOP PICK: Eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30, Robot Vacuum with Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 — save $90BEST CHEAP SMART PICK: Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX — save $104BEST BUDGET PICK: Eufy by Anker,

传 Google 曾经试图以 100 亿美元收购 WhatsApp,也曾开出比 190 亿还高的价格阻止其落入 Facebook 之手




Apple Apparently Under Government Scrutiny Over Music Deals

Apple’s long-rumored relaunch of the Beats music-streaming service is slated for June, and in preparation, the company is softening the beaches by playing hardball with record labels. And, not for the first time, federal trade commissioners aren’t particularly happy. Read more...

再見 301+!YouTube 終醒覺除去奇怪瀏覽人次

今日 YouTube 終於公佈會完善播放次數嘅驗証方法,「301+」嘅現象唔會再發生,而且播放次數嘅計算將會更加準確。雖然係遲咗啲,不過第日各位 YouTuber 就唔洗再咁無奈啦。The post 再見 301+!


报名方式 在优设微信公众号回复”讲座”,即可进入报名环节。
 温馨提示 请先关注优设微信公众号:youshege (扫描上方二...

Android IOS WebRTC 音视频开发总结(六十)-- 您为什么招不到适合的音视频人才 - RTC.Blacker


Lumia 650渲染图曝光 性价比依旧不错

【媒体报导】微软将在本月发布一款Lumia新机的消息已经是传闻好几天了,正好本月还有一个MWC 2016展会,所以种种因素来看,这款Lumia 650新机将会发布的可能性非常大,甚至可以说是毫无悬念。而近日外媒WinFuture就 ... ...

因为太难而被禁用的 18 道 Google 面试题

即使是最成功的公司,它的招聘过程有时也会很不靠谱,经常会出一些奇怪的看似没有答案的面试问题,但标准答案却让应聘者还没来得及接近「起跑线」就被「退赛」了。Google 曾经就是这样的公司,招聘人员会出一些难为应聘者的高质量问题。 事实上,有些问题实在是太古怪了,最终被完全禁用。2009 年,西雅图工作教练 Lewis 列出了他的客户被 Google 公司问过的 140 个问题,并选出了 17 个最让人抓狂的问题。这些问题已经被禁用了,Google 公司未来的新员工应该感到庆幸。下面让我们看看这些让人崩溃的问题吧。1. 清洗所有西雅图的窗户需要多少钱?2. 为什么井盖是圆的?3.

大众雇麦肯锡解决尾气门事件 引员工不满

据欧洲《汽车新闻》4月27日消息,知情人士透露,德国大众公司为解决“尾气门”事件,摆脱丑闻困扰,委任咨询公司麦肯锡(McKinsey)拟定相关策略,而此举引起大众员工的不满。据悉,大众在意识到自己面临生存危机后,开始寻求外部顾问团队的协助。大众汽车首席执行官马蒂亚斯•穆勒(Matthias Mueller)表示,大众2025战略已在规划之中,将于今年夏季正式公布。


「家要有孩子,有晚饭。四十五年,一万五千顿晚饭,我和你吃过有两千顿?」老流氓王朔在《致女儿书》里真情流露写下了这段话,我却从中得到启示:计量人生的单位如果从「天」变成「晚饭」,似乎七十年两万五千多顿也显得不那么少了——两万多顿,可以吃多少好东西啊,如果再算上早晨午餐,一辈子可以吃将近八万顿饭,人类真是幸福死了。也有些人专门想把人生搞得看上去不那么长,比如今天我们要介绍的这个 App 「我」。 人生按照 70 年来计算,一共 840 个月,一个月一格,一张 A4 纸就能装下。

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