What to expect from Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021

After two weeks, 2021 has so far proven itself every bit as eventful and stressful as its predecessor, so there's comfort in understanding what we can and can't predict. Enter Thursday's Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event.Yes, Samsung is back with another product announcement livestream,

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first phone to get new, low-power OLED display

Typically, we learn most of the details on Samsung's phones prior to launch (thanks to rumors and leaks), and then Samsung tells us the rest on launch day. But the company didn't widely share one interesting tidbit about its new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone — until now.

These are the tech terms to know in 2021

It's a new year and that means it's time to learn a bunch of new tech buzzwords.2020 may have ended up being a disaster that most of the world would just as soon forget Eternal Sunshine-style if it could, but hey, maybe 2021 will be better. Even if it's not,

'The Crown' cast dancing to Lizzo's 'Good As Hell' between scenes will make your day

Bet you never thought you'd see Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher dancing to Lizzo. Well, sort of. Behold this footage of Gillian Anderson, Olivia Colman, and the cast of Netflix's The Crown, in full regalia dancing to "Good As Hell" between scenes.

Seth Meyers lambasts Republicans trying to squirm out of impeaching Trump

Despite former president Donald Trump appearing to encourage his supporters prior to a mob of them violently storming the U.S. Capitol, many Republicans still aren't on board with his impeachment — and Seth Meyers has had enough of it.

Dr. Fauci's journey to bobblehead fame

Hold onto your head, Dwight K. Schrute. There's a new bobblehead boss in town, and his name is Dr. Anthony Fauci.Since the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases started appearing on TV screens in March 2020 he's become a symbol of comfort, truth, knowledge,

Jimmy Fallon surprises Steve Kornacki by cleaning up his very messy office

If you were thinking Steve Korancki's very messy office was a result of his incredibly busy schedule during November's presidential election, you'd be wrong.As Jimmy Fallon discovers in the clip above when he pays another visit to the office of the MSNBC political correspondent,

7 acts of self-care you can practice during a winter lockdown

Things are still really tough right now. In the northern hemisphere, the days are short, daylight comes in limited supply, and outside, the weather could not be less inviting. As the UK continues with its third national lockdown, which was imposed at the start of January,

Samsung updated 'The Frame' TV at CES, so Amazon put the 2020 model on sale

SAVE UP TO $400: Amazon has Samsung's The Frame 4K smart TV on sale for up to 13% off as of Jan. 13, with the smallest 32-inch model starting at just $547.99.New year, new "The Frame."Initially released in 2017,

The latest Xbox controller is now available for pre-order — here's where to get one

TL;DR: Microsoft's new Pulse Red Xbox controller works with both current-gen and last-gen Xbox consoles, and it's now available to pre-order for $64.99.QUICK LINKS:Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red (Best Buy) — $64.99Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red (GameStop) — $64.

Hydro Flask and Yeti are having 25% off sales on select drinkware

Save up to $13.74: Hydro Flask and Yeti are both having 25% off sales as of Jan. 13: Save on retiring colors at Hydro Flask and on select mugs and tumblers at Yeti.Though the country is working through the pandemic in different ways, we're all looking forward to the same things:


微软在2014开发者大会上发布了智能手机操作系统Windows Phone 8.1,并加入了类似苹果Siri的语音助手Cortana。目前,Cortana还是WP 8.1的Beta版本。不过,微软已经鼓励开发者将其应用软件与Cortana进行整合。

SQL Server AlwaysON 同步模式的疑似陷阱 - nzperfect

SQL Server 2012 推出的最重要的功能之一Alwayson,是一个集之前Cluster和Mirror于一体的新功能,即解决了Cluster依赖共享存储的问题,又解决了镜像不能实时读以及转移后连接串需要添加转移IP的问题,看起来的确很实用。

Google Searches Now Come With Interactive Gadget Porn

We spend a lot of time on our tablets and smartphones. You probably also spend a lot of time thinking about buying new ones. You know it. I know it. And of course, Google knows it. That's why they're augmenting your gadget searches with 3D renders of the stuff you're lusting over.Read more...






购物流程不仅影响用户的购物体验,更影响平台的销售,其重要性可见一斑。在电商网站中,我们可以简单地将购物流程简化 ...


「我最看重的是污染和治安情况,城市的安全必须要有保证。其次,要有包容性,租金的水平也要合理。」在提及挑选居住城市的标准时,Sten Tamkivi 说道。Tamkivi 是一名爱沙尼亚企业家,他创立了一家名为「Telepor」的企业,旨在帮助人们找到最适合工作和生活的城市。「人们通常会认为和预算相关的因素非常重要,但实际上排名最靠前的 3 个因素都与金钱无关。」Tamkivi 说道,「这些因素是所谓的生活软性指标,例如城市的治安条件和包容性等。人们当然不乐意生活在那些会因为各种原因而受到歧视的地方。」在 Telepor 的网站上,经过简短的注册流程后,你需要完成一份调查问卷。

俄“Facebook”1.7亿用户信息被盗 黑市交易仅1比特币



产品经理要管理好自己的知识需求,通过个人知识管理,可以养成良好的学习习惯,增强信息素养,完善自己的专业知识体系 ...

被 QWERTY 的效率神话欺骗百年,什么才算是一款好键盘? | ifanrQ

我们对购买键盘的几个常见问题进行了解答,当然,如果你有更多详细问题,也欢迎在评论中留言,我们会来进行回复。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博

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