A NYC delivery service is taking the trash out of take-out – Future Blink

DeliverZero is a New York-based zero waste delivery service that finally brings reusable containers to take-out food.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Food Delivery, Delivery, Zero Waste, and Social Good

This external hard drive is a great addition to your PS5 — and it's $70 off

SAVE $70: This WD Easystore external hard drive can hold up to 5TB and is a great addition to your PS5 — get one for $70 off at Best Buy as of Jan. 26.If you were lucky enough to score a PlayStation 5 in the past year, first of all, congrats.

The latest Apple Watch in navy just dropped way below $400

Save $53.71: The Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 44mm) is on sale for just over $375 at Walmart as of Jan. 26, a price that matches its lowest price ever on Amazon.2021 is a dandy of a year to decide to put fitness first.

Get some peace and quiet with a pair of Sony noise-canceling headphones

SAVE $71.99: Block out all that annoying background noise with the Sony WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling headphones, on sale for $278 as of Jan. 26.If you've been working from home for the past year, you know that noise is basically a given.

Boost your resume with these online courses on sale

Save 50%: Use discount code NEWYEAR2021 to save 50% on Udacity courses through Jan. 26.After almost a year of adjusting our lives to the coronavirus, it can be hard finding ways to stay entertained or fill our free time.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first phone to get new, low-power OLED display

Typically, we learn most of the details on Samsung's phones prior to launch (thanks to rumors and leaks), and then Samsung tells us the rest on launch day. But the company didn't widely share one interesting tidbit about its new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone — until now.

These are the tech terms to know in 2021

It's a new year and that means it's time to learn a bunch of new tech buzzwords.2020 may have ended up being a disaster that most of the world would just as soon forget Eternal Sunshine-style if it could, but hey, maybe 2021 will be better. Even if it's not,

'The Crown' cast dancing to Lizzo's 'Good As Hell' between scenes will make your day

Bet you never thought you'd see Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher dancing to Lizzo. Well, sort of. Behold this footage of Gillian Anderson, Olivia Colman, and the cast of Netflix's The Crown, in full regalia dancing to "Good As Hell" between scenes.

What to expect from Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021

After two weeks, 2021 has so far proven itself every bit as eventful and stressful as its predecessor, so there's comfort in understanding what we can and can't predict. Enter Thursday's Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event.Yes, Samsung is back with another product announcement livestream,

Samsung updated 'The Frame' TV at CES, so Amazon put the 2020 model on sale

SAVE UP TO $400: Amazon has Samsung's The Frame 4K smart TV on sale for up to 13% off as of Jan. 13, with the smallest 32-inch model starting at just $547.99.New year, new "The Frame."Initially released in 2017,

The latest Xbox controller is now available for pre-order — here's where to get one

TL;DR: Microsoft's new Pulse Red Xbox controller works with both current-gen and last-gen Xbox consoles, and it's now available to pre-order for $64.99.QUICK LINKS:Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red (Best Buy) — $64.99Xbox Wireless Controller - Pulse Red (GameStop) — $64.

不愧是意大利人 咖啡机即将首次进入太空


Lizard Squad hackers take down Destiny’s Bungie servers

Over the past weekend, the hacker group has claimed responsibility for the attack on the recently released online shooter, despite reports that it has disbanded and is ceasing activities.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/22/lizard-squad-hackers-take-down-destinys-bungie-servers/




导读 : 2014年即将过去,2015年即将到来。在过去这一年里,中国的手机行业硕果累累,不仅销量预估突破4亿台大关,同时国产手机厂商的市场份额也突破60%大关,重新回到03、04年时候的辉煌水平。





Two Black Holes are About to Smash Into Each Other

Three and a half billion light years away in the Virgo constellation, two supermassive black holes are on the verge of smacking into one another. In 100,000 years, their cosmic collision will send ripples across the fabric of spacetime.Read more...

We Are Hong Kong!港隊作客馬爾代夫 YouTube 有免費直播

即將在今日傍晚 6:50 分舉行的世界盃 C 組外圍賽香港作客馬爾代夫,絕對是港隊能否出線世界盃 12 強賽,以及進軍 2019 亞洲盃的關鍵賽事,作為香港人絕對不得不大叫「We Are Hong Kong!」全力打氣支持,撐爆「勁揪」港隊。


笔者以为,《未闻花名》的泪点,其实就在其蕴含于捉迷藏里的愿望当中,也就是在曾经可能存在的“明天”发现面麻的这个过程。理由如下:动画考察36 《那朵花》三探:蕴含在捉迷藏里的愿望——在“明天”发现的面麻 笔者的动画考察 - 知乎专栏在四年前一开始就是从《未闻花名》入手,并曾经对这部作品进行了两次考察(考察内容总结在:如何解读《未闻花名》这部动画? - Macro kuo 的回答)。2016年4月,动画《未闻花名》迎来五周年,而其制作方的新作原创剧场版动画《好想大声说出心底的话》的DVD也在同期的三月底发售。

胖小伙当街拦婚车要钱成网红 王思聪犀利评田朴珺

在微博时代,每个人的生活都深深的被知识浪潮所影响,而互联网则是永不过时的课堂。TechWeb团队将每天挑选出精彩评论,以飨读者。正文分割线继支付宝限额20万的真相浮出水面后,无所不能的支付宝又多了一个新技能 ... ...

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