An argument against cloud-based applications

The cloud isn't some omnipotent enemy here, but it is the excuse and tool that allows the mass collection of our personal data.

The Patriot Act Is Cannibalizing America’s Economic Edge

Editor’s Note: Amit Patel is the chief financial officer of HighQ.You would think that when tech companies, the ACLU and the NRA unite for the same cause, the federal government would listen.

Ex-Uber team raises $6M seed for geospatial analytics platform

Years ago, Uber had a problem. With millions of users and tens of thousands of drivers scattered across a widening expanse of the globe,

India retains ban on TikTok, UC Browser and 57 other Chinese apps

TikTok, UC Browser, UC News, Baidu Map, Xiaomi’s Video and Community and 53 other Chinese apps that India banned in late June won’t be returning to the country anytime soon, the Indian government has decided, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch.

Vectorized announces $15.5M investment to build simpler streaming data tool

Streaming data is not new. Kafka has existed as an open source tool for a decade. Vectorized was founded on the premise that the existing tools were too complex and not designed for today’s streaming requirements. Today the company released its first product, Redpanda,

Fast raises $102M as the online checkout wars continue to attract huge investment

This morning Fast, a startup that provides online checkout and identity products, announced that it has closed a $102 million Series B. The new funding event was led by Stripe, a previous investor in Fast. Stripe, an online payments giant, also led Fast’s Series A last year,

Jam collaborative software launches Jam Genies to give small startups access to experts

As the world moves towards remote work, the collaborative tools market continues to expand. Jam, a platform for editing and improving your company’s website, is adding to the trend by introducing a new arm to its product today called Jam Genies.

Talent Hack raises $4.7M for its B2C fitness platform, Spaces

It’s been a wild 12 months for fitness platforms, as the world’s population has struggled to adapt to workouts outside of the gym. From Lululemon’s massive Mirror acquisition to companies like Apple and Samsung launching their own solutions, exercise technology has thrived amid the pandemic.

Treadly’s next-gen compact treadmill is ideal for small spaces and features app-based social workout

As the global pandemic continues, having options for keeping active at home is increasingly top-of-mind. Treadly is a startup focused on building a home treadmill that’s compact and convenient, with smart connected features that boost engagement.

These robo-fish autonomously form schools and work as search parties

Researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have created a set of fish-shaped underwater robots that can autonomously navigate and find each other, cooperating to perform tasks or just placidly school together.

Venture capitalists react to Visa-Plaid deal meltdown

Most of the takes we received were bullish regarding Plaid's chances now that it's no longer being acquired.

Pat Gelsinger stepping down as VMware CEO to replace Bob Swan at Intel

In a move that could have wide ramifications across the tech landscape, Intel announced that VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger would be replacing interim CEO Bob Swann at Intel on February 15th. The question is why would he leave his job to run a struggling chip giant.

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28岁的加拿大华裔贾斯汀·陈(Justin Chan,音译)是名谷歌工程师,本周之后,他可能要面对另一个头衔——强奸犯。曼哈顿最高法院在美国时间7月22日传唤贾斯汀·陈,指控他涉嫌在6月1日在其居住的公寓里强奸一名女子。



Media Summit adds 5 new speakers to schedule

With the annual Mashable Media Summit quickly approaching, we're excited to announce the latest round of speakers that we're adding to the event lineup.These speakers will join previously announced media thought leaders like Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore,

Bad Lockup Bug Plagues Linux

jones_supa (887896) writes "A hard to track system lockup bug seems to have appeared in the span of couple of most recent Linux kernel releases. Dave Jones of Red Hat was the one to first report his experience of frequent lockups with 3.18. Later he found out that the issue is present in 3.17 too.

Canon 推出专有视频格式 XF-AVC

随着今天新 4K 摄影机的推出,Canon 也发表了一个搭配使用的全新的视频格式 XF-AVC,做为 4K 记录的专用格式。在视频纪录的基础部份,XF-AVC 采用的是 MPEG-4 AVC/H.


编者按:他们为任务而设计,而不是为屏幕设计;他们学习规则,然后打破规则;他们发现趋势而不是模式 …… 今天这篇@Snow是也 ...优设哥向您推荐: 总监的读书笔记!

Why Certain High-End Golf Clubs Make Such an Ear-Splitting Sound

Back in 2006, Nike introduced the high-performance SUMO 2 golf club driver, specially engineered to help golfers hit straighter shots, even for slightly off-center hits. There was just one problem: the newly designed club made an unpleasantly loud, tinny sound when it struck the ball—so much so,

Skating on a Glass Skateboard Ends Exactly How You'd Expect It to End

Or I guess, since the glass skateboard hilariously shatters into pieces right in the beginning, skating on a glass skateboard starts exactly how you’d think it’d start, too. Watch as Braille Skateboarding gets a glass skateboard deck, installs the trucks, sets the wheels,

LeEco’s bringing two phones and a VR headset to the US

Go big or go home, right? LeEco threw a heck of a lot at the proverbial walls today during its big event in San Francisco designed to introduce the so-called “Netflix of China” to the US. It’s a lot to take in, particularly for those who had never heard of the company until now,

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