Outlook on the web will soon remind users to follow-up on emails

Microsoft is working on an intelligent feature for Outlook on the web that should automatically remind users to reply to or follow up on emails. According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the company plans to add support for message reminders next month.

"In The Shower Eating Cherries" and More Tales of Nightmare IT Calls

We asked for your worst stories of working IT phone support — and boy, did you ever answer our call. You have the patience of saints and the fortitude of soldiers. We’ll never look at a phone the same way again.Read more...

The Predator is now live in Fortnite and a Terminator character could be coming next

After being confirmed last week, The Predator from the famous Predator movie series is now live in the Fortnite video game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows, and all other supported platforms. Fortunately for those on a budget,

Microsoft Launcher updates on Android with new features for Surface Duo and other smartphones

The Microsoft Launcher app updated to Version 6.2.201202.93346 recently.

Official Age of Empires video game merch arrives in the Xbox Gear Shop

Microsoft’s official Xbox Gear Shop has just added a large number of new items inspired by the popular Age of Empires video game franchise. Items include an Age of Empires-branded wine glass, beer stein, mug, tumbler, phone case, blanket, and tote bag.

NVIDIA Shield TV adds support for Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X video game controller

Shield TV owners received an operating system update today that brings their smart TV devices up to Version 8.2.2 and adds support for the new Xbox wireless controllers that launched alongside Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S video game consoles.

New in-meeting share experience is coming to Microsoft Teams next month

Microsoft is planning a big design refresh for the in-meeting Share experience in the desktop version of Teams. This should make it easier for presenters to find their desired content more quickly and easily.

Fall Guys isn’t coming to Xbox Game Pass despite the Xbox team teasing it on social media

If the Xbox team teased the arrival of Fall Guys on Xbox Game Pass on social media earlier this week, the game's publisher has since denied any plans to bring the game to Microsoft's game subscription service.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ review: Windows Mixed Reality is one of Microsoft’s most underrated products ev

Back in 2017, Microsoft unveiled a newly rebranded initiative known as Windows Mixed Reality (which I shorthand as WMR.) With that, Microsoft’s partners like Dell, HP, and Lenovo,

CES 2021: Lenovo’s ThinkBook upgrades bring improved E-ink displays, AI powered noise cancellation a

Lenovo is shaking up its ThinkPad lineup this year and adding some novel creative features to what’s arguably the company’s flagship offering. ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 Starting at $1,549 At CES 2021,

Word for iPad now supports mouse and trackpad input

Microsoft has updated its Office for iOS apps yesterday to bring some useful new features to iPad users. With iPadOS now supporting pointing devices, Word for iPad can now be used with a mouse or trackpad, including the one built in Apple’s new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pros.

Windows 10 Your Phone app starts showing cellular and Wifi connectivity icons for some Insiders

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is set to gain the ability to display the cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity icons, allowing users to check the status indicators of their Android phones directly on Windows 10 PCs. This morning, Twitter user Florian B posted a picture of the new feature in action,

LLDB调试命令初探 - iOS移动开发周报

本周iOS移动开发周报,带来一系列iOS开发教程以及2个开源项目。 By 唐巧

Dramatic 'Batkid Begins' Trailer Relives Leukemia Survivor's Dream Day

Ben Affleck, who will don a bulky Batman suit in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, said so himself. Batkid is the "best Batman ever." Sorry, Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton and every other Batsuit filler ever.Batkid is Miles Scott,





苹果Apple Watch 高调亮相美国好声音赛场

北京时间4月8日凌晨消息,随着苹果公司Apple Watch智能手表正式发布日期的日益临近,该公司正在向备受瞩目的明星人物赠送样品。  

Neanderthal could have been modern human's 'great-great-grandparent'

One of the earliest modern humans in Europe had a surprisingly recent Neanderthal ancestor, revealing the two species likely interbred there, according to a new study.

TV hosts present live morning show hungover in last night's clothes

Turning up to work hungover is never great, but once in awhile you can usually get away with it.It's not so easy if you're a TV presenter, though. The hosts of ITV's This Morning, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, know this better than anyone.


企业调研是 36氪研究院根据新兴市场细分行业和新兴企业撰写的企业研究报告,定位于一级市场企业研究,从客观严谨的角度梳理企业的发展情况、商业模式、数据对标等,展现企业真实情况。报告要点政策全面支持,中医大健康千亿级市场规模可期随着众多互联网医疗创业项目持续获得资本、政策关注和支持,春雨、微医等互联网医疗创业先行者风生水起,但目前的移动医疗创业主要倾斜于西医。“中医+互联网”创业相对空白,从2014年底开始逐渐浮出水面。随着近年来我国人民对健康关注度的上升,中医所独具的保养治未病的功效得到了越来越多的关注和信赖,根据国家统计局和证监会披露数据显示,“中医+中药”规模已达数千亿水平,市场广阔。



iOS UIKit:TableView之编辑模式(3) - 胡腾飞

一般table view有编辑模式和正常模式,当table view进入编辑模式时,会在row的左边显示编辑和重排控件,如图 42所示的编辑模式时的控件布局;左边的editing control有表 61的两种图标。 表 61 table view编辑控件 图标 描述 Deletion控件 Inse

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