Windows 10 Insider build 21292 brings fixes to news and interests on the taskbar

Microsoft has just released the Windows 10 preview build 21292 for Insiders in the Dev channel, which brings various fixes to the new shortcut for news and interests on the taskbar. This feature made its debut with last week’s build 21286, and it remains only available to select Insider in the US,

The Predator is now live in Fortnite and a Terminator character could be coming next

After being confirmed last week, The Predator from the famous Predator movie series is now live in the Fortnite video game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows, and all other supported platforms. Fortunately for those on a budget,

Microsoft Launcher updates on Android with new features for Surface Duo and other smartphones

The Microsoft Launcher app updated to Version 6.2.201202.93346 recently.

Official Age of Empires video game merch arrives in the Xbox Gear Shop

Microsoft’s official Xbox Gear Shop has just added a large number of new items inspired by the popular Age of Empires video game franchise. Items include an Age of Empires-branded wine glass, beer stein, mug, tumbler, phone case, blanket, and tote bag.

NVIDIA Shield TV adds support for Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X video game controller

Shield TV owners received an operating system update today that brings their smart TV devices up to Version 8.2.2 and adds support for the new Xbox wireless controllers that launched alongside Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S video game consoles.

New in-meeting share experience is coming to Microsoft Teams next month

Microsoft is planning a big design refresh for the in-meeting Share experience in the desktop version of Teams. This should make it easier for presenters to find their desired content more quickly and easily.

Fall Guys isn’t coming to Xbox Game Pass despite the Xbox team teasing it on social media

If the Xbox team teased the arrival of Fall Guys on Xbox Game Pass on social media earlier this week, the game's publisher has since denied any plans to bring the game to Microsoft's game subscription service.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ review: Windows Mixed Reality is one of Microsoft’s most underrated products ev

Back in 2017, Microsoft unveiled a newly rebranded initiative known as Windows Mixed Reality (which I shorthand as WMR.) With that, Microsoft’s partners like Dell, HP, and Lenovo,

Microsoft Teams users can now test PowerPoint Presenter View to keep their meetings on track

Microsoft Teams is now testing a new feature that will make virtual communication more engaging and impactful than ever before. This week, Linus Cansby, a Microsoft MVP, spotted that the company has rolled out the PowerPoint Presenter View for Teams meetings in preview.

Hands-on video: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in VR is a mind blowing experience

Almost a month after its launch, we're going hands on with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 in Virtual Reality. It's so real that you might need a pilot's license.

Windows 10 “Sun Valley” update may introduce floating Start Menu and other UI changes

Microsoft is reportedly planning to redesign Windows 10 with the upcoming "Sun Valley" update coming later this year, and Zac Bowden from Windows Central shared today a couple of mockups showing new features and UI changes that could be part of this redesign effort.

Maglev Personal Transportation System Set For Trial In Tel Aviv

andhar (194607) writes The BBC reports a system of two-passenger maglev pods suspended from 500 meters of elevated tracks will be constructed on the campus of Israel Aerospace Industries as a pilot for a larger deployment in Tel Aviv.


成都2014年9月11日电 /美通社/ -- 9月11日,青城山都江堰景区正式发布4款“爸爸去哪儿”旅游新产品,主打家庭亲子游市场。

CERN Tests First Artificial Retina Capable of Looking For High Energy Particles

KentuckyFC writes: Pattern recognition is one of the few areas where humans regularly outperform even the most powerful computers. Our extraordinary ability is a result of the way our bodies process visual information. But surprisingly, our brains only do part of the work.

微信城市服务落地上海 邀您体验智慧申城新生活

把城市生活的方方面面全都聚合到你的手机中,这个设想正在成为生动的现实。日前,城市服务在上海正式上线,上海地区用户通过微信,即可享受查询天气、支付生活账单、预约护照办理、违章查询等 14 项便民服务。该 ... ...

安装这个deb包可修复Cydia Substrate问题

威锋网讯,如果你已经对 iOS 8.3 进行了越狱的话,你一定会因为越狱工具缺少 Cydia Substrate 支持而懊恼,越狱团队太极也表示会尽快放出新版本来修复这个目前 iOS 8.3 越狱工具的主要问题。  

葡萄牙承诺“黄金居留”尽快恢复审批 申请照常

北京2015年7月17日电 /美通社/ -- 7月14日各大媒体报道的因新法漏洞引发移民局暂停发放“黄金签证”的新闻,引起了社会各界的广泛关注。

到底要不要升级iOS 9?来看看这些改变能不能打动你

注:今天果粉们见面的第一句话应该是:“你升iOS 9了吗?”  如果你还在犹豫要不要升级,可以看看来自MacX的这篇文章,原标题为《iOS 9 发布!详尽体验:每一触,都有更美妙的体验。》,这里先预祝你升级愉快。  

【独家】LifeSmart获得6000万A轮融资,新产品主打海外市场,由Beats设计师Nick Cronan亲自操刀


Final Fantasy IX 將移植到 PC、iOS 和 Android

Final Fantasy 系列可算是遊戲界的奇葩,不斷推出移植作和重製作品,新作又讓人等到頸長。最近 SquareEnix 方面宣佈,將在今年內移植 Final Fantasy IX 到 PC、iOS 和 Android 三個平台,讓玩家重溫經典。The post Final Fantasy IX 將移植到 PC、iOS 和 Android appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

雅虎关停老Messenger,而苹果却想发布安卓版 iMessage

昔日的门户王者雅虎如今已经走到了出售自有互联网资产的境地。它在 2015 年 12 月推出了多平台即时通讯服务 Yahoo Messenger,虽然并未笼络太多用户,但雅虎还是希望老用户们完成资料填写和账户迁移等操作。根据 Yahoo! 官方发布的公告,早在上世纪 90 年代发布的 Messenger 通讯平台将从今年 8 月 5 日起被正式关闭。届时,用户们将无法下载该软件或登录其网页版。 老版本的 Yahoo Messenger 有很多局限,其中最大的是无法跨平台。

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