Zocdoc founder returns with Shadow, an app that finds lost dogs

Every year, around 10 million pets go missing in the U.S.,and millions of those end up in shelters where they aren’t always reunited with their owners, due to their lack of identification or a microchip. A new mobile app, Shadow,

10 VCs say interactivity, regulation and independent creators will reshape digital media in 2021

The digital media industry will give us plenty to talk about this year.

LA-based Sidecar Health’s low-cost, cash-pay health insurance service is now valued at $1 billion

Meet Sidecar Health, the newest member of the tech industry’s billion dollar healthcare startup club. The valuation comes thanks to $125 million in new funding that the company will use to expand its new model for health insurance.

Span, the smart fusebox replacement founded by an ex-Tesla engineer, gets an Alexa upgrade

Automating and controlling devices and energy usage in homes has potentially become a bit easier thanks to an integration between Span, the startup making a digital fusebox replacement, and  Amazon’s voice recognition interface, Alexa.

EdgeQ reveals more details behind its next-gen 5G/AI chip

5G is the current revolution in wireless technology, and every chip company old and new is trying to burrow their way into this ultra-competitive — but extremely lucrative — market. One of the most interesting new players in the space is EdgeQ,

Opal raises $4.3 million for its ‘digital well-being’ assistant for iPhone

Many people want to develop better screen-time habits, but don’t have a good set of tools to do so. A new startup, Opal, aims to help. The company, now backed by $4.3 million in seed funding,

Rhino raises $95M to scale its rental deposit replacing insurance product

Rhino today announced that it has raised $95 million, an investment that values the startup at just under $500 million. Tiger Global led the round, an investment that Rhino described as “pre-IPO” to TechCrunch. Rhino provides an insurance product to real estate companies,

CrediBook gets $1.5 million to help Indonesian retail wholesalers digitize their finances

CrediBook, a startup that helps Indonesian retail wholesalers digitize the financial side of their operations, has raised $1.5 million in pre-Series A funding led by Wavemaker Partners, with participation from Alpha JWC Ventures and Insignia Ventures Partners.

Telegram blocks ‘dozens’ of channels threatening violence

With many social networks suddenly reevaluating their policies in light of political violence in the U.S.,the popular messaging app Telegram is implementing a crackdown of its own.

Foxconn, Geely team up to build electric, autonomous and shared vehicles for automakers

The electric, autonomous vehicles of the future might be manufactured by Apple’s main supplier Foxconn and Chinese automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. The two companies have agreed to form a joint venture focused on contract manufacturing for automakers,

Survey: Help shape the future of TechCrunch

We’re always looking to make TechCrunch better, and part of that is regularly gathering feedback from the people that matter most – our readers. We’ve compiled a short survey, and we’d appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to respond.  The survey can be found here.


都说好产品自己会说话,那么产品包装就是决定第一印象的那一声Hi~德国设计实用为准,日本设计充满禅意,并非崇洋媚外,但小编真心认为国内产品包装能不那么难撕开就算很大进步了= =改进的第一步就是要多看好设计!现在就来看看小编整理的让人爱不释手的创意包装们吧!   一、利用“局部相似”设计的包装   为我们擦去脸上污垢的毛巾,其作用是不是就像小时候用来擦去错别字的铅笔橡皮擦?   

认识bash这个shell - 多啦A


手机版Windows 10 Build 10586图赏

Windows 10 Build 10586 已经被选定为Threshold 2更新的正式版本,其中在 PC 桌面上已经开始推送给内测用户,有望在下周正式发布。手机端的 Windows 10 Mobile 也即将迎来正式版,版本号同样是 Build 10586。  ... ...

互联网彩票再被泼冷水 企业称上半年不会重启

新浪科技讯 3月23日下午消息,去年已暂停互联网彩票业务的高鸿股份(000851.SZ)近日在投资者关系互动平台上回答投资者提问时表示,已获信互联网彩票上半年不会重启。互联网彩票再被泼冷水 企业称上半年不会重启有 ... ...

当初死倔不上的向后兼容功能,在 Xbox One 上却越来越被重视

我可以证实 BC(backwards compatibility,向后兼容) 团队已经可以支持多片游戏。一定要感谢 BC 工程师们。 在国外 Reddit 社区上,Xbox Live 的项目总监 Larry Hryb 证实了 Xbox One 向后兼容已经支持多碟游戏(multi-disc),第一款登陆兼容游戏库的多碟游戏是《杀出重围3:人类革命》。 向后兼容是微软于去年在 E3 展会上宣布的新功能,该功能允许 Xbox 360 数字版或者光盘版游戏通过模拟器在 Xbox One 上运行。


【媒体报导】6月21日消息,第十五届中国互联网大会今日在北京召开,360公司创始人兼总裁齐向东在发表主题演讲时谈到了自己对未来网络经济发展的思考 ,齐向东预测:安全将会成为网络经济的下一个风口。中国互联网 ... ...

郭明錤:iPhone 7 Plus 的双镜头将会有「光场相机应用」

新一代的 iPhone 下周便会登场,最后时刻,知名分析师郭明錤又来爆料了。按照其说法,较大的 5.5 吋型号(暂且称之为 iPhone 7 Plus)背后会配有像素数均为 12MP 的双相机。其主要功能是用来做变焦增强和「光场相机应用」,结合邀请函上的散景效果来看,新机在拍照上的改进多半是跟距离有关了。除此之外,据称 Apple 还会选用更高品质的镜头和效果更好的 LED 补光灯。至于另一大焦点:3.5mm 耳机孔的去留,郭明錤表示去掉的可能性更大,而且 Apple 也会跟已经砍掉 3.5...

云主机上搭建自己的服务器 - 牧云云

最近在学做微信开发,没有自己的域名和服务器就不得不寄人篱下,索性自己就到云主机上搭建了个服务器,但是水平有限弄了一个下午~~有自己的域名和服务器的好处相信不用我多说了。比如日后可以有自己域名的个性博客,或是把自己的项目放在里面展现给其他人看~~下面就开始进入正题了 一:云服务器 可能有些同学还不知道

Watching a Water-Filled Exercise Ball Explode Will Make You Feel Better

It is deeply satisfying—momentarily, anyway—to watch a bloated exercise ball filled with water explode as it hits the ground. It reminds me of something I watched recently, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Huh!Read more...


暴雪总部大门前有一尊威风凛凛的兽人狼骑雕塑,这可是无数魔兽粉丝心中的朝圣地标。不过,在圣诞节来临之际狼骑也被暴雪员工装扮一新,但就是画风有些奇怪。装扮后的狼骑相当喜感,凶狠的霜狼被套上的红鼻头,颈部还背了一个白色小熊,而其在上面的兽人士兵则换上了红绿相间的圣诞毛衫,就连手里的板斧也被套了个毛线罩,气场全无。 阅读全文

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