Pace launches out of private beta with a plan to scale virtual group therapy

One in five people have a mental health illness. Pace, a new startup founded by Pinterest and Affirm executives, wants to pay attention to the other four in that statistic. “Nobody is perfectly mentally healthy all the time,” said Jack Chou, Pace co-founder. “It’s a non-existent idea,

10 VCs say interactivity, regulation and independent creators will reshape digital media in 2021

The digital media industry will give us plenty to talk about this year.

LA-based Sidecar Health’s low-cost, cash-pay health insurance service is now valued at $1 billion

Meet Sidecar Health, the newest member of the tech industry’s billion dollar healthcare startup club. The valuation comes thanks to $125 million in new funding that the company will use to expand its new model for health insurance.

Span, the smart fusebox replacement founded by an ex-Tesla engineer, gets an Alexa upgrade

Automating and controlling devices and energy usage in homes has potentially become a bit easier thanks to an integration between Span, the startup making a digital fusebox replacement, and  Amazon’s voice recognition interface, Alexa.

EdgeQ reveals more details behind its next-gen 5G/AI chip

5G is the current revolution in wireless technology, and every chip company old and new is trying to burrow their way into this ultra-competitive — but extremely lucrative — market. One of the most interesting new players in the space is EdgeQ,

Opal raises $4.3 million for its ‘digital well-being’ assistant for iPhone

Many people want to develop better screen-time habits, but don’t have a good set of tools to do so. A new startup, Opal, aims to help. The company, now backed by $4.3 million in seed funding,

Rhino raises $95M to scale its rental deposit replacing insurance product

Rhino today announced that it has raised $95 million, an investment that values the startup at just under $500 million. Tiger Global led the round, an investment that Rhino described as “pre-IPO” to TechCrunch. Rhino provides an insurance product to real estate companies,

CrediBook gets $1.5 million to help Indonesian retail wholesalers digitize their finances

CrediBook, a startup that helps Indonesian retail wholesalers digitize the financial side of their operations, has raised $1.5 million in pre-Series A funding led by Wavemaker Partners, with participation from Alpha JWC Ventures and Insignia Ventures Partners.

Robotic exoskeletons promise increased mobility and job assistance

The last several years have seen a substantial increase of ability for robotic exoskeleton technology. Completely understandable. For one thing, it’s that rare technology you encounter that really feels like it’s going to change lives for the better the first time you see it.

Daily Crunch: Airbnb cancels all DC bookings during inauguration week

Airbnb takes a big step to avoid violence at the inauguration, Intel gets a new CEO and Affirm goes public. This is your Daily Crunch for January 13, 2021. The big story: Airbnb cancels all DC bookings during inauguration week Airbnb said today that “in response to various local,

UK on-demand supermarket Weezy raises $20M Series A led by NYC’s Left Lane Capital

Weezy — an on-demand supermarket that delivers groceries in fast times such as 15 minutes — has raised $20 million in a Series A funding led by New York-based venture capital fund Left Lane Capital. Also participating were UK-based fund DN Capital,


@十萬個為什麽 过去一年感触良多,深深体会到作为设计师的不易,一度觉得自己的水平没多大长进,有些低落。同时也收获了一些至关重要的情报,都是关于自我提升的。今年将是付诸实施的一年,争取通过努力打破瓶颈。

India's National Informatics Centre Forged Google SSL Certificates

NotInHere (3654617) writes As Google writes on its Online Security Blog, the National Informatics Centre of India (NIC) used its intermediate CA certificate, issued by Indian CCA, to issue several unauthorized certificates for Google domains, allowing it to do Man in the middle attacks.

创业 | 互联网不应成为90后创业的牢笼

不知从何时开始,创业成了90后的标签,一批批90后涌入互联网,90后的创业奇迹也频频登上头条。在喧哗和吹捧的同 […]



Microsoft Will Release Office 2016 This Year

Following its Windows 10 event, Microsoft announced this morning that the next version of Office is called Office 2016 and will be generally released in the second half of this year. The company didn’t announce much more about Office 2016 today, but you know what to expect,


日前苹果公司联合创始人史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克和吉米·法伦(Jimmy Fallon)、塞思·罗根(Seth Rogen)一起玩了一个名为“True Confessions”的游戏。在这个游戏中,其中一人做出陈述,让另外两个人来判断这个人所说的是否是事实。

微软开发多人虚拟现实技术 独立于HoloLens

据《麻省理工科技评论》网络版报道,微软杰伦•拉尼尔(Jaron Lanier)实验室的研究人员在开发多人增强现实技术,他们的研究成果可能为增强现实技术的商业化和使用方式奠定基础。

浅析Objective-C的copy - Norcy

一直对NSObject的copy方法似懂非懂,今天工作做完了,整理一下 深复制和浅复制是什么在这里就不赘述 今天主要分三种类型对copy进行探讨:系统非容器类对象、系统容器类对象和自定义对象 系统非容器类对象(NSString,NSNumber等) NSString *str1 = @"123";

IoT Could Be Used To Spy, Admits James Clapper

The latest high profile individual to debunk the notion that surveillance is at risk of ‘going dark’ in an age of increasingly robust encryption is none other than James Clapper, U.S. director of national intelligence himself. Read More


上海2016年3月2日电 /美通社/ -- 2016年2月27日,由大金主办的以“携手共创”为主题的2016年大金空调全国经销商年会在上海世博会议中心盛大召开。来自于全国各地近2600名大金经销商及家属代表与来自研发、生产、销售、售后的大金员工代表共襄盛举。 参会人员合影 回首2015年,不断变化的市场环境让空调行业遇到了前所未有的挑战。

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