Trump circumvents Twitter ban to decry ‘unprecedented assault on free speech’

Following a comprehensive ban from Twitter and a number of other online services following last week’s assault on the Capitol by his followers, President Trump managed to put out a tweet in the form of a video address touching on the “calamity at the Capitol”… and, of course, his deplatforming.

Ex-Uber team raises $6M seed for geospatial analytics platform

Years ago, Uber had a problem. With millions of users and tens of thousands of drivers scattered across a widening expanse of the globe,

India retains ban on TikTok, UC Browser and 57 other Chinese apps

TikTok, UC Browser, UC News, Baidu Map, Xiaomi’s Video and Community and 53 other Chinese apps that India banned in late June won’t be returning to the country anytime soon, the Indian government has decided, a source familiar with the matter told TechCrunch.

Vectorized announces $15.5M investment to build simpler streaming data tool

Streaming data is not new. Kafka has existed as an open source tool for a decade. Vectorized was founded on the premise that the existing tools were too complex and not designed for today’s streaming requirements. Today the company released its first product, Redpanda,

Fast raises $102M as the online checkout wars continue to attract huge investment

This morning Fast, a startup that provides online checkout and identity products, announced that it has closed a $102 million Series B. The new funding event was led by Stripe, a previous investor in Fast. Stripe, an online payments giant, also led Fast’s Series A last year,

Jam collaborative software launches Jam Genies to give small startups access to experts

As the world moves towards remote work, the collaborative tools market continues to expand. Jam, a platform for editing and improving your company’s website, is adding to the trend by introducing a new arm to its product today called Jam Genies.

Talent Hack raises $4.7M for its B2C fitness platform, Spaces

It’s been a wild 12 months for fitness platforms, as the world’s population has struggled to adapt to workouts outside of the gym. From Lululemon’s massive Mirror acquisition to companies like Apple and Samsung launching their own solutions, exercise technology has thrived amid the pandemic.

Treadly’s next-gen compact treadmill is ideal for small spaces and features app-based social workout

As the global pandemic continues, having options for keeping active at home is increasingly top-of-mind. Treadly is a startup focused on building a home treadmill that’s compact and convenient, with smart connected features that boost engagement.

Feds asks Tesla to recall 158,000 vehicles over failing touchscreen displays

U.S. safety regulators have asked Tesla to recall 158,000 vehicles over media control unit failures that cause the touchscreen displays to stop working, following a months-long investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Tokyo-based SODA, which runs Japan’s largest sneaker resell platform, lands $22 million led by SoftB

Tokyo-based SODA, which runs sneaker reselling platform SNKRDUNK, has raised a $22 million Series B led by SoftBank Ventures Asia. Investors also included basepartners, Colopl Next, THE GUILD and other strategic partners. Part of the funding will be used to expand into other Asian countries.

Pace launches out of private beta with a plan to scale virtual group therapy

One in five people have a mental health illness. Pace, a new startup founded by Pinterest and Affirm executives, wants to pay attention to the other four in that statistic. “Nobody is perfectly mentally healthy all the time,” said Jack Chou, Pace co-founder. “It’s a non-existent idea,

【黑话】智能:快下载我的 app,然后你的手机就变成遥控器啦


在华耕耘满十载 安盛援助谋发展


补贴1500亿 中国芯片业能否成功翻身?


苹果推迟 AirPods 上架时间至十月以后

在等着买苹果新出的蓝牙耳机 AirPods?这里要告诉你一个小小的坏消息了。早些时候苹果已向我们的兄弟网址 TechCrunch 证实,这款「无线版 EarPods」将会延迟推出。因为他们「还需要一点时间」来继续打磨、改进,因此无法赶上原先计划的十月末上架时程。是什么原因导致了这最后一刻的变动,暂时还没有个确切的说法,但主站同事之前在评测时确实遇到过一些小问题,苹果如果想多花一点时间处理好再上市,其实也是可以理解的嘛。当然,如果你等不及要入手一款能跟 iOS 设备快速配对的耳机的话,同样搭载...

[视频]Windows Store将售Windows 10 UI主题 最高2.49美元

本周早些时候召开的新品发布会上,除了备受瞩目的Surface Studio一体机之外微软还确认即将于明年年初上线的RedStone 2分支确认为Windows 10 Creators Update。新版本将重点改善同好友、家人和同事之间的沟通交流,增强游戏体验的同时带来了Paint 3D平台。在关于Creators Update的宣传视频中,外媒还发现用户能够购买Windows 10 UI主题,目前发现的最高售价为2.49美元。


小米MIX明天开卖!小米MIX现身工信部网站:帅气逼人再有两天,小米MIX就要正式开卖了,它也终于在工信部现身了。让人颇为意外的是,可能是因为真机颜值就比较高的原因,在工信部拍照技术的加持下,小米MIX的证件照 ... ...


感谢安卓中国的投递安卓中国12月19日消息,目前第四届中国移动全球合作伙伴大会在广州保利展馆已经拉开序幕,该大会将持续至本月21日。作为中国移动的重要合作伙伴,金立自然也参加了本次会展。安卓中国近水楼台先得月,早早地派出记者前往采访,在现场我们意外地发现了将在下周发布的金立M2017。 阅读全文

France's new "right to disconnect" law rolls out

Sunday saw the activation of the new "right to disconnect" law in France, a law that means workers are not obligated to read or send work-related emails outside of office hours. SEE ALSO: Someone created @tinycarebot to make Twitter a healthier place for youUnder the new law,


据胡晓航透露,从文本到图片,电商购物转化率提高了94%,浏览率提高了94%,转化率提高了54%,销售额增长了35%,增长了57%的购买意向。时代周报特约记者 陆一夫 实习生 李霄 发自广州2016年是VR技术全面普及的重要 ... ...

【java基础之jdk源码】集合类 - cq-home

最近在整理JAVA 基础知识,从jdk源码入手,今天就jdk中 java.util包下集合类进行理解 先看图 从类图结构可以了解 java.util包下的2个大类: 1、Collecton:可以理解为主要存放的是单个对象 2、Map:可以理解为主要存储key-value类型的对象 一、Collect

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