Snapchat permanently bans President Trump’s account

Quite a bit has happened since Snap announced last week that it was indefinitely locking President Trump’s Snapchat account. But after temporary bans from his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts as well as a permanent ban from Twitter,

10 VCs say interactivity, regulation and independent creators will reshape digital media in 2021

The digital media industry will give us plenty to talk about this year.

LA-based Sidecar Health’s low-cost, cash-pay health insurance service is now valued at $1 billion

Meet Sidecar Health, the newest member of the tech industry’s billion dollar healthcare startup club. The valuation comes thanks to $125 million in new funding that the company will use to expand its new model for health insurance.

Span, the smart fusebox replacement founded by an ex-Tesla engineer, gets an Alexa upgrade

Automating and controlling devices and energy usage in homes has potentially become a bit easier thanks to an integration between Span, the startup making a digital fusebox replacement, and  Amazon’s voice recognition interface, Alexa.

EdgeQ reveals more details behind its next-gen 5G/AI chip

5G is the current revolution in wireless technology, and every chip company old and new is trying to burrow their way into this ultra-competitive — but extremely lucrative — market. One of the most interesting new players in the space is EdgeQ,

Opal raises $4.3 million for its ‘digital well-being’ assistant for iPhone

Many people want to develop better screen-time habits, but don’t have a good set of tools to do so. A new startup, Opal, aims to help. The company, now backed by $4.3 million in seed funding,

Rhino raises $95M to scale its rental deposit replacing insurance product

Rhino today announced that it has raised $95 million, an investment that values the startup at just under $500 million. Tiger Global led the round, an investment that Rhino described as “pre-IPO” to TechCrunch. Rhino provides an insurance product to real estate companies,

CrediBook gets $1.5 million to help Indonesian retail wholesalers digitize their finances

CrediBook, a startup that helps Indonesian retail wholesalers digitize the financial side of their operations, has raised $1.5 million in pre-Series A funding led by Wavemaker Partners, with participation from Alpha JWC Ventures and Insignia Ventures Partners.

Trump circumvents Twitter ban to decry ‘unprecedented assault on free speech’

Following a comprehensive ban from Twitter and a number of other online services following last week’s assault on the Capitol by his followers, President Trump managed to put out a tweet in the form of a video address touching on the “calamity at the Capitol”… and, of course, his deplatforming.

Feds asks Tesla to recall 158,000 vehicles over failing touchscreen displays

U.S. safety regulators have asked Tesla to recall 158,000 vehicles over media control unit failures that cause the touchscreen displays to stop working, following a months-long investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Tokyo-based SODA, which runs Japan’s largest sneaker resell platform, lands $22 million led by SoftB

Tokyo-based SODA, which runs sneaker reselling platform SNKRDUNK, has raised a $22 million Series B led by SoftBank Ventures Asia. Investors also included basepartners, Colopl Next, THE GUILD and other strategic partners. Part of the funding will be used to expand into other Asian countries.

微软悄然开放Bing Saves公测

几周前,微软曾对部分用户开放了Bing Saves的测试渠道。现在,这家公司已经悄然地将测试范围扩展到了所有用户。据悉,Bing Saves将为用户提供一种全新的网站搜索内容保存方法。

Samsung Ad Makes Fun of Apple for a Product It Hasn't Even Released Yet

Samsung just hit a whole new level of trollingThe company's latest ad for the Galaxy S5 pokes fun at Apple and its customers for a product that hasn't even launched yet: the larger iPhone 6 modelsSee also: Samsung Finally Shows the Outcome of Bizarre 'Galaxy 11' Soccer AdIn the ad,

Facebook's Wi-Fi Drones Start Testing Next Year

By this stage, Facebook's plan to bring internet to the whole world with a fleet of drones and lasers is pretty well documented: what's a little vague has been the details — until now.Read more...

Nintendo's YouTube Plan Is Already Being Panned By YouTubers

Nintendo launched a new affiliate program yesterday for YouTubers that, on paper sounds like a good thing. It's a way to let YouTubers make money off their Nintendo-related videos on YouTube, after all. But if you look at the finer details, things don't look so great.Read more...


微软的Surface 2发布于2013年9月份。在今年1月份的时候,微软正式对外公布搭载Surface RT的 […]



Bridge City Tool Works推出创新型筷子制作产品

Chopstick Master (TM) 可满足每个人自制筷子的愿望 奥勒冈州波特兰2015年10月6日电 /美通社/ -- Bridge City Tool Works 开发了一款创新的古老工具制作产品 Chopstick MasterTM。

Cat begrudgingly models paper costumes for the world

Cats love fitting themselves into small spaces. So much so, they're willing to completely humiliate themselves for the comfort of a cardboard box.Maru is the name of this conflicted cat who seems to hate Halloween but loves its owner.


在这个浩瀚的大数据时代,最不缺的就是数据。自从有了网络和智能手机,人类每天被各种信息虐得死去活来。当有一天回到 ...


德国汉诺威2016年3月8日电 /美通社/ -- 一年一度的汉诺威消费电子、信息及通信博览会(CeBIT)将于2016年3月14-18日在德国汉诺威举办,浪潮作为全球领先的云计算、大数据服务商,即将参展此次盛会。届时,浪潮不仅会与媒体和业界同行进入深入交流,还会集中展示浪潮整机柜服务器 SmartRack,天梭860、HPC 等高性能核心产品及解决方案。 浪潮此次参展 CeBIT 意义非凡。2015年浪潮集团宣布与美国著名公司思科联手投资1亿美元成立中国合资公司,紧接着浪潮又对外宣布与迪堡公司共同投资6亿用于组建新合资公司。

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