Tesla asked to recall 158,000 cars over failing displays

Tesla's failing touchscreen display issue is real, and it's coming back to haunt the company. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is asking Tesla to recall a total of 158,000 cars — namely, some Model S cars with model year 2012 through 2018,

12 ambient music sources to stream free online

The term "ambient" music was first coined in the late '70s by influential British artist Brian Eno, who described it as music created to "induce calm and space to think." Since then, the genre has remained popular as a calming alternative soundscape that people love to work, study, relax, meditate,

Twitter taught me I have no visual imagination

When we spend so much of our time online, we're bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable's series I learned it on the internet.On a summer Friday a few years ago, I collapsed on my living room floor in a transformative defeat.

Learn a new language in 2021 with these 10 apps on sale

Yes, making sourdough bread and learning to roller skate were popular quarantine activities, but a lot of people also brushed up on their language skills. In fact, around 30 million people reportedly attempted to learn a new language in 2020. Want to join them?

7 of the best online learning platforms to advance your career (or side hustle)

When we spend so much of our time online, we’re bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable’s series I learned it on the internet.In the past few years, technological advancements and high demand for accessible,

20 weekend fitness deals, from kettlebells to resistance bands and more

It's 2021, and you made your New Year's fitness resolutions for a reason, so don't give up on them yet. Whether you want to get in shape, live a healthier lifestyle, or just move around more, these fitness deals can help — and they're all on sale as of Jan. 17.

21 game-changing kitchen tools that can transform your cooking skills in 2021

Like it or not, many of us were forced to learn to cook in 2020. Unless you have endless funds for takeout, it appears making meals at home will likely continue in 2021. Instead of dreading your time in the kitchen, learn to embrace it with these on-sale tools designed to make things easier for you.

Adopt a dog or cat recently? These toys, DNA kits, and more are all on sale.

If there was one positive that came out of 2020, it was the rise in pet adoptions. After all, life is just better with furry friends by our sides. But with every new pet comes loads of stuff to keep them entertained and happy.

Jack Dorsey defends Twitter's decision to ban Trump

Twitter had a hell of a last week, banning a sitting U.S. President from posting on the platform after said President incited a mob of supporters which ran riot over the Capitol, with the incident ending in five deaths and various people being investigated by the FBI for domestic terrorism.

All the best gaming laptops for levelling up

PC gaming is said by many to be the best way to play video games. In a lot of ways, that’s true — high-end gaming computers pack more graphical and processing power than any home console does,

Experience exceptional sound quality with these discounted Sennheiser headphones

SAVE 56%: The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 wireless headphones are on sale for £75 on Amazon, saving you over £90 on list price.It's quiet out there in the world of deals, but if you look hard enough, you can still find gems. The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 wireless headphones are on sale for £75 on Amazon,


你知道么?手游行业存在一批高付费人群 —— “手游土豪”,他们占手游付费用户的 6.5%,贡献了 6 成的手游收入。

Infosys Acquires SaaS Provider Panaya In Deal Valued At $200M

Consulting and IT services provider Infosys announced today that it will acquire Panaya, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software company. Worth an enterprise value of about $200 million, the deal is expected to close by the end of March. Read More


Government snooping is scaled back in the U.S. but other nations are fair game

Agencies such as the NSA and the FBI will no longer be permitted to arbitrarily access the logs of phone calls, emails and internet use. Congress has passed the USA Freedom Act of 2015,

Microsoft reveals plans for the rollout of Windows 10

With only 4 weeks to go before the global release of Windows 10, now is crunch time for Microsoft. And in a new Blogging Windows post, it has detailed the process by which the newest version of its flagship operating system will be rolled out.More than for almost any other software maker,

Deep Sea Electricity May Have Kickstarted Life On Our Planet 

Curious about how life got started on Earth 3.8 billion years ago? Here’s a thought: Why not recreate ancient hydrothermal vents in the lab, and see if they produce enough juice to power a lightbulb? That, at least,

Windows平台分布式架构-负载均衡(高并发) - 馒头的梦想

缘由单纯想在winodows平台部署分布式程序,微软在IIS扩展的介绍中有涉及到Application Request Router + Web Farm + Url Rewriter可以实现分布式部署以及管理工具,但是看到相关资料发现这套方案对于windows的系统依赖程度太高了,而且涉及到的工具.

酷派5月20日进军印度 将发布酷派锋尚MAX

【媒体报导】5月13日消息,印度手机市场成了全球手机厂商眼中的美味大蛋糕,小米、魅族等纷纷加入。据消息传,酷派在本月月初推出的一酷派Note 3 Plus还未正式开卖,又一款新机酷派Max也将在本月20日在印度正式发布 ... ...

[Effective JavaScript 笔记]第19条:熟练掌握高阶函数 - 脚后跟着猫

高阶函数介绍 高阶函数曾经是函数式编程的一个概念,感觉是很高深的术语。但开发简洁优雅的函数可以使代码更加简单明了。过去几年中脚本语言采用了这些个技术,揭开了函数式编程的最佳惯用法的神秘面纱。高阶函数就是将函数作为参数或返回值的函数。将函数做为参数(通常称为回调函数)是一种强大、富有表现力的惯用法,在


要回答恐惧(fear)的来源,应该从三个关键的方面入手:恐惧的Phylogenetic Continuity(种间一致性)恐惧的基本分类恐惧的神经基础人类的情绪,特别是高级复杂的情绪,有许多仅仅是一种psychological/social construct(心理性/社会性的构造). 意即,这些情绪是在社会/文化环境的影响下衍生而出的. 然而恐惧不同. 与恐惧密切相关的脑区: amygdala(杏仁核), PAG(Periaqueductal Grey)等,都位于Neocortex(新皮层)之下,属于早期发展出来脑结构之一. 恐惧因此是一种“上古情绪”.

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