Can’t figure out how to end your Amazon Prime sub? These complaints could help…

Amazon’s use of dark patterns that add friction to the process of terminating a Prime subscription is being targeted by 16 consumer rights groups in Europe and the US which are taking coordinated action to urge regulatory action.

Penguin Hatches A Cloud Reader For Pelican Books

Penguin Books has launched a cloud reader for its resurrected Pelican educational imprint — to experiment with delivering e-books in the browser. It likely hasn’t passed you by that traditional book publishers aren’t having the best of times these days. Indeed,

TCV closes record $4B fund to invest in e-commerce, fintech, edtech, travel and more

The pandemic has spelled economic setbacks for many people and industries, but the capital swirling about the technology world continues to roar along. In the latest development, TCV — the storied venture capital firm behind the likes of Airbnb, Spotify,

Playvox scores $25M Series A and acquires Australian startup Agyle Time

It’s not every day you see a Latin American startup funded by a U.S. venture capital firm based in the midwest. Playvox, a Colombian startup that wants to bring a positive twist to customer service monitoring announced a $25 million Series A from Five Elms Capital, a Kansas City, MO VC firm.

Datastax acquires Kesque as it gets into data streaming

Datastax, the company best known for commercializing the open-source Apache Cassandra database, is moving beyond databases. As the company announced today, it has acquired Kesque, a cloud messaging service.

Prime Movers Lab raises $245 million for second fund to invest in early stage science startups

After revealing its first fund just last year, a $100 million pool of investment capital dedicated to early stage startups focusing on sustainable food development, clean energy, health innovation and new space technologies, Prime Movers Lab is back with a second fund.

DriveNets nabs $208M at a $1B+ valuation for its cloud-based alternative to network routers

People and businesses are relying on the internet to get things done more than ever before, an opportunity but also an infrastructure headache for service providers that need to scale quickly and reliably to meet that demand. Today, a startup that has built a clever,

Booksy raises $70M war chest to acquire salon appointment apps, expand internationally

Beauty and wellness appointment booking apps have proliferated of the last few years, but it appears the race is still on as today one of the leaders, Booksy, raises $70 million in a Series C round led by Cat Rock Capital, with participation from Sprints Capital. 

Lime adds shared electric mopeds to the mix

Lime is adding electric mopeds — painted in the company’s signature green — to its micromobility platform as the startup aims to own the spectrum of inner city travel from jaunts to the corner store to longer distance trips up to five miles.

Upgrade launches checking accounts and debit cards

Fintech startup Upgrade has been positioning itself as a neobank. And yet, the company has mostly been focused on personal loans and more recently credit cards. You couldn’t just replace your bank account with Upgrade.

Tresl’s Segments Analytics gives small online stores the same data analytics as large sellers

Tresl’s flagship product, e-commerce intelligence platform Segment Analytics, is designed to give small brands on Shopify access to the same kind of analytics larger online retailers have. Founded by former LinkedIn data scientists, Tresl is currently exhibiting at CES’ Taiwan Tech Arena.

3Drens helps fleet operators use their vehicles more efficiently

3Drens’ IoT mobility management platform not only lets fleet operators track where their vehicles are, but also produces data that helps them make business decisions. The company began operating in Taiwan, where it is based, before expanding into Southeast Asia.

【译见周末】为什么 Oculus VR 值 20 亿美元?

译(意)见,纯粹是为了响应动(洞)见和娱(愚)见的号召,将编辑工作每日的所思所想,以及编译撰写时劳动成果的 “边角料”,稍作修剪,捏合成文。发于虎嗅,不求传播出名,不求流量点击,权做交流分享。

Programming Language Diversity On the Rise

jfruh writes: "As GitHub becomes an increasingly common repository of project code, the metadata for projects saved there can tell us a lot about the state of the industry. In particular, a look at the programming languages used over the past half-decade shows an increasingly fragmented landscape,

VMware 、 NVIDIA 與 Google 實現專業繪圖等級企業雲端桌面

在稍早的 VMworld 大會上, VMware 宣布與 NVIDIA 以及 Google 三方合作,以 Chromebook 結合雲運算技術,提供具專業繪圖效能的企業雲桌面;這套方案是將 Chromebook 做為 Client 端,透過網路連線回具備 NVIDIA GRID vGPU 的遠端主機,並且透過 VMware Horizon 的虛擬化技術提供 Windows 系統的虛擬桌面。

MySql备份和恢复 - 堅持╅信念★

1.mysql备份: 查询出需要备份的数据库: 1: mysql -u root -psywu 2: 3: mysql> show databases; 4: +--------------------+ 5: | Database | 6: +--------------------+ 7: | ...

Rust 1.0 即将发布:现状与展望

随着Rust官方正式发布1.0版的日期临近,Mozilla研究部门的Niko Matsakis已经开始初步评估未来要添加到这门语言中的新特性,以此来引发一场关于Rust未来发展方向的公开讨论.。InfoQ就此与Matsakis进行了对话。

Leggings with a smartphone pocket are just what your workout needs

Gone are the days of chunky armbands and awkwardly stuffing your phone in the waistband of your pants during your workout routineLume Lifestlye — a small apparel company that aims to combine fashion with technology — created leggings with a "smart pocket" to hold your phone while you exercise.

首涉银团贷款后,百度将贷款金额调高至 20 亿美元

今年 4 月,百度曾宣布进入银团贷款市场,寻求 10 亿美元贷款,这是百度首次以银团贷款的方式进行融资。而今日,据彭博报道,百度已将 10 亿美元贷款金额调高至 20 亿美元,并且获得了 21 家银行的贷款承诺。对于此笔资金的用途,百度媒体部门官员 Tracy Hu 在 4 月曾表示,将用于一般企业用途。据了解,百度的贷款将分成定期贷款与循环信贷两部分,利率较伦敦银行间拆借利率 ( Libor ) 增加 110 个基点,与阿里巴巴最高 40 亿美元的五年期贷款所支付利率相同。除了发行投资继债券融资之外,银团贷款近来也颇受互联网巨头们的青睐,成为主要融资方式。






提到咖啡,你的自然联想是什么?鸟巢中的小鸟?绿色自由女神?再进一步,提到咖啡空间,你的第一反应是什么?星巴克可能已经与咖啡自然的关联了起来。这个诞生于美国的品牌,在全球经历了怎样的成长?它的CEO舒尔茨缘何成为传奇?我们一起走进星巴克。1. 星巴克传奇从舒尔茨开始谈星巴克离不开星巴克教父舒尔茨。2016年12月1日,舒尔茨宣布明年将辞去CEO一职。此举引起轩然大波,星巴克周四美股盘后下跌4%。舒尔茨辞职消息引起股市震荡,那么舒尔茨之于星巴克到底是什么角色?我们来看舒尔茨“三进三出”星巴克。1982年,舒尔茨加入当时仅有几家门店的星巴克;1985年,舒尔茨因与创始人理念分歧而离开星巴克。

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