Microsoft officially acquires Minecraft creator Mojang for $2.5 billion, but why?

Today, Microsoft has announced their acquisition of Mojang. Mojang is the developer of the widely popular video game Minecraft. Mojang's founder Markus Persson (aka Notch) had been an outspoken opponent to Microsoft.

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Microsoft continues to rake it in as 4th qtr earnings numbers are released

Microsoft announced its 4th quarter earnings for fiscal year 2018 just a few minutes ago, and as expected, the company continues to ride the growth of Azure, the success of Office 365 and now Microsoft 365, and some bounce back on PC sales numbers to mark another quarter of strong earnings results.

No new Windows 10 Insider build this week as Microsoft plans “a few code changes”

While the Windows Insider team didn’t go into too much details about the delay, it looks like they didn’t have a build that reached their quality standards this week.

LinkedIn introduces better tools for content creators, new features in LinkedIn Messaging

LinkedIn has announced this week a couple of new features to encourage conversations and content creation on the professional social network.

In latest milestone, Microsoft Teams reaches “feature parity” with Skype for Business

Various company officials have stated this week at Inspire that Microsoft Teams has now reached feature parity with Skype for Business.

New Microsoft Launcher beta brings more customization options, animation improvements

Microsoft has started testing a new version of its Android Launcher this week, and beta testers can now check out new customization options, improved animations and more.

OneNote Windows 10 app gets a host of new features for public users and Insiders

As OneNote for Windows 10 is set to become the main OneNote client in Office 2019 later this year, Microsoft has just updated the modern with a couple of new features for both Windows Insiders and regular Windows 10 users.

Xbox One’s Middle-earth: Shadow of War finally gets a free video game demo

A free demo for the Middle-earth: Shadow of War video game has just launched on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. This demo allows players to try the game for free before investing in the full title. Here’s the game description for the demo. Play the Demo for Middle-earth:

Microsoft to launch $40 Windows Phones in India, without impacting quality and experience

Microsoft has announced that it will launch cheap Windows Phone devices in India. The company made this announcement after Google launched its first set of “Android One” smartphones -- the $100 handsets with partnership with Indian OEMs at an event in New Delhi earlier this morning.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 reportedly coming out for developers on October 8th (Update: No)

Update: was contacted by a Microsoft spokesperson to confirm that the information is not true. Perhaps it is indeed true but not meant for public knowledge just yet. Who really knows. You can read on for the original story.

Lumia 830 set to hit retail in Vietnam starting next month, carries a $375 price tag

Announced earlier this month at the IFA 2014, the Lumia 830 is set to hit retail in global markets starting this month with a EUR 330 price tag or equivalent in other markets. Recently, Microsoft held a launch event in Vietnam to announce its mid-rage flagship device, the Lumia 830.

614Group:原生广告被普遍接受 但效果大小仍存疑

614Group:原生广告被普遍接受 但效果大小仍存疑 您可能也喜欢的文章: Macquarie Group:2011年美国移动搜索广告占到搜索广告总支出约6% CTR:2014上半年中国广告市场回顾 英国央行调查:34%的民众对利率承诺仍存疑

Netflix CEO On Net Neutrality: Large ISPs Are the Problem

KindMind writes: At Wired, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has posted his take on net neutrality. He lays the problem at the feet of the large ISPs. Hastings says, "Consider this: A single fiber-optic strand the diameter of a human hair can carry 101.7 terabits of data per second,

Disunited Kingdom: The Clash Over Scotland's Independence

GLASGOW, Scotland —Forget tartanOn the dance floor of the Sub Club, a world famous nightclub in Glasgow, Scotland, they dress like twenty-somethings in any cool, urban setting: hipster jeans, beards and, for the women, as little as possible.The Sub Club in Glasgow, ScotlandImage:


也许最近对于中国游戏圈最热的事情就是PS4了,这款带领索尼在全球开疆扩土不断创造记录的游戏机虽然在进入中国的脚 […]


据国外媒体报道,雅虎上周告知员工,作为剥离阿里巴巴股份计划的一部分,雅虎小企业部门(Yahoo Small Business)将会从雅虎剥离出去。该部门的主营业务是向出售工具帮助小企业在线推销销售商品。

一辈子想这么吃一次 纯爷们用步枪来烤肉

我们总听到“战况太激烈,枪管都打红了”,枪管真有那么烫吗?看人给你烤点肉试试。  竞赛枪手 Dustin Ellermann 给我们演示了一把纯爷们到底是怎样吃培根的。




伦敦2015年9月17日电 /美通社/ -- 新的全球推广活动将推动品牌迈入下一个十年增长 全球领先的苏格兰威士忌品牌[1]尊尼获加®(Johnnie Walker)今天推出品牌有史以来规模最大的全球广告活动。

This Impressive 7-Ball Robot Juggler Is Better Than Most Buskers

Juggling isn’t an easy skill to master, especially when you up the challenge to keeping seven balls in the air. It’s even harder for robots to do,

微软小娜:新版Windows 10将于11月中旬分发

最新Windows 10 Insider版本10586被猜测为一个RTM Build,正好昨晚微软小娜的官方微信宣布Windows 10的第一个大版本更新将于11月中旬分发,那也就是说最近的Build即使不是RTM也相差不远。

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