HP adds two new Officejet Pro printers that promise to drive down costs for SMBs

Both printers support mobile printing from a variety of different services and the firm claims they cost 50 per cent less to run than similar colour laser printers.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/15/hp-adds-two-new-officejet-pro-printers-that-promise-to-drive-down-costs-for-smbs/

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5G won't succeed without innovation in security, experts claim

Do not cut corners on user experience either, report warns.

Oracle founder slams AWS technology

No 'normal person' would switch from Oracle to AWS, says Larry Ellison.

UK leads EU in cloud adoption

Businesses in the UK are taking to the cloud far more than the EU average.

Google Project Dragonfly China search engine looks finished

The company's privacy team has reportedly stopped all work on the search engine.

The winning strategy in the global race to 5G

Before reaping the rewards of next-generation connectivity, there are several steps businesses will need to take, and a number of barriers to overcome

Another EU country labels Huawei a security threat

Private companies need to cooperate with Chinese intelligence services, it said.

Building on blockchain: Should you look in-house or outsource?

The skills gap is prominent in the world of blockchain. Companies around the world end up vying for the same talent.

11 patent troll cases fall victim to landmark Supreme Court ruling

All of the cases saw patents described as “abstract” by the court under Section 101 of US patent rules and both Google and Amazon were among the companies targeted.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/15/11-patent-troll-cases-fall-victim-landmark-supreme-court-ruling/

How to set up two-step verification for your Gmail account

With the recent Gmail password spillage, many of you are doubtless thinking about security, and here’s one measure you can employ to make your Google account much stronger.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/15/how-to-set-up-two-step-verification-for-your-gmail-account/

Today’s tech: Phones 4u trouble, Samsung squares off against LG, Apple runs out of iPhone 6 handsets

The best of ITProPortal news including: Phones 4u has been forced into administration, Samsung and LG continue its bitter rivalry, and good luck getting an iPhone 6 on September 19.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Pwn2Own黑客参赛者:OS X安全性比其他系统出色

年度黑客大赛Pwn2Own已经开始,这次的参赛者们依然继续着击溃最新操作系统和浏览器的游戏,这也包括苹果的产品。据Threatpost网站报道,Keen Team本周四非常容易的将Safari攻破。

Maker Studios Nabs FailArmy And Other Viral Channels From Jukin Media

YouTube network Maker Studios is taking over management and monetization of a whole bunch of viral video channels that are managed by Jukin Media. The portfolio of content includes Fail Army‘s collection of fails, as well as 30 other viral video channels such as Bad Ads, The Come Up,




本期为大家分享腾讯开放平台主办的"青春.梦想"——中国互联网创新创业大赛导师见面会视频。《怒放》导演水木年华卢庚戌跨界对话搜狗ceo王小川,分享这代人的理想与现实、成功与机遇。视频对话中主要分享了以 ...

Motorola Moto X+1 photo leaks ahead of 4 September unveil

A picture of the new handset has leaked that shows it will come in black and white with wooden effect and it is ahead of an expected launch next month.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/22/motorola-moto-x1-photo-leaks-ahead-of-4-september-unveil/

Firefox.html:用HTML重现Firefox UI

最近 Firefox 动作频频,首先是与 Google 分道扬镳,将新的默认搜索引擎设为 Yahoo!,其次是曾一度拒绝 iOS 平台的 Mozilla 表示正在研究新的方法来制作适用于 iOS 的 Firefox,更完全使用苹果最新编程语言 Swif ... ...

Chromebook 将支持用 U 盘安装新 OS

Chromebook 继早前可以通过安装插件来在 Chrome OS 中以窗口形式开启 Linux OS 后,Google Chrome OS 团队为它再加入新功能,让使用者可以开启开发者模式以获得更多权限,在除错的时候更方便。

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Beta performance results are in, incoming bug fixes outlined

The makers of Gears of War, The Coalition, invited players to take part in an Open Beta for the latest edition Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. During the Beta period, June 15 to June 23, hundreds of thousands of people took part. Millions of matches were logged in the first week.

Microsoft Rebrands Xbox Music as Groove Without Making It Any Better

Just call Xbox Music “Groove” now. Groovy, man



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