OnPodcast Giveaway: You could be the lucky winner of one of two Aukey EP-T31 earbuds

Hello everyone! Arif, Kareem, and the OnPodast crew here with a special announcement. As a treat for all our OnPodcast viewers, we have a special giveaway for you. Thanks to our partner Aukey, we’re giving away two pairs of the new Aukey EP-T31 earbuds. These earbuds feature wireless charging,

Google’s ChromeOS slid pass macOS as it encroached on Windows market share in 2020

The rising tide of PC sales during the pandemic helped lift the boats for Windows PC manufacturers, Apple MacBook sales, and even the adoption of ChromeOS. According to market research firm IDC,

Microsoft’s new Digital Marketing Center is a free alternative to Squarespace for small businesses

Microsoft announced today that it’s launching a new website creation service intended to help small businesses “expand their digital marketing efforts, allowing them to grow their business.

New optional patches are available for Windows 10 versions 20H2 and 2004

Microsoft has just released new optional patches for Windows 10 versions 20H2 and 2004 which include a couple of minor fixes. The updates will appear as “KB4601382″ in Windows Update, and the new bits address an issue with screen rendering after opening games with certain hardware configurations,

Office Insiders can now generate PowerPoint presentations from Word documents

Microsoft is adding a nifty new intelligent feature to Word on the web that will let users automatically convert text-based documents to PowerPoint presentations. This capability is currently rolling out in preview to Office Insiders (Targeted release customers),

Windows 10 Insider build 21322 is now available in the Dev Channel

Microsoft has just released the Windows 10 preview build 21322 for Insiders in the Dev Channel. This is a minor update that actually removes a couple of things such as the 3D Objects folder in File Explorer,

5 things the new Microsoft Edge does great that Google Chrome can’t

If you didn’t already know, Microsoft has a new Edge browser, and it’s a lot better than what we’ve now come to know as the “legacy” version of Microsoft Edge.

Google’s been lobbying for more scrutiny into Microsoft’s liability for SolarWinds hack

Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has attempted to put the screws to Google through public statements and private lobbying while the company fends off several antitrust cases globally. Fortunately, for Google,

New Surface Pro 7 firmware updates are available with pen performance and stability improvements

Microsoft has shipped a new batch of firmware updates for its Surface Pro 7 tablet last week. This set of updates includes lots of refinements this month for improving the graphics performance, inking experience, and pressure precision.

Getting started with LinkedIn Part One – for small business owners

LinkedIn is the marketing hub of many social selling executives and solopreneurs. What about small businesses using LinkedIn to reach their goals? For small business owners,

This Viozon Tablet Stand Holder can turn your Surface Pro or Go into a Surface Studio of sorts

You can find plenty of cool accessories for a Surface anywhere you look. There are USB-C hubs or docks, skins, covers, sleeves, pens, and so much more. But in this day and age, you might be sporting your Surface more for actual work scenarios.

What Are GMO Foods, And Are They Okay To Eat?

The advent of genetically modified crops has promised heartier food and higher yields that could potentially reduce poverty and malnutrition rates the world over. Two decades later, they're also broadly maligned and mistrusted. But is it finally time to put down the pitchforks?Read more...    

John Ive《星期日泰晤士报》专访 竞争对手剽窃了苹果的工作成果

什么事情最让苹果设计主管John Ive生气?显然是创意遭到了抄袭!在接受《星期日泰晤士报》的采访中,John Ive表示:如果你懂得制造的过程,就会知道,一件物品的诞生,离不开其创造者。





Ask Slashdot: Should You Invest In Documentation, Or UX?

New submitter fpodoo writes "We are going to launch a new version of Odoo, the open source business apps suite. Once a year we release a new version and all the documentation has to be rewritten, as the software evolves a lot. It's a huge effort (~1000 pages,





03月06日 Cydia插件iOS 8兼容性更新汇总

ArithmeticAlarm8 当前版本 0.0.1-3 兼容 iOS 8.0 收费 0.99美元  《ArithmeticAlarm8》是一款闹钟增强插件,它可以为闹钟添加数学题来强制解锁,如果在闹铃响时,用户没有输入正确答案的话,闹钟将会不停的响。

RS 发布免费的电气设计新软件DS Electrical

DesignSpark工程CAD工具组合的扩大,为电气系统设计节省时间并减少错误 北京2015年9月7日电 /美通社/ -- 服务于全球工程师的分销商 Electrocomponents plc (LSE:

买水货的请注意:iPhone 6改6s服务出现了

iPhone 6s 在中国大陆首发,而且库存很足,这是今年苹果给我们带来的好消息。

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