FCC net neutrality debate receives over three million responses

The debate, which centres on the introduction of Internet fast lanes, at extra cost, for high-bandwidth services, was also subject to an online slowdown protest last week from Netflix and Twitter.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

相关内容: that debate from more over case ISPs online neutra

What is YouTube Studio and how does it work?

YouTube Studio is the place where you manage your YouTube videos, and in this article, we explain its features and how to use it to get the best out of your channel.

Best photo cloud storage 2020: free and paid backup for pictures and images

We’ve rounded up the best cloud storage providers for photos and pictures, to help you keep your cherished memories safe.

Phishing attacks more targeted and diverse during pandemic

Cybercriminals are tapping into their creative sides.

Employers fear remote workers at risk of burnout

Many employees feel like they have to prove remote working works.

Open source cyberattacks see huge rise

As businesses get better at spotting zero-days, hackers are turning their attention to open source projects.

Keeping the cloud secure remains a major challenge for many firms

Security teams are dealing with increasingly complex environments.

UK CEOs 'need to have some tech experience'

CEOs with a background in app development could help businesses excel.

LG reveals efficient OLED light panels will hit the market in November

It has developed panels that offer the same 100 lumens per watt of current LED and fluorescent panels as well as 40,000 hours of life per panel.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/16/lg-reveals-efficient-oled-light-panels-will-hit-market-november/

MIT develops soft robot ‘tentacle’

Made entirely out of silicone, the robotic arm moves by pumping air into different segments of the limb and could prove useful in minimally invasive surgeries.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/16/mit-develops-soft-robot-tentacle/

Sir Richard Branson backs Sidecar’s ‘innovative’ ride-sharing service

The investment is part of $15 million that sourced from various parties and will help it to expand further across the US with its popular Shared Rides feature.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/16/sir-richard-branson-backs-sidecars-innovative-ride-sharing-service/

10 Wildlife Adventures You Must See Before They Go Extinct

If catching a tan on an exotic beach or traveling to a tourist trap of a city seems like a bland and boring way to spend your summer vacation, a wildlife adventure may sound like a more appealing getaway. But you'll have to hurry, or you may miss the main attraction.

如何对比评价经典单机 RPG 游戏《上古卷轴》和《辐射》系列?


Android核心基础(手机卫士的一个知识点总结) - I love Android

注意:有些功能是需要权限的,在这里并没有写出来,在程序运行中,根据程序报的错误,添加相应的权限即可1.获取版本号 思路: 1.获取包管理器PackageManager 2.通过包管理器获取包信息PackageInfo 3.

You No Longer Have to Go to Japan to Buy These Beautiful Blue Toolboxes

Trusco toolboxes have long been an elusive item, something only seen by tasteful travelers who spotted them in Japan. They lusted after them enough to fill a few pages on Instagram. But now Hand-Eye Supply is selling a whole line of these beautiful blue boxes, and they're surprisingly affordable.


之前三星曾坦言自己第二季的智能手机销量不是太好,而从 IDC...

名称不变,下一代Nexus依旧会是Android 5.0的标杆

根据loadthegame的消息,今年Nexus的新款产品在名称上也许不会有变化,将依然叫做Nexus 5(2014)。在上周摩托罗拉的发布会上,我们并没有看到新一代Nexus设备。

炫富工具,路虎 9 万美元纯电动 SUV 直指 Model X

路虎越野车一直给人低调奢华的感觉,随着近两年富人们的亲睐,成为了富人们的身份象征。如今他们很快会有了新的目标,路虎宣布将推出全电动的 SUV,继续走奢华路线,并与特斯拉的 Model X 竞争。

Some Billionaires Want To Give NYC a $170 Million Floating Park

Last month, Mayor De Blasio announced a push to fund green spaces in New York's poor neighborhoods. This probably isn't exactly what he meant: Very wealthy power couple Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg have announced plans to fund a giant park in the Hudson River. Read more...

Buy!...Sell!...Without fees: Robinhood app caters to investment newbies

Now may be a good time to start investing.Brokerage startup Robinhood launched its first iPhone app on Thursday, which allows users to buy and sell stocks from smartphones without paying any commission fees.See also:



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