This week's Deals with Gold offers Valiant Hearts The Great War for Xbox One with a 33 percent disco

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Countdown to 2015: Microsoft offers Outlast for Xbox One at 60 percent discount, Xbox 360 games disc

Not too long ago, Microsoft announced their Countdown to 2015 where Xbox owners can get daily and weekly deals on game for their consoles. As a part of today's deals, Microsoft has some decent games in store for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. As for those with the next-generation Xbox One,

Get select Xbox One and Xbox 360 games with a discount of up to 75 percent under 'Deals with Gold'

Titanfall for Xbox One gets a 50 percent discount in this week's deals with gold

Countdown to 2015 Day 4: Get Murdered: Soul Suspect at an amazing discount for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Microsoft's Countdown to 2015 continues where the company plans to offer Xbox games at discounted prices. Yesterday, they were offering Outlast for Xbox One at an impressive discount, and today, the company is offering supernatural detective thriller Murdered:

This week's Deals with Gold offers Valiant Hearts The Great War for Xbox One with a 33 percent disco

Deals with Gold: Sherlock Holmes, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and many more

Deals with Gold: Zombie Driver, Need For Speed, and more

This week's deals with gold brings EA Sports UFC, Castlestorm, and many more at discounted prices

This week's Deals with Gold offers dozens of games at a discount, Countdown to 2015 daily deal annou

Not too long ago, Microsoft introduced the Countdown to 2015 deals for Xbox, where the Redmond-based company started offering attractive deals on Xbox games every day until the end of the year. The latest deals for today are out, and offers Dragon Age: Inquisition and Dragon Age:

Xbox Live Gold members can grab a discounted Watch Dogs and Works Battleground as a part of this wee

Xbox Live Gold subscription has its own set of benefits. Every week, Microsoft offers popular gaming titles for both Xbox One and the Xbox 360 at a discounted price for Gold members.

Mortal Kombat 11 is now live on Microsoft’s Xbox One video game consoles

Mortal Kombat 11 is now available to play on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. The game is the latest in the long-running fight game franchise and the second to launch on the Xbox One generation of consoles.

The future of Microsoft Sets remains unclear after a day of back and forth

Last Friday, a Microsoft Senior Program Manager working on Windows Console tweeted out what appeared to be confirmation that Microsoft Sets, a way to bring tabs to Windows features like File Explorer, Office apps, and Windows Console using elements of the Edge browser, was “no more.

Save up to $400 on select Surface Book 2 models for a limited time

For a limited time, the US Microsoft Store is offering up to $400 discounts on select Surface Book 2 models, and the sale includes the freshly-released 13-inch Surface Book 2 with a quad-core 8th gen Core i5 processor.

Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android gain secure sign-on features

Microsoft’s Edge development team is running on all cylinders as of late as it brings forth the latest Chromium-based web browser while also maintaining a healthy update cycle for its iOS and Android counterparts. As part of that healthy release window for Edge on iOS and Android,

Software Assurance subscribers can now offer Office 365 to employees as part of Home Use program

Microsoft’s latest move to expand the reach of its Home Use Program to now include support for Office 365 Home and Personal may be its Trojan Horse to increase its subscription numbers over the long term. Each quarter Microsoft rolls out its impressive Azure revenue numbers and its,

New account manager in Office on Windows will make it easy to switch between personal and work accou

Microsoft’s Office apps on Windows are getting a new Account Manager feature that will soon allow users to seamlessly switch between accounts.

Microsoft is still working on a tabbed experience for Windows, even though Microsoft Sets is “no mor

Microsoft first introduced a way to bring tabs to File Explorer and other parts of the Windows with Sets, a Windows Insider feature that first appeared in RS5 build 17618. It then disappeared in build 17704,

OneNote on your watch? Android Wear can do that

Smartwatches, in fact wearable technology, has become the "in thing" these days, with Google Glass leading the charge, along with Pebble. Others have followed suit -- most notably Android Wear and now even Apple, though the latter is late to the game. 

This awesome tool easily creates multi-sized logos for your Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone app project

It is tedious enough that you, as an app developer, have to spent countless hours coding and debugging your app prior to submission to the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store. Prior to submission of your brand new app, you are required to submit various logos in multiple sizes. 

Forza Horizon 2 digital pre-orders kick off ahead of September 30th launch, comes in three editions

三星的「S-Circle」活动追踪器到访 FCC

分类: 佩戴产品你以为三星在发了全新的 Gear 系列手表后就会忘记旗下别的可穿戴产品吗?根据 FCC 最新公布的资料来看,答案显然是否定的。


FBI 视自动车为潜在的「致命武器」,因其可让坏人「多线操作」

Google 将他们的第二代自动车设计得像卡通里的载具,给人很可爱的印象,不过 FBI 则看重自动车的潜在威胁呢。The Guardian 最近合法地取得了一份来自 FBI...


近日,微软在美国旧金山召开一场以“微软云服务”为主题的发布会,其中我们看到了微软发布了基于云平台且用于企业的一 […]

浅谈算法和数据结构: 十一 哈希表 - yangecnu




Ben van Berkel和UNStudio设计延伸智能家居概念的W.I.N.D. House

Ben van Berkel和UNStudio设计了延伸智能家居概念的W.I.N.D.


据新浪科技,阿里云正考虑在欧洲建设数据中心,德国是考虑对象之一,阿里云与德国电信(Deutsche Telekom)的相关合作正在洽谈当中。





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