Madden NFL 21 is coming to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on March 2

Madden NFL 21, the latest installment in the popular American football video game franchise is coming to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on March 2.

OnPodcast Episode 23: Windows 10X as “the new Windows,” Xbox Live downtime, Surface Laptop 4 AMD rum

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 22rd episode of OnPodcast: The Podcast. This is our weekly podcast series featuring our contributing writers, Kareem Anderson and Arif Bacchus. This week, there was a lot that happened on the OnPodcast.

Windows 10 news recap: Windows 10X may be marketed as “the new Windows”, could be making closer ties

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft may market upcoming Windows 10X as “The New Windows” New leaks suggest that Windows 10X,

Microsoft news recap: Digital Marketing Center launches, Halo TV gets new 2022 release window, and m

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee,

Dev type stories: The good, bad and ugly on my Windows Development journey – Part 2

This is a four part piece article is a feature story on my Windows Development journey; the good, bad and ugly. This is Part 2 of my bad Windows development journey with the launch of failed two video games from Transparent Machines teaser hype to the bad launch of Hinder video game.  

Microsoft co-founder CEO Bill Gates explains why he keeps using Android phones

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft is still using Android, just like the majority of smartphone users. In a recent interview with CNBC and NYT journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, the tech industry legend explained why Android remains his mobile operating system of choice.

Microsoft Edge Canary now lets users delete multiple passwords at once

Microsoft is currently experimenting with a new feature for its Edge browser, which will allow users to delete multiple saved passwords at once. This capability is available in the Edge Canary build 90.0.807.0, as spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2.

Microsoft is adding new AI-based capabilities to Polls in Teams meetings

Microsoft Teams is slated to get a host of new capabilities to improve the new built-in Polls feature in meetings, according to an update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap. These updates have been designed to enhance the Teams meeting experience and make virtual meetings more productive and engaging.

iOS Microsoft Remote Desktop app gets a number of new changes in its first 2021 update

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop app received its first update for the year for Apple’s iOS devices today. This update, a pretty big one, makes some UI improvements, adds a new zoom slider, and fixes a couple of bugs that were frustrating some users.

This Xbox Series X espresso machine doesn’t exist but it should

The Fakes Forge Twitter account recently tweeted a genuinely cool manipulated image (see above) showing an espresso machine that’s designed to look like Microsoft’s recently released Xbox Series X console.

Microsoft teams up with Intel, Adobe, BBC, and more to combat misleading digital content

While Microsoft does own and operate a search engine and advertising platform, the company’s public involvement in the conversation regarding a proliferation of disinformation has been seemingly minimal. However,

nubia Z7卖2999元? 还未上市价格遭曝光



Uber的国际化之路真是喜忧参半,虽然在中国与百度达成战略合作,但是在亚洲其他国家的业务拓展似乎没有那么顺利。台湾交通部在本月 18 号和 19 号向 Uber 在台公司发出警告,称 Uber 在台业务违反了台湾高速公路法。

Not Scared About the Pacific Northwest's Impending Quake? You Should Be.

The Pacific Northwest is due for a continent-rending earthquake. Experts believe the odds of a Big One happening in the next half century are about one in three, the odds of a Very Big One roughly one in ten, and that, in either case, we are disastrously unprepared.Read more...


北京时间11月3日消息,据国外媒体报道,美国加州理工学院科学家近日在宇宙微波背景中发现神秘亮点,该亮光信号的发射时间可追溯至宇宙大爆炸后的十万年 左右。

[No000041]如果你被ruby惯坏了,不如试试python3-在Windows下安装ipython - CharyGao

说明:我比较喜欢绿色软件,因此,下载的是python3为zip包.所以执行命令时请注意当前路径.先安装pip (请去官网下载 地址: 注意文章发表时间:2015/11/11)英文不懂可以翻译成中文...

Tim Cook:苹果不打算推出 Mac 和 iPad 的结合体

既然 Tim Cook 已经「明言」自己不欣赏 Surface 的概念,那苹果不准备推出类似产品的决定,也就自然而然显得顺理成章了。




据国外媒体报道,美国麻省理工学院(MIT)的研究人员发现了一种新物质,拥有第三种磁性状态。麻省理工学院称之为液态自旋量子,他们表示这种新物质将改变电脑的数据存储方式。  量子自旋液体将有可能消除量子 ... ...

Silly, Fun Video Recites the Alphabet Using Movie Scenes

Hearing the alphabet through movie scenes is totally dumb and silly but also loads of stupid fun. Burger Fiction took scenes from 85 different movies and stitched them together to spit out all 26 letters, and it’s almost captivating, in a “Damn,

亚洲领先的CRM公司Capillary Technologies宣布拓展中国市场

北京和上海2016年7月26日电 /美通社/ -- 帮助零售商实现客户智能互动的亚洲领先的客户关系管理公司 Capillary Technologies (简称“Capillary”) 今天宣布,该公司已在上海成立总部,全力拓展在华业务。该公司正在投资建设并迅速扩大其本地化团队和平台,继续巩固其在该地区领先的全渠道客户互动服务提供商的地位。Capillary 已经在中国与 Lee、必胜客、Kipling(凯浦林)和余仁生等大型零售商展开了合作。

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