Better Origin, which turns flies into food for chickens, raises $3M from Fly Ventures

Better Origin is a startup that converts waste food into essential nutrients using insects fed to chickens inside a standard shipping container. It’s now raised a Seed Series $3 million funding round led by Fly Ventures and solar entrepreneur Nick Boyle,

Justworks’ Series B pitch deck may be the most wonderfully simple deck I’ve ever seen

It may be tough to remember, but there was a time long ago when Justworks wasn’t a household name. Though its monthly revenue growth charts were up and to the right, it had not even broken the $100,000 mark. Even then, Bain Capital Venture’s Matt Harris felt confident in betting on the startup.

How investors are valuing the pandemic

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How capital-as-a-service can help you get your first check in 2021

“A lot of founders mix up raising money with making money.” This quote, which Career Karma founder Ruben Harris mentioned off-hand on a phone call with me, has been on my mind for months. In fact, raising money can cost you money, in the form of that sweet, sweet ownership and equity.

Storm Ventures promotes Pascale Diaine and Frederik Groce to partners

Storm Ventures, a venture firm that focuses on early stage B2B enterprise startups, announced this week that it has promoted Pascale Diaine and Frederik Groce to partners at the firm. The two new partners have worked their way up over the last several years.

This Week in Apps: Twitter targets creators, Clubhouse security, Spotify’s plans for paid podcasts

Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry is as hot as ever, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spend in 2020.

If you haven’t followed NFTs, here’s why you should start

Digital content has value, and crypto collectors are flocking to lay their namesake on the biggest collections of tomorrow.

6 Copenhagen investors share their outlook on investing in 2021

While Denmark and Copenhagen don’t often come up as a destination for European startups, it has a thriving local tech scene that’s home to some of the better startup conferences. After all, who doesn’t want to visit Copenhagen? A highly educated population, great universities,

Future Acres launches with the arrival of crop-transporting robot, Carry

When people ask me which robotics categories are poised for the biggest growth, I often point to agriculture. The technology already has a strong foothold in places like warehouse and logistics,

South African digital bank TymeBank lands $109M from UK and Philippines investors

The onset of the pandemic has led to increased demand across customer income groups around the world for digital banking options. We’ve seen how digital banks like Zolve and Nubank have raised money in recent months to fill this need. This time, a startup from Africa has joined the party. TymeBank,

ErudiFi raises $5 million Series A to give students in Southeast Asia more education financing optio

Based in Singapore, ErudiFi wants to help more students in Southeast Asia stay in school by giving them affordable financing options. The startup announced today it has raised a $5 million Series A, co-led by Monk’s Hill Ventures and Qualgro.


和其他互联网产品团队交流的过程中,许多朋友都提到过一个问题,怎么为自己的产品选择一个适合的设计方案?在有道云笔 […]

三洋公布2014高清电视产品线 最高配120Hz刷新率65英寸屏



Facebook今天宣布,将提供一项名为“Facebook Newswire”的新服务,旨在帮助新闻记者借助社交网络发现、分享有新闻价值的内容。而为此项新功能提供技术支持的是“Storyful”公司。


说到铃声,这几乎已经成为了各个厂家展示和区分自己品牌的另一个主要战场。当然,它们大多逃不过头脑发达的人们的恶搞或混录(remix),其中也不乏令人印象深刻的经典作品(比如Windows XP系统提示音的重编曲remix版本)。

傳微軟也將推出智慧型手錶,支援 iOS、Android...

圖片引用來源:Shutterstock;原文引用來源:The Verge看來智慧型手錶市場越來越熱鬧了!閱讀全文


威锋网讯,Josh Banko,苹果前高级工程师,曾经作为硬件部门副总裁引领着 iPad 的开发团队,目前已经加盟了 Misfit Wearables 公司。他目前专注于建立这家公司的工程团队。


英格兰纽卡斯尔大学(Newcastle University)的博莱特(Thomas V. Pollet)和奈特尔(Daniel Nettle)发表在《演化和人类行为》杂志上的论文显示,中国富人的女性性伴侣自述获得性高潮的频率更高。

Twitter and Women, Action & the Media have just rolled out a new harassment-reporting tool for victi

Twitter and Women, Action & the Media have just rolled out a new harassment-reporting tool for victims of 140-character gender harassment. The tool, which has been created thanks to recent attacks on women on Twitter, will sort genuine complaints and escalate them to Twitter,



Court Orders Uber To Shut Down In Spain

An anonymous reader writes with word that a Spanish judge, after complaints from taxi associations that the competition Uber brings to the transportation market is unfair to existing firms' drivers, has ordered the company cease operations in the country. From the BBC article:

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