What’s the deal with nano weed edibles?

The information contained in this article is not a substitute for, or alternative to information from a healthcare practitioner. Please consult a healthcare professional before using any product and check your local laws before making any purchasing decisions.Edibles are always a gamble,

Did bots help push GameStop and other ‘meme stocks’? A new report says yes.

Were bots behind the GameStop stock surge from less than $20 per share to nearly $350 per share? One cybersecurity firm is saying that may very well be the case.A new report from PiiQ Media, provided to Reuters,

Ancestry company uses deepfakes to bring old photos of your great grandma to life

While some companies are fighting nefarious uses of deepfakes, others are embracing the technology for more playful reasons.With our new Deep Nostalgia™, you can see how a person from an old photo could have moved and looked if they were captured on video! Read more: https://t.

Verizon admitted 5G might be a big battery drain without admitting it

This probably wouldn't merit any discussion if Verizon hadn't been so unnecessarily shady. It's tough when your phone battery drains fast, but most people recognize that new features and tech can have that effect.In a Sunday morning tweet,

Maya Rudolph is finally set to host 'SNL' again after her *many* Kamala Harris cameos

You'd be forgiven for thinking Maya Rudolph has hosted Saturday Night Live in recent years. As the show's go-to Kamala Harris impersonator, she's put in more appearances than some of the show's own featured players.But alas, Rudolph hasn't graced the SNL set as host since way back in 2012.

Minneapolis will pay influencers to post during the George Floyd murder trials

Minneapolis, Minn. approved a unique program on Friday.The city will pay social media influencers to spread “approved messages” during the trials of the police officers charged with killing George Floyd.The Minneapolis City Council passed the program,

Weekend Update torches the hateful idiocy of Marjorie Taylor Greene on 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live is here to remind us all that Marjorie Taylor Greene exists. She's an actual elected official who ostensibly represents the interests of her Georgia district in the U.S. House of Representative,

'Things' app review: A smart tool to help you get things done

If you are overwhelmed with too much to do, Things is for you. It’s a subtly powerful organizational tool that, in the right hands, combines the best of an analog paper-list-and-planner system, with the convenience and technical magic of a digital one.

It's still cozy season: Grab a weighted blanket for under $50

TL;DR: Fall asleep quickly and peacefully with the Buzio Weighted Blanket, on sale for $48.99 — a 17% savings — as of Feb. 23. Tossing and turning each night can wear you down physically, mentally, and socially, making it harder to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This home security camera was a favorite at CES — and it's on sale

TL;DR: The Ucam Private Home Security Camera keeps your data and footage secure, and it's on sale for 21% off. As of Feb. 23, get it for only $49.99.A CES Innovation Awards Honoree in 2020, the Ucam is the first blockchain-powered home security camera with end-to-end encryption. 

Expand your laptop’s capabilities with a USB-C hub on sale

TL;DR: Increase the number of ports at your disposal with the EVRI FLEX USB-C Hub, on sale for $39.95 — a 50% savings — as of Feb. 23.What are you supposed to do when your laptop doesn't have enough ports to get the job done? Grab this EVRI FLEX USB-C Hub.


编者按:本文来自《21世纪经济报道》记者辛苑薇 ,授权36氪发布(大家可以关注她的微信公众号“蜡笔小辛”: libbyzin),关注全球前沿科技、资本等资讯。



Human 将 app 上的活动数据呈现在地图上

分类: 精彩杂录 Move 这个 iOS 懂得将用户每日的活动数据收集(步行、踏单车、跑步和坐车),并会在用户每日活动时数达 30 分钟之后给予奖励。

Twitter 收购银行卡消费绑定平台 CardSpring,强化在线内容消费体系

Twitter 在今天宣布了对支付平台 CardSpring 公司的收购(我们此前报道过CardSpring),具体财务细节并未披露。Twitter 宣称将与其平台内的内容发布商、金融、和零售合作伙伴“为消费者打造一种具备创新性的商业体验”。

QuickType Could Be The Most Fun You Have With iOS 8

Since ancient times , iPhone owners have cursed the dreaded Autocorrect. They've lived in fear that the Apple monstrosity will get them fired, alienate them from parents, and generally destroy all forms of meaningful relationship. With iOS 8, however,



FreeNAS 9.3 Released

An anonymous reader writes This FreeNAS update is a significant evolutionary step from previous FreeNAS releases featuring: a simplified and reorganized Web User Interface, support for Microsoft ODX and Windows 2012 clustering, better VMWare integration, including VAAI support,

Microsoft officially announces the Lumia 640 XL, a large mid-range 5.7" device

Microsoft has announced their second new Lumia device today, the Lumia 640 XL. The device is a 5.7" device available for 189 Euros for the 3G model and 219 Euros for the LTE variant.The mid-range device features a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, 13MP camera,

苹果被法院要求 帮FBI解锁凶犯iPhone 5C手机

【环球科技报道 记者 程君秋】据英国路透社2月16日报道,美国洛杉矶地区法院法官皮姆(Sheri Pym)16日作出裁决,要求苹果协助美国联邦调查局(FBI)解锁加州枪击案凶犯法鲁克(Syed Rizwan Farook)的手机。苹果被法院 ... ...

android一个下拉放大库bug的解决过程及思考 - 雪狼的程序故事

android一个下拉放大库bug的解决过程及思考 起因 项目中要做一个下拉缩放图片的效果,搜索了下github上面,找到了两个方案。 "https://github.com/Frank Zhu/PullZoomView" 这个库本来做的还可以,不过有个缺陷就是,当scroolview滑动到底部,再

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