YouTuber asks an AI for video ideas, gets a surprising response

British YouTuber Tom Scott has such a distinctive style to his videos that they can — and have — lent themselves quite well to parody in the past, both from humans and AIs alike. But for his latest video, Scott decided to use this to his advantage.

Did bots help push GameStop and other ‘meme stocks’? A new report says yes.

Were bots behind the GameStop stock surge from less than $20 per share to nearly $350 per share? One cybersecurity firm is saying that may very well be the case.A new report from PiiQ Media, provided to Reuters,

Ancestry company uses deepfakes to bring old photos of your great grandma to life

While some companies are fighting nefarious uses of deepfakes, others are embracing the technology for more playful reasons.With our new Deep Nostalgia™, you can see how a person from an old photo could have moved and looked if they were captured on video! Read more: https://t.

Verizon admitted 5G might be a big battery drain without admitting it

This probably wouldn't merit any discussion if Verizon hadn't been so unnecessarily shady. It's tough when your phone battery drains fast, but most people recognize that new features and tech can have that effect.In a Sunday morning tweet,

Maya Rudolph is finally set to host 'SNL' again after her *many* Kamala Harris cameos

You'd be forgiven for thinking Maya Rudolph has hosted Saturday Night Live in recent years. As the show's go-to Kamala Harris impersonator, she's put in more appearances than some of the show's own featured players.But alas, Rudolph hasn't graced the SNL set as host since way back in 2012.

Minneapolis will pay influencers to post during the George Floyd murder trials

Minneapolis, Minn. approved a unique program on Friday.The city will pay social media influencers to spread “approved messages” during the trials of the police officers charged with killing George Floyd.The Minneapolis City Council passed the program,

Weekend Update torches the hateful idiocy of Marjorie Taylor Greene on 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live is here to remind us all that Marjorie Taylor Greene exists. She's an actual elected official who ostensibly represents the interests of her Georgia district in the U.S. House of Representative,

'Things' app review: A smart tool to help you get things done

If you are overwhelmed with too much to do, Things is for you. It’s a subtly powerful organizational tool that, in the right hands, combines the best of an analog paper-list-and-planner system, with the convenience and technical magic of a digital one.

Yes, wind turbines can totally thrive in the cold. Including Antarctica.

Wind turbines power about 100 homes at the main U.S. research center in Antarctica, where temperatures average about -17°C. It's proof that the incredibly resilient technology can be weatherized to operate reliably in extreme cold. Read more...More about Extreme Weather, Antarctica,

Pixel 5a leaks, looks pretty much the same as Pixel 4a 5G

Google's Pixel 5a is coming, and its design will surprise absolutely no one. Leaker of smartphone things Steve Hemmerstoffer has produced detailed renders of the upcoming affordable Pixel phone, together with a fairly comprehensive list of specs. According to the report,

What’s the deal with nano weed edibles?

The information contained in this article is not a substitute for, or alternative to information from a healthcare practitioner. Please consult a healthcare professional before using any product and check your local laws before making any purchasing decisions.Edibles are always a gamble,

How Android smartphones leave Apple’s iPhone 6 handsets in the dust

The simple truth of the matter is that Android smartphones are too far ahead of the iPhone for Apple to ever catch up.Read more:

出门请把地球带上 概念手表Earth and Moon

威锋网 1 月 23 日消息,俄罗斯设计师 Alexander Sorokin 创意十足,将地球和月亮带到手表中,设计了这款名为“Earth and Moon”的概念作品,用 Earth and Moon 手表看时间时你会有种置身外太空俯瞰地球的错觉,十分梦幻。  

Google’s New Health Wearable Delivers Constant Patient Monitoring

Often when we think of the wearable tech category, we imagine consumer-focused general purpose devices like Fitbit’s range or the Apple Watch. Google has unveiled a new niche device that’s designed to do serious work in a specific setting, however,

This Scottish city apparently has the sexiest accent in Britain

LONDON — People from Glasgow have the sexiest accent in Britain, apparently, while those hailing from Newcastle sound the most intelligent.That's the verdict from a British Airways survey conducted earlier this month, which quizzed 1,000 Americans and 1,

三星Galaxy S7家族新旗舰最新消息汇总

三星Galaxy S6系列无疑是2015年最受欢迎的Android智能手机之一,尤其是拥有曲面侧屏的Galaxy S6 Edge。三星不仅改善了产品外观的风格,同时还对界面进行了调整,可以说非常成功。而说完Galaxy S6系列,现在又到了讨论Galaxy S7系列新旗舰的时候。基本上可以确定,Galaxy S7系列一定会延续Galaxy S6的风格,但是至于会有什么新特性和新功能,同时包括Galaxy S7、Galaxy S7 Edge和Galaxy S7 Edge+三款之间又有什么不同,我们可以一起来看看。


2015 年的 VC/PE 江湖大幕已经落下。双创元年下,这个曾经从未在中国资本市场扮演过主流角色的行业开始频繁曝光在聚光灯下。在经历了冰火两重天的 2015 年后,2016 年对于 VC/PE 行业来说将更加值得期待。《投资 ... ...

Virgin America is reportedly considering selling itself, and Wall Street is here for it

Virgin America is reportedly flirting with a sale, and Wall Street seems to be into it. Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources, reported Wednesday that the airline is reaching out to potential buyers. According to Bloomberg, the airline received takeover interest,

警方提醒:诈骗信息有这8个关键词 链接千万别点

当互联网流量红利期已过,VIPKID 们如何吹皱了少儿语培的“一池春水”?

曾经有一位教育行业的创业者说过:“今天我们所有人的努力,其实都在给百度一家打工。”之所以这样讲,是因为流量作为大部分企业的命脉,几乎被垄断在巨头手中。有数据统计,国内教育行业所有上市公司净利润一年在 2 亿美元左右,但是百度一年却能从教育行业赚 5 亿美元。而作为流量大户,当在线教育走过 2014 年的爆发期和 2015 年的“O2O Club”,流量还是一个可讲的故事吗?比如今年 6 月线上语培巨头 51Talk 上市,招股书暴露出了这类公司在模式上的普遍痛点:营销成本居高不下,成本随着规模的扩张不断增加,这也是 51Talk 推出高客单的美国小学课程的原因之一。

WiGig无线标准正式开始提供验证 最高可达8Gbps


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