OkCupid predicts August 1 as the hottest dating day of the year in UK

Remember dating?It seems a lifetime ago that we were sitting across from a date, nervously sipping our gin and tonics as they made awkward small talk. Allowing ourselves to think about the future has been an unreliable and rather futile activity since the coronavirus pandemic began. Nonetheless,

Verizon admitted 5G might be a big battery drain without admitting it

This probably wouldn't merit any discussion if Verizon hadn't been so unnecessarily shady. It's tough when your phone battery drains fast, but most people recognize that new features and tech can have that effect.In a Sunday morning tweet,

Maya Rudolph is finally set to host 'SNL' again after her *many* Kamala Harris cameos

You'd be forgiven for thinking Maya Rudolph has hosted Saturday Night Live in recent years. As the show's go-to Kamala Harris impersonator, she's put in more appearances than some of the show's own featured players.But alas, Rudolph hasn't graced the SNL set as host since way back in 2012.

Minneapolis will pay influencers to post during the George Floyd murder trials

Minneapolis, Minn. approved a unique program on Friday.The city will pay social media influencers to spread “approved messages” during the trials of the police officers charged with killing George Floyd.The Minneapolis City Council passed the program,

Weekend Update torches the hateful idiocy of Marjorie Taylor Greene on 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live is here to remind us all that Marjorie Taylor Greene exists. She's an actual elected official who ostensibly represents the interests of her Georgia district in the U.S. House of Representative,

'Things' app review: A smart tool to help you get things done

If you are overwhelmed with too much to do, Things is for you. It’s a subtly powerful organizational tool that, in the right hands, combines the best of an analog paper-list-and-planner system, with the convenience and technical magic of a digital one.

Perfect 'SNL' music video celebrates all the trash we've been streaming for the past year

What have you been watching during the pandemic? Other than reruns of The Office, of course.This pitch-perfect Saturday Night Live music video taps into our endless fascination with different flavors true crime while we've all been locked up with nothing to do during a pandemic.

'SNL' imagines the hilarious fails in store for all of our post-COVID date nights

Look. We've all been locked up in our homes for almost an entire year as a dangerous pandemic has swept across the planet. We're doing great. Really. At this point, it's enough for most of us to just get out of bed and weave some normal in between all the weird quirks and behaviors we've picked up.

YouTuber asks an AI for video ideas, gets a surprising response

British YouTuber Tom Scott has such a distinctive style to his videos that they can — and have — lent themselves quite well to parody in the past, both from humans and AIs alike. But for his latest video, Scott decided to use this to his advantage.

Yes, wind turbines can totally thrive in the cold. Including Antarctica.

Wind turbines power about 100 homes at the main U.S. research center in Antarctica, where temperatures average about -17°C. It's proof that the incredibly resilient technology can be weatherized to operate reliably in extreme cold. Read more...More about Extreme Weather, Antarctica,

Pixel 5a leaks, looks pretty much the same as Pixel 4a 5G

Google's Pixel 5a is coming, and its design will surprise absolutely no one. Leaker of smartphone things Steve Hemmerstoffer has produced detailed renders of the upcoming affordable Pixel phone, together with a fairly comprehensive list of specs. According to the report,

全新HTC One台湾价格曝光 售价不到4500

安锋网 3 月 6 日消息 据台湾媒体报道,全新 HTC One 将于 3 月底登陆台湾市场,售价 21900 新台币,约 4420 元。如果传闻属实,该手机售价比三星 Galaxy S5 与索尼 Xperia Z2 都便宜。   

Taking Lots Of Selfies Is Not A Mental Disorder

Have you heard? The American Psychological Association says that taking an excessive amount of selfies is now considered a mental disorder. But of course this claim, which predictably spread like Kardashian wedding news on social media channels this weekend, is completely false.


就在不久前,能载着人类往返太空的商业载人飞船还是颇具科幻色彩的“白日梦”。 但今天,美国私人航天公司SpaceX揭开了可实现这一梦想的载人飞船的神秘面纱。

Microsoft have patented a robotic butterfly that reacts to mood changes

Microsoft can no longer be considered solely as a ‘software giant’, not with devices like the Xbox, Surface, and Nokia under their wings. In addition to PC accessories and the upcoming "smartwatch" of course. If we were to guess what the company's next plunge in hardware would be,

Happy 15th Birthday, Wi-Fi! How has it changed your life?

Wireless access points are basically magic. Well, it is actually science, but to early users, it was like something out of a fantasy. And now the technology has turned fifteen.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/09/happy-15th-birthday-wi-fi-how-has-it-changed-your-life/


本月初,魅族的年度旗舰MX4以1799元的挑战者形象崭新亮相。对于魅族和消费者而言,这都是一个令人激动的新开始。当然,更激动的还有其对手小米。甚至其副总黎万强亲自上阵,为小米手机的营销自添砝码。魅族商业上 ... ...


360:2014年11月手机游戏指数——信息图 您可能也喜欢的文章: 2014年手机游戏平台交易数据报告——信息图 360:2013年11月手机游戏指数报告:RPG类收入大幅增长 PP助手:2014年11月Android游戏报告——信息图

Android -- PullToRefresh应用 - 我爱物联网

PullToRefresh 支持ListView、ExpandableListView、GridView、WebView下载地址:https://github.com/chrisbanes/Android-PullToRefresh注意,若是要放到android studio中的话,需要在eclip...

曾经拍照一泡污的 Moto,这次说超过了 iPhone

做工依然漂亮,性能还是不强,快速充电续航长,照相打了场翻身仗。 在发布会前一天 Moto G 的视频已经流出,然而 Moto 并不在意这些,他们在意的是“你看重的那些功能”。什么意思呢?你想要更好的拍照吧,给你!

A Promising Anti-Aging Drug Will Soon Be Tried In Humans

A compound called nicotinamide mono nucleotide (NMN) has been shown to slow down the aging process and extend the lifespans of mice. We’re about to find out if it does the same thing to humans.Read more...

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