Apple Fitness+ review: A workout app for everyone but the fitness fanatic

Is Apple’s new exercise app enough to fend off the quarantine-induced fitness slump?With the pandemic raging on for almost a year now, the excitement of working out from home has likely worn off for a lot of people. But gyms are still unsafe,

Did bots help push GameStop and other ‘meme stocks’? A new report says yes.

Were bots behind the GameStop stock surge from less than $20 per share to nearly $350 per share? One cybersecurity firm is saying that may very well be the case.A new report from PiiQ Media, provided to Reuters,

Ancestry company uses deepfakes to bring old photos of your great grandma to life

While some companies are fighting nefarious uses of deepfakes, others are embracing the technology for more playful reasons.With our new Deep Nostalgia™, you can see how a person from an old photo could have moved and looked if they were captured on video! Read more: https://t.

Verizon admitted 5G might be a big battery drain without admitting it

This probably wouldn't merit any discussion if Verizon hadn't been so unnecessarily shady. It's tough when your phone battery drains fast, but most people recognize that new features and tech can have that effect.In a Sunday morning tweet,

Maya Rudolph is finally set to host 'SNL' again after her *many* Kamala Harris cameos

You'd be forgiven for thinking Maya Rudolph has hosted Saturday Night Live in recent years. As the show's go-to Kamala Harris impersonator, she's put in more appearances than some of the show's own featured players.But alas, Rudolph hasn't graced the SNL set as host since way back in 2012.

Minneapolis will pay influencers to post during the George Floyd murder trials

Minneapolis, Minn. approved a unique program on Friday.The city will pay social media influencers to spread “approved messages” during the trials of the police officers charged with killing George Floyd.The Minneapolis City Council passed the program,

Weekend Update torches the hateful idiocy of Marjorie Taylor Greene on 'SNL'

Saturday Night Live is here to remind us all that Marjorie Taylor Greene exists. She's an actual elected official who ostensibly represents the interests of her Georgia district in the U.S. House of Representative,

'Things' app review: A smart tool to help you get things done

If you are overwhelmed with too much to do, Things is for you. It’s a subtly powerful organizational tool that, in the right hands, combines the best of an analog paper-list-and-planner system, with the convenience and technical magic of a digital one.

Fitbit's new Mindful Method feature lets you meditate with Deepak Chopra

Have you ever wanted to meditate with well-known health guru (and friend of Oprah) Deepak Chopra from the comfort of your own home? With Fitbit's new Mindful Method initiative, currently available on the Fitbit app, you can — sort of.Created exclusively for Fitbit Premium,

OkCupid predicts August 1 as the hottest dating day of the year in UK

Remember dating?It seems a lifetime ago that we were sitting across from a date, nervously sipping our gin and tonics as they made awkward small talk. Allowing ourselves to think about the future has been an unreliable and rather futile activity since the coronavirus pandemic began. Nonetheless,

YouTuber asks an AI for video ideas, gets a surprising response

British YouTuber Tom Scott has such a distinctive style to his videos that they can — and have — lent themselves quite well to parody in the past, both from humans and AIs alike. But for his latest video, Scott decided to use this to his advantage.



Google set to re-enter smart television market with Android TV: Chromecast to be pulled

The company originally entered the market space with Google TV back in 2010, but the service struggled to gain much traction and Google eventually released its Chromecast dongle last year. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Chinese State Media: Google, Facebook, Yahoo Are U.S. 'Pawns'

The rhetorical cyberwar between China and the United States continuesChinese state media accused on Wednesday Google, Facebook, Apple and other tech giants of being a "threat" to Chinese netizens and "pawns" to the U.S. that should be "punished.

Get Together and Create Food Art for Our Vine Challenge

One of life's greatest pleasures is sharing good food with good company.We partnered with MasterCard to bring you this week’s Mashable Vine Challenge. Make mealtime fun by creating food art animations on your plate.

蛇叔:「教你快速用 S-PEN send 嘢 」Samsung Note 4 真機速試

作為 Note 系列的一分子,Samsung Note 4 最重要的功能肯定是它的 S Pen 觸控筆。今次的 S Pen 就加入了 Smart Select 這個新功能,究竟用起來感受如何?蛇叔在北京就為 unwire 讀者們親身試了一下。





这个软件逼格甚高 用字符代码来视频聊天

我们经常会在网上看到所谓的“ASCII 码艺术”,用这些简单的字符代码来构成复杂的图片,总是能给人奇妙的感觉。可在这个视频聊天软件面前,那些“大作”都被轰杀至渣。  

Archeologists discover 250-year-old pretzel in Germany

A suspiciously turd-like baked good found in Germany is thought to be the world's oldest pretzel. Do not grab the mustardThe burnt remains of the pretzel are estimated to be about 250 years old, and were discovered alongside the charred remnants of a croissant and a bread roll.



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