Contra wants to be the community that independent workers are missing

Whether you’re working on something new according to your Twitter bio, or self-employed, according to your LinkedIn bio, founder Ben Huffman thinks his platform, Contra, will be the best way for independent workers to explain and monetize what they are working on.

Sources: Lightspeed Venture Partners is close to hiring a new London-based partner to put down furth

Lightspeed Venture Partners, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm that has backed the likes of DoubleClick and Snapchat, is in the midst of hiring a new London-based investment partner as it looks to put down further ties to Europe, TechCrunch has learned.

How to ace the 1-hour, and ever-elusive, pitch presentation at TC Early Stage

Lisa Wu, a partner at Norwest with investments like Calm, Plaid, Opendoor and Grove Collaborative, has a message for founders: Think like a VC during your pitch presentation. After all, accepting capital isn’t simply adding more money to your balance sheet.

Hear from Black Female Founders, Latinx founders, Startout and Socos Labs next week at TC Sessions:

We’re less than a week away from TC Sessions: Justice 2021, a deep, day-long exploration of diversity, inclusion and equity in tech. On Wednesday, March 3, leading experts, founders, social justice warriors will discuss topics ranging from systemic bias,

Aurora acquires a second lidar company in push to bring self-driving trucks to the road

Aurora, the autonomous vehicle company that recently closed its acquisition of Uber’s self-driving subsidiary, has snapped up another startup.  This time, Aurora is buying OURS Technology, the second lidar startup it has acquired in less than two years. Aurora acquired Blackmore,

Only a few hours left to buy early-bird passes to TC Early Stage 2021

By now you probably know that we’re hosting two TC Early Stage events this year — one on April 1-2 and another on July 8-9 — each with its own set of topics, speakers and content — both designed to help nascent startup founders build a better, more successful business. What you may not know […]

Jumia co-CEO Jeremy Hodara talks African e-commerce, and his company’s path to profitability

This month, African e-commerce giant Jumia released its second full-year financials for Q4 and its fiscal year 2020. The results were mixed — active customers and gross profit increased, while orders and gross merchandise volume (GMV) fell.

Jamaica’s JamCOVID pulled offline after third security lapse exposed travelers’ data

Jamaica’s JamCOVID app and website were taken offline late on Thursday following a third security lapse, which exposed quarantine orders on more than half a million travelers to the island. JamCOVID was set up last year to help the government process travelers arriving on the island.

Oscar Health’s initial IPO price is so high, it makes me want to swear

Amidst all the hype that Lemonade (IPO), Root (IPO), Metromile (SPAC-led debut) and other insurtech players have generated in the last year, it’s been easy to forget about Oscar Health. But now that the company founded in 2012 is approaching the public markets,

The current narrative explaining why tech stocks are getting hammered

This morning the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index is off 2.34% after falling yesterday. Shares of Tesla are off more than 6% today, now mired in a bear-market correction after reaching new all-time highs earlier this year. Apple stock is worth $122.02 per share,

Twitter relaunches test that asks users to revise harmful replies

Twitter is running a new test that will ask users to pause and think before they tweet. According to the company’s announcement, when Twitter detects what appears to be a potentially harmful or offensive reply to someone else’s tweet,

科技巨头频出手 英媒盘点近年著名收购案例


Impact Crater Origin of Mars Meteorites Discovered

astroengine writes "Out of the thousands of craters scarring the face of Mars, one has emerged as the likely source of most of the Martian meteorites that have been recovered on Earth, a new study shows. Researchers pinpoint Mojave Crater,




在硅谷,人们非常看重失败,因为很多初创公司都是在失败中成长起来的,80%到90%的创业者都经历过创业失败。 但 […]


4 月 28 日腾讯发布会前,大家都以为他要进入到 VR 领域了。发布会之后发现,其实并没有。作为手握大量内容和大量资金的腾讯都还没有进入 VR 市场,创业公司能撑得下去么?

日本将发射无人宇宙飞船 升空后对接国际空间站




首款免工具USB-C移动硬盘盒亮相 正反都能插

感谢充电头网的投递USB Type-C已经成为今年数码配件的热门话题,在此之前new MacBook和Chrome book pixel已经在笔电中导入了这一接口,随后诺基亚、乐视、ZUK等手机品牌也有搭配。



莫名其妙但超好玩 LG Rolling Bot机器人上手

你会问:LG Rolling Bot 是什么鬼?答案可以有那么几项:它是一个遥控玩具;它是一个家用监控摄像头;它是逗弄喵星人的利器。不开玩笑,这是 LG 最让人意外也是最奇怪的发明。  有趣的是,LG 最开始似乎根本没想要发布 Rolling Bot,但公司内部实在太喜欢这玩意儿了,所以它最终还是亮了相。当然了,Sphero BB-8 的火爆可能也是重要原因。  这个小白球由两大部分组成 —— 两侧的大轮子和中间的环形控制单元。它比保龄球稍微小一些,而且看上去也很结实,但 LG 建议大家不要从高于 30 厘米的地方摔它,这也有点儿太脆了。  你通过智能手机应用控制 Rolling Bot。

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